Steel Fng. Gnt.

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Steel Fng. Gnt. icon.png Steel Finger Gauntlets
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Description: DEF:12
Image: Steel Fng. Gnt. description.png
Type: Armor
Flags: Inscribable, Equippable
Stack size: 1
"Find Steel Fng. Gnt. on FFXIAH" "Find Steel Fng. Gnt. on FFXIDB"
Armor Information
Races: All Races Equip. Slot: Hands
Level: 48
Jobs: Warrior / Red Mage / Paladin / Dark Knight / Beastmaster / Ranger / Samurai / Dragoon / Blue Mage

Synthesis Information
Yield Craft Requirements Crystal Ingredients

Main Craft: Smithing - (51)