Storm's Crescendo

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Storm's Crescendo
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: With your assistance, the Federation has successfully carried out the operation's preliminary phase. You must now head to where the Republican army lies in wait.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Prelude to a Storm Into the Beast's Maw


  • Examine the Blue Rally Point at the northwestern corner of (H-8) to receive the Key Item Alchemical signal flare.
  • Examine the Excavated Snow at (H-8) to begin a BC. It is directly to the right of the Blue Rally Point.
    • Key Item Alchemical signal flare is lost upon entry. If you fail to complete the goal within the time frame, or if you give up, you will have to obtain another one by examining the Blue Rally Point at (H-8) again. You can only obtain the KI once per Vana'diel day.
  • Speak to Antje to begin the operation.
  • Your goal is reach the 24 Republic operatives in the zone while under the effect of a time-lapsed Flee stimulant.
    • Upon speaking to an operative, the operative will detonate his or her charge and your Flee effect will refresh.
    • A flash of smoke will also appear in the distance, hinting the next operative's position.
    • Various Tiger mobs are present for this zone and will not remove your Flee effect if they catch you.
  • You must detonate all 24 charges while under the effect of the Flee stimulant to complete the mission.
    • Failing to refresh the stimulant will require you to return to Antje and start from square one.
      • It only fails you if you talk to the NPC without Flee Status. You can cheese this using the Flee JA, Powder Boots (can have multiple pairs), and even using latent effect gear that can give you Flee when you're hit before talking to the next NPC. It will continue your timer once again as nothing wrong has happened.

Storm's Crescendo Map.png