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|merit = green
|merit = green
|aeonic = green
|aeonic = green
|gold = #b39700
|{{{1}}} = {{{1}}}
|{{{1}}} = {{{1}}}

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This template creates a set color for the text parameterized in the template. The text will be bolded.


You can also specify a style type for your text: bold, italic, bold-italic.

All colors may be used, however there are a few extras that may also be used:

Color Result
Fire {{Color|fire|text}}
Earth {{Color|earth|text}}
Water {{Color|water|text}}
Wind {{Color|wind|text}}
Ice {{Color|ice|text}}
Lightning {{Color|lightning|text}}
Thunder {{Color|thunder|text}}
Light {{Color|light|text}}
Dark {{Color|dark|text}}
NM {{Color|nm|text}}
Positive {{Color|positive|text}}
Negative {{Color|negative|text}}
Neutral {{Color|neutral|text}}