Titan (Avatar)

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Were you looking for Titan Prime or Titan (Server)?

A legendary giant said to bear the world in its arms. Aids the summoner by shifting earth and rocks with its enormous strength.

Summoning Information


Avatar Element: Element: Earth Earth
Description: Summons Titan to fight by your side.
Type: Avatar Skill: Summoning Magic
Cost: 7 MP Target: Self
Casting Time: 7 Seconds Recast Time: 4 Seconds
Job: Black Mage
Command: /ma Titan <me>
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Summoner 1 N/A

Blood Pacts

All of Ifrit's Blood Pacts are earth based.

Blood Pact: Rage
Level Name Notes
 1  Earthen Fury  Astral Flow active.
 1  Rock Throw  Inflicts Slow
 10  Stone II (Blood Pact)  
 21  Rock Buster  Inflicts Bind
 35  Megalith Throw  Inflicts Slow
 60  Stone IV (Blood Pact)  
 70  Mountain Buster  
 75  Geocrush  Merited
 99  Crag Throw  Inflicts a 30% Slow for 2 minutes

Blood Pact: Ward
Level Name Notes
 46  Earthen Ward  Grants an AoE Stoneskin
 88  Earthen Armor  


  • Obtained after the quest Trial-Size Trial by Earth or Trial by Earth.
  • Titan is highly resistant to all earth and thunder-based damage and enfeebling effects such as Slow and Stun.
  • Titan is weak against wind-based damage and enfeebling effects.