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|WHM Level=60
|WHM Level=60
|BLM Level=76
|BLM Level=76
|RDM Level=72
|RDM Level=78
|THF Level=99
|THF Level=99
|PLD Level=1
|PLD Level=1
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<!--Procuring Resources-->
<!--Procuring Resources-->
| Procure: Ceizak Battlegrounds = Complete
| Procure: Ceizak Battlegrounds = Complete
| Procure: Foret de Hennetiel =
| Procure: Foret de Hennetiel = Complete
| Procure: Morimar Basalt Fields =
| Procure: Morimar Basalt Fields = Complete
| Procure: Cirdas Caverns =
| Procure: Cirdas Caverns =
| Procure: Marjami Ravine =
| Procure: Marjami Ravine =

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Server: Asura
Playing Since:

WAR 50   MNK 30  
WHM 60   BLM 76  
RDM 78   THF 99  
PLD 1   DRK 1  
BST 1   BRD 1  
RNG 1   SAM 1  
NIN 50   DRG 1  
SMN 1   BLU 16  
COR 10   PUP 1  
DNC 50   SCH 50  
GEO 50   RUN 1  
Alchemy 43  
Bonecraft 9  
Clothcraft 31  
Cooking 33  
Fishing 31  
Goldsmithing 24  
Leathercraft 18  
Smithing 23  
Synergy 0  
Woodworking 16  
Choc. Digging Amateur
San d'Oria Flag.jpg Rank 10 Bastok-Flag.jpg Rank 10 Windurst-Flag.jpg Rank 10
Zilart The Last Verse
Promathia The Last Verse
Aht Urhgan Eternal Mercenary
Assault Rank Not Unlocked.
Campaign Rank Bronze Ribbon of Service §
A Crystalline Prophecy Missions Incomplete A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions Incomplete A Shantotto Ascension Missions Incomplete
Abyssea Storyline Incomplete Voidwatch Storyline Incomplete Leafkin Temp.png Incomplete
Mog Garden Ranks
Arboreal Grove 4
Costal Fishing Net 6
Garden Furrows 3
Mineral Vein 4
Monster Rearing 1
Pond Dredger 6
Coalition Ranks
Couriersicon.png Probationer
Inventorsicon.png Probationer
Mummersicon.png Probationer
Peacekeepersicon.png Probationer
Pioneersicon.png Disciple
Scoutsicon.png Probationer
Master Trials
Fermion Sword icon.png
Not Obtained
Irradiance Blade icon.png
Not Obtained
Aphelion Knuckles icon.png
Not Obtained
Mizukage Naginata icon.png
Not Obtained
Nation Windurst
Allied Forces Cobra Unit Windurst-Flag.jpg
Unity Apururu

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Lamp Marimo icon.png Lamp Marimo Cobalt Jellyfish icon.png Cobalt Jellyfish Denizanasi icon.png Denizanasi Crayfish icon.png Crayfish
Bastore Sardine icon.png Bastore Sardine Hamsi icon.png Hamsi Senroh Sardine icon.png Senroh Sardine Moat Carp icon.png Moat Carp Mackerel icon.png Mackerel Greedie icon.png Greedie
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Copper Frog icon.png Copper Frog Yellow Globe icon.png Yellow Globe Quus icon.png Quus Tiny Goldfish icon.png Tiny Goldfish
Forest Carp icon.png Forest Carp Cheval Salmon icon.png Cheval Salmon Fat Greedie icon.png Fat Greedie
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Tricolored Carp icon.png Tricolored Carp Nebimonite icon.png Nebimonite Blindfish icon.png Blindfish Pipira icon.png Pipira Tiger Cod icon.png Tiger Cod Elshimo Frog icon.png Elshimo Frog
Giant Catfish icon.png Giant Catfish Dark Bass icon.png Dark Bass
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Shining Trout icon.png Shining Trout Nosteau Herring icon.png Nosteau Herring
Zafmlug Bass icon.png Zafmlug Bass Black Eel icon.png Black Eel Yilanbaligi icon.png Yilanbaligi
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Gold Carp icon.png Gold Carp Sazanbaligi icon.png Sazanbaligi
Elshimo Newt icon.png Elshimo Newt
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