Wym. Fng. Gnt. +1

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Wym. Fng. Gnt. +1 icon.png item singular log name:=wyrm finger gauntlets +1
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Description: item description:=DEF:20 HP+16 MP+16 AGI+4 Accuracy+7 Wyvern: Magic damage taken -5%
Image: Wym. Fng. Gnt. +1 description.png
Type: item type:=Armor
Flags: item flags:=Not auctionable, item flags:=Equippable, item flags:=Not vendorable, item flags:=Not sendable, item flags:=Rare, item flags:=Exclusive
Stack size: item stack size:=1
"Find Wym. Fng. Gnt. +1 on FFXIAH" "Find Wym. Fng. Gnt. +1 on FFXIDB"

[[Category:item type:=Armor]]

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Races: All RacesTemplate:Racially equippable by all Equip. Slot: equipment slots:=Hands
Level: item level:=75
Jobs: Dragoon
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Item Usage

Obtained From...
NPC Name Zone Cost/Quest/BCNM/ISNM
Sagheera Port Jeuno See notes