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Accuracy is compared with target evasion to determine a player (or monster)'s hit rate. Accuracy depends on DEX, current skill in use, and traits/abilities/gear/etc, like this:

Accuracy = Accuracy from Skill + Accuracy from DEX + Accuracy from Traits/etc.

The contribution of DEX to accuracy is as follows:

Equation: Accuracy from DEX = floor( DEX×0.75 )

The contribution of Skill to accuracy

Equation (Skill ≤ 200): Accuracy from Skill = Skill
Equation (200 ≤ Skill ≤ 400): Accuracy from Skill = floor( (Skill - 200)×0.9 ) + 200
Equation (400 ≤ Skill ≤ 600): Accuracy from Skill = floor( (Skill - 400)×0.8 ) + 380
Equation (600 ≤ Skill): Accuracy from Skill = floor( (Skill - 600)×0.9 ) + 540

Once you know how to calculate your own Accuracy, can use it to check a non-NM target's evasion using the "/check" command.

  • "Low Evasion" means that you have ≥10 more Accuracy than the target has evasion (≥80% Hit rate before level correction)
  • "High Evasion" means that you have >30 fewer Accuracy than the target has evasion (<60% Hit rate before level correction).

By finding out exactly how much Accuracy you need to hit these bounds, you can figure out the target's exact evasion.

Weapon Skill Accuracy

Weapon Skill Accuracy is a newer statistic found on weapons and other equipment.

It is essentially the same as accuracy described above, but it only applies to all hits on "Physical" Weapon Skills.

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