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To New Beginnings

We truly believe that the health of a community can be measured through the contributions of its residents. At the risk of sounding overly emotional, it is no stretch of the imagination to say we credit our continuing success to the playerbase. To those who have long since joined us on the forums, we hope that you'll continue to support us, as your insights have been invaluable; for those who have shown reluctance to join us in the past, and your hesitations are well grounded, we hope you'll accept our invitation to the party.

Accusations of elitism in the past have been both rampant, and quite often, embarrassingly true. In and of itself, the decision by the Blue Gartr community to establish a wiki represents a dramatic shift in both attitude and policy towards others. While there is nothing that can be done to erase the past, nor nothing to be said to quiet our current critics, we hope that our actions will speak louder than words.

Building trust is a gradual process, one which requires the willingness of those involved to achieve. To this we say: our doors are wide open, our incredible breadth of knowledge exposed, and our trademark memes finally separated from our expertise. Unabashed criticism has no place on these pages. For those seeking debate (as those who are already familiar with us well know), our forums serve as an excellent source of confrontation.

Lastly, as our Donations page indicates, these servers were donated to us. Our one request is not for money, but your time, and the promise that you'll refrain from vandalizing our site. These pages are open to everyone, and should thus be enjoyed by all. When adding new content, please reference our Templates page, and adhere to our loose visual style. Copy and paste jobs from external sources (or copypasta, as its become known) will not be tolerated, so please use original work.

--Staff, past and present--

We'd like to extend an extra special thanks to Vega and Aikar for donating the original server for us to use. Special thanks to Ashira, TheBlackrose, Septimus, Aquelia, Toxictaru, Elmerthepointy, Aurik, Eander, Baudelaire, thestalkmore, BRP, Elderofwoe, fantasticdan and numerous others for their support in creating the foundations for our wiki. We would have liked to thank Rocl for his contributions as well, but he is always asleep.

Wiki contributors have changed greatly post Abyssea. Our main editors now are: Funkworkz (Asura), Spicyryan (Asura), and Darvamos/Chiaia (Asura). Please reach out to any of them if you have questions about editing, or even joining our great team.

Feel free to join us on our Discord server for wiki and advanced FFXI mechanic discussion!

~ The BG Community