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Welcome to BG reference.png BGWiki!
Thank you for taking the time to create an account and even more so for contributing to your local FFXI Wiki!
The following sections serves as a guide if this is your first time editing a wiki or if you're a vet, it'll give a rough idea of BGWiki's vision. Have fun editing!
Remember: Don't feel afraid to edit and don't feel obligated. We are just glad to have you on the team. Make yourself known!

Contribution Tips

  • Don't feel intimidated! Editing the wiki is as simple as Registering an account and logging in. Some of the most important edits are merely adding a sentence here or there to a page.
    Positions of places in quests or missions, tips, visual (wall of text!) or grammatical corrections are all important.
  • Starting with these basic contributions helps everyone and gains you some experience. You may always ask questions to the team via Discord.
  • When adding new content, make sure to crosslink any searchable terms using the appropriate tags. Such as [[linking]] to other pages or (rarely) adding a [[Category:Corresponding Page Name]] tag
  • Wikis need plenty of editing and proofreading, since everybody makes mistakes, even best-selling authors. Correcting things like run-on sentences, comma splices, and misspelled words helps BGWiki to create a more professional and credible image. Even if you don't have any unique information to add, there's always still plenty to do.
  • If you wish to get more in depth with your contributions, see the BGWikiDev page.

How to Edit The Wiki

Starting out? Read these first!

  • Trying to figure out something else out? This goes from beginners to the most hardcore of what a wiki editor can do. Wikimedia:Help Contents

How to Upload Images

  • Please note that we are storing these. Therefore, try to keep any unrelated images to a minimum.
  1. Type the name of the image like so: [[File:<image name>.extention]], for example [[File:Danny Trejo.jpg]]
  2. This will create a red link if it does not already exist on the wiki. Then, click preview and then right click said link and open it in a new tab.
  3. Now you are free to upload your image and submit the edit.
  • For more information on the formatting of images see This Page.

Need to make a template?

  • We suggest contacting a BGWiki admin so they know why and what for etc but feel free to make one, and then putting it in your /Sandbox (just type /Sandbox at the end of the URL of your user page to create this new page), then submitting it for approval.
  • The difference between style guide and templates are as follows -
Style guides makes it so you need to go into the actual coding of the page and look at all the pretty squigglies... like so: Template:Weapon
Advanced templates make it so that you enter only the 'content' of each field, without looking at the squiggly codings.

A Wiki Expert? Read these to broaden your horizons!

What to Contribute

Looking for areas of the Wiki that needs work? We have created several categories to host pages that need to be worked on.

  • BG Wiki's List of Projects - This page is updated with items that need attention. Check regularly for new projects that have been found which need attention.
  • Stubs - This section lists every page that still needs more information or are just placeholder pages.
  • Need Item Info - Items are automatically added to this category, and the {{Item Info}} tag should be removed once obtainment info is added for the item. Please use the appropriate templates when adding item obtainment information, based on the method of obtainment (more than one template can be used on items that have more than one method of obtainment):
  • Needs Formatting - This lists all for pages marked in need of proper formatting. For proper BGWIki formatting styles please check BGWiki:Formatting.
  • Wanted Pages - This section lists every 'linked' to term that do not yet have actual pages. Some may not be legit terms, so double check which pages are linking to a term and make sure its the correct spelling, that another page does not already exist for this term but named differently or if its just a test link, like this one: "Place Name of Drop Here ‎(53 links)"
  • Uncategorized Pages - Occasionally, some pages will be lost in the shuffle and not be categorized correctly or any at all. Checking this page will ensure that all loose pages fit in somewhere on the site. If unsure of where a page belongs, leave it in there or make a 'discussion' entry to call an admin's attention to it.
  • Dead-end Pages - These pages link to nothing else, but if they're in the wiki they probably should; try checking the corresponding "What links here" link under the "Tools" menu in the sidebar for some possibilities, but more often than not it can be just a metter of seeing if terms in the page itself have corresponding articles, and adding tags to the appropriate parts of the text.
  • Orphaned Pages - Nothing links to these pages, but if they're in the wiki something probably should - check the links in the page itself for clues of other pages that might reference these but aren't linking to them yet, and add the link there if appropriate (at times it may be a matter of problems with a template).
  • Need Images - Every page on here will need an in game image taken and uploaded. All images should be named after the page for which it's made, and if there are multiple images, name the extras by numbers or purpose. Remove the {{Need Image}} tag from the page when done.
  • Item Images - Just like the above for items. Remove the {{Need Image}} tag from the page when uploaded.

It may also be worth looking into the game's own update history for specific changes that may not yet be applied to the relevant pages - see the wiki's update history for references to officially-revealed changes for specific values and issues the wiki may not be covering yet - or for even more official and older reference material, FFXI's own update history at the official forums.

BGWiki Active Administrators

If you have questions, concerns, or help editing pages, please contact any of these Administrators by writing on their Discussion pages. Be sure to sign your messages with the code "~~~~"

BGWiki Active Moderators

Any wiki is not complete without the help of Moderators. Here is a list of our active Moderators.