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This category is for organizing the development pages for the wiki such as the BG Wiki Projects or Getting Started. If you can't think of anything to work on then work on one of the following.

If you have any questions then reach out via the Discussion Page or the Discord.

See also:

Front end - Pages that need work

  • Category:Stubs - Pages that have the {{stub}} tag on it. Check the sub categories for projects.
  • Category:Articles for Deletion - Pages that other editors tagged with {{delete}}.
  • Category:OldKITemplate1 - KI pages that need regenerated.
  • Category:Outdated - Mainly pages that need deleted.
  • Category:Item Info - Very vague tag. It is still on a lot of pages where it should have been removed. Supposed to be on pages with only the description (Our so called "Stubs")
  • Special:WantedPages - Pages that are linked to that do not exist. Many of these are yet to come and are placeholders (Relic +2/+3). If you want to add pages, this page if you you. Some, however, need to be fixed and the links corrected from where they are coming from.
  • Special:WantedTemplates - All of these should be fixed to the correct template. They are mainly abandoned projects. Look at the editors and ask them if its recent.

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Back end work

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