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Eat it!

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Extended Food Duration

The following effects can extend all Food duration by up to double the usual length

Area Effects

These effects only work in areas where they are active. See the individual pages for details.

Additional Extension

The following shields have the effect of Moogle's Japery. While in the field: has a 75% chance to extend food duration by double for party members in range, or a 25% chance to grant the user a nomad moogle Costume effect.

This effect stacks with any previous zone effect from above, resulting in x4 length food duration if food is used in an area effected by an area effect, then a shield is successfully used.

Remove Food Effects

Sometimes you just gotta. Chug a bottle of antacid and it will be gone instantly.

The "Brown Mage", Parike-Poranke, in Lower Jeuno (H-8) will work his magic after you trade him a Gysahl Greens, whether you have a food effect or not.

A Lieutenant's Sash (purchased with 56,000 Imperial Standing) has an on-use "Food Effect Removal" effect which may be useful if you're in Nashmau sampling the local flavor.

Colibri can remove your food effect with their Snatch Morsel ability.

Crossing the Odyssean Passage into Monstrosity will remove your food effects... and all the other buffs you have.

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