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Abyssea is a set of areas of a parallel Vana'diel that was released as part of three expansion scenarios.

In this world, the beastmen have won the Crystal War and many of the citizens of Vana'diel have been slaughtered while others were chased out of their cities to find refuge at small campsites with little hope for a bright future.

The nine field areas of Abyssea are teeming with dozens of different types of monsters. It is a source of a multitude of end-game armor, the best method of gaining experience points at higher levels, and can be used in other ways as well, such as for item and gil farming.

If you're new to this event, refer to the Abyssea Guide for starter information.

How to Enter

Entrance to Abyssea is granted to players possessing traverser stones. Traverser stones can be acquired from Joachim in Port Jeuno (H-8) after starting the quest Dawn of Death. Additionally, Abyssea NPCs that can give traverser stones are stationed in Port Bastok, Port San d'Oria, Port Windurst, Heavens Tower, and Ru'Lude Gardens.

Initially players will be able to hold 3 traverser stones, each abyssite of avarice that you obtain will allow you to hold one extra stone for a total of 6 stones.

Initially each stone will grant a player 30 minutes in Abyssea, each abyssite of sojourn that you obtain will increase that duration by 3 minutes up to 18 extra minutes.

Initially traverser stones will replenish every 20 hours, each abyssite of celerity that you obtain will reduce that time by 4 hours down to an 8 hour recharge per stone.

Time in Abyssea can be extended by high-level Blue Sturdy Pyxides which will provide 10 minutes per box unlocked.

Vision of Abyssea Scars of Abyssea Heroes of Abyssea
Zone Entrance Zone Entrance Zone Entrance
Abyssea - Konschtat Konschtat Highlands (I-12) Abyssea - Attohwa Buburimu Peninsula (F-7) Abyssea - Altepa South Gustaberg (J-10)
Abyssea - La Theine La Theine Plateau (E-4) Abyssea - Misareaux Valkurm Dunes (I-9) Abyssea - Uleguerand Xarcabard (H-8)
Abyssea - Tahrongi Tahrongi Canyon (H-12) Abyssea - Vunkerl Jugner Forest (J-8) Abyssea - Grauberg North Gustaberg (G-7) (North-east corner)
Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox Qufim Island (F-7)



When a monster is defeated or a Red Sturdy Pyxis is opened, a player may receive a message about his or her body is aglow with a certain light. Each light has a different effect as listed below. Certain monsters cannot yield certain color lights, and certain monsters ("Ephemeral" monsters) can randomly yield significantly higher values of a specific color of light (2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x). NMs yield lights in higher quantities than normal monsters, typically double. Note that if a monster can yield ruby, azure, or amber light, and the proper final blow is dealt, the light is guaranteed. However, even if a monster can yield pearlescent light and is killed with a melee attack or one of the other pearlescent final blows, pearlescent light is NOT guaranteed unless the monster was a notorious monster.

Light Type Effect Cap How to Acquire
Pearlescent Light Increases the frequency of all chests. 230 Red Sturdy Pyxis effect or defeat a mob with a melee hit, job ability, a Summoner's Avatar, or a DoT effect.
Azure Light Increases the frequency and potency of of Blue Sturdy Pyxides. 255 Red Sturdy Pyxis effect or defeat a mob with magic.
Ruby Light Increases the frequency and potency of of Red Sturdy Pyxides. 255 Red Sturdy Pyxis effect or defeat a mob with a melee weapon skill.
Amber Light Increases the frequency and potency of of Gold Sturdy Pyxides. 255 Red Sturdy Pyxis effect or defeat a mob with a magical weapon skill.
Golden Light Increases the amount of Experience Points that you receive from defeated mobs. 200 Higher potency Red Sturdy Pyxis effect.
Silvery Light Increases the amount of Cruor that you receive from defeated mobs. 200 Higher potency Red Sturdy Pyxis effect.
Ebon Light According to official channels, Ebon Lights increase the potency of all lights, but the exact effect is still unknown. 200 Higher potency Red Sturdy Pyxis effect, and defeating Notorious Monsters.

Not every mob will give every light. For more details, see the Abyssea Lights page.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one type of campaign that may run any given month. It offers multiple bonuses as detailed below.

Abyssea Battle Content Campaign

Multiple campaigns are included in the Abyssea campaign when it is active.

  • During the first campaign, all six bonuses below were available.
    • For Abyssea campaigns after the initial, we only saw Gifts 2, 3, 4 and 6.
      • Furthermore, those who have received these rewards previously are unable to do so again. The only benefit to future campaign repeats is Gift 6 below, which is still significant.
    • A blue treasure chest will appear near Horst in Port Jeuno at (H-8). Opening it for the first time will confer the benefits of Gift 2, 4, and 5 below.

[Gift 1] All Three Abyssea Battle Scenario Add-ons
  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign was active, all adventurers could register the three Abyssea battle addons free of charge.
  • Note: This portion of the Abyssea campaign was only available during the 11th Vana'versary Celebration from August 8th, 2013 until October 11th, 2013.
[Gift 2] Eleven Different Atma
[Gift 3] One Lunar abyssite
[Gift 4] 100,000 Cruor
  • Open the above mentioned chest to obtain 100,000 Cruor.
[Gift 5] Ability to hold six Traverser stones
[Gift 6] Default light increase
  • When entering an Abyssea area during the campaign, the default values for pearlescent, azure, golden, and silvery lights are set to 100.

Sturdy Pyxides

Blue Sturdy Pyxis Red Sturdy Pyxis Gold Sturdy Pyxis
Blue Sturdy Pyxis.jpg Red Sturdy Pyxis.jpg Gold Sturdy Pyxis.jpg
  • Temporary items
  • Experience Points
  • Cruor
  • Time extensions
  • Pearlescent Light
  • Azure Light
  • Ruby Light
  • Amber Light
  • Golden Light
  • Silvery Light
  • Ebon Light
  • Higher-level temporary items
  • Notorious Monster pop items
  • Empyrean foot armor
  • Augmented Equipment
  • Notorious Monster key items
  • It is possible to destroy a Sturdy Pyxis for Cruor proportional to the chest level. You receive from 10 Cruor for the lowest strength chest to 50 Cruor for the highest strength chests.


Storyline Quests

Zone Quests

Vision of Abyssea
Abyssea - Konschtat Quests Abyssea - La Theine Quests Abyssea - Tahrongi Quests
Scars of Abyssea
Abyssea - Misareaux Quests Abyssea - Vunkerl Quests Abyssea - Attohwa Quests
Heroes of Abyssea
Abyssea - Altepa Quests Abyssea - Uleguerand Quests Abyssea - Grauberg Quests

Bolded above are the Abyssea zone quests that are also mission objectives.

Notorious Monsters

One of the important features of Notorious Monsters in Abyssea is the ability to stagger them with certain types of attacks. When you stagger a monster, it prevents it from performing certain actions or doing anything at all for a short period of time.

When a monster is staggered, there will be a message displayed in the chat log, along with two large exclamation points that will appear over the mob. The color of the exclamation points will represent the type of effect that was triggered, and have benefits beyond stopping the mob from performing certain actions.

Staggering a monster more than once with the same type of weakness is not recommended- the method will become less effective with each successive use (stagger duration will decrease and influence on drops will be reduced) and can eventually cause the monster to go into Raged mode.

Please note that NM weaknesses cannot be triggered while they are casting a spell, stunned or readying/using a TP ability (this also applies to "normal attacks" that are considered TP moves).

Yellow The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing yellow abilities on the monster.

A pair of yellow exclamation points means that a spell has staggered the monster. The immediate effect on the monster is that the it will be unable to cast spells for a short period of time. The elements of the spell that can cause this effect are determined by the day of the week that the monster was either claimed (for free roaming NMs) or was spawned (for forced popped NMs); specific spells representing the element of the day of the week, the day before, and the day after can cause the effect (at any given time there are 21 potential spells). The spells on the following list are the only spells that will trigger the yellow effect, and are ordered by the days of the Vana'diel week.

Day Spell
Firesday Fire III Fire IV Firaga III Flare Katon: Ni Ice Threnody Heat Breath
Earthsday Stone III Stone IV Stonega III Quake Doton: Ni Lightning Threnody Magnetite Cloud
Watersday Water III Water IV Waterga III Flood Suiton: Ni Fire Threnody Maelstrom
Windsday Aero III Aero IV Aeroga III Tornado Huton: Ni Earth Threnody Mysterious Light
Iceday Blizzard III Blizzard IV Blizzaga III Freeze Hyoton: Ni Wind Threnody Ice Break
Lightningday Thunder III Thunder IV Thundaga III Burst Raiton: Ni Water Threnody Mind Blast
Lightsday Banish II Banish III Banishga II Holy Flash Dark Threnody Radiant Breath
Darksday Drain Aspir Dispel Bio II Kurayami: Ni Light Threnody Eyes On Me

The additional effect of triggering the Yellow !! is that monsters will drop more upgrade items for Empyrean Armor as well as more potential crafting materials or spell scrolls from monsters which do not drop Empyrean Armor upgrade items.

Blue The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing blue abilities on the monster.

A pair of blue exclamation points means that a physical weapon skill has staggered the monster. The immediate effect on the monster is that the it will be unable to use TP moves for a short period of time. The time of day that a monster was claimed or force-spawned will determine which types of weapon skill can stagger the monster- from 6:00 to 14:00 for piercing weapons, from 14:00 to 22:00 for slashing, and from 22:00 to 6:00 for blunt. The following weapon skills are the only weapon skills that will trigger the blue effect.

Piercing - 6:00 to 14:00
Dagger Shadow Stitch (70) Dancing Edge (200) Shark Bite (225) Evisceration (230)
Polearm Skewer (200) Wheeling Thrust (225) Impulse Drive (240)
Archery Sidewinder (175) Blast Arrow (200) Arching Arrow (225) Empyreal Arrow (250)
Marksmanship Slug Shot (175) Blast Shot (200) Heavy Shot (225) Detonator (250)
Slashing - 14:00 to 22:00
Sword Vorpal Blade (200) Swift Blade (225) Savage Blade (240)
Great Sword Spinning Slash (225) Ground Strike (250)
Axe Mistral Axe (225) Decimation (240)
Great Axe Full Break (225) Steel Cyclone (240)
Scythe Cross Reaper (225) Spiral Hell (240)
Katana Blade: Ten (225) Blade: Ku (250)
Great Katana Tachi: Gekko (225) Tachi: Kasha (250)
Blunt - 22:00 to 6:00
Hand-to-Hand Raging Fists (125) Spinning Attack (150) Howling Fist (200) Dragon Kick (225) Asuran Fists (250)
Club Skullbreaker (150) True Strike (175) Judgment (200) Hexa Strike (220) Black Halo (230)
Staff Heavy Swing (5) Shell Crusher (175) Full Swing (200) Spirit Taker (215) Retribution (230)

The additional effect of triggering Blue !! is that monsters have a greater chance of dropping their rare loot.

Red The chance of seeing drop is increased after procing red abilities on the monster.

A pair of red exclamation points means that an elemental weapon skill has staggered the monster. The immediate effect on the monster is that it will be will be completely stopped and unable to perform any actions for a short period of time. The element or type of elemental weapon skill that triggers the Red !! is random. The following weapon skills are the only weapon skills that can trigger the red effect:

Weapon Weapon skill
Dagger Cyclone Element: Wind (125) Energy Drain Element: Dark (175)
Sword Red Lotus Blade Element: Fire (50) Seraph Blade Element: Light (125)
Great Sword Freezebite Element: Ice (100)
Scythe Shadow of Death Element: Dark (70)
Polearm Raiden Thrust Element: Thunder (70)
Katana Blade: Ei Element: Dark (175)
Great Katana Tachi: Jinpu Element: Wind (150) Tachi: Koki Element: Light (175)
Club Seraph Strike Element: Light (40)
Staff Earth Crusher Element: Earth (70) Sunburst Element: Light (150)

The additional effect of triggering Red !! is that monsters are guaranteed to bestow their Atma, if they have one, to all of the members in the alliance provided that the person who triggered the effect is still in the alliance and in the zone, as well as guarantee the receipt of a key item used to pop further Notorious Monsters, if the monster can drop one, to the person who claimed or force-popped the monster.

Abyssite of discernment

When a player is in possession of Abyssite of discernment, he/she will receive messages to help to find out what will trigger the various stagger effects after performing similar actions. The player may receive a message depending on the action: casting magic on the mob may give a message about the element of the yellow stagger, using an elemental weapon skill may give a message about the element of the red stagger, and using a physical weapon skill may give a message about the type of weapon for the blue stagger.

Colored Abyssite and Atma

See Abyssea Abyssite category for more details.

See Abyssea Atma category for more details.

Abyssea NPCs

See Abyssea NPCs and Abyssea Service NPC categories for more details.