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Limbus is a battlefield-style battle system which takes place in the Apollyon and Temenos zones of Al'Taieu.

Limbus content is split into sections with rewards designed for level 75 players and sections with rewards designed for level 99 players.

The map to the right shows the entry locations for each Limbus area. The three highlighted portions of Al'Taieu are physically separated and can only be accessed via the Dimensional Portals at the associated crags.


In order to participate in Limbus, each member must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Have Al'Taieu access from the Chains of Promathia expansion (completed Promathia Mission 7-5).
  • Purchase the key item Cosmo-Cleanse from Sagheera in Port Jeuno for 15,000 gil (this must be done prior to each Limbus entry).
    • The price is reduced to 1,000 gil if you are in possession of the "Rhapsody in Mauve" key item.
    • Cosmo-Cleanse cannot be purchased for 20 Earth hours from the time a prior Limbus run was entered.
      • The time is reduced to 1 Earth hour if you are in possession of the "Rhapsody in Mauve" key item.
  • Obtain the key item Red Card, White Card, Black Card from the respective ??? for the desired Limbus area (see below for more information).
  • There is no minimum level or group size requirement; however, entry into a battlefield is limited to alliance members once one member has entered (up to 18).

How to Participate

Entry and Rules

  • After obtaining the Cosmo-Cleanse from Sagheera, proceed to the appropriate dimensional portal to be transported to the corresponding section of Al'Taieu:
    • Apollyon West: Dimensional Portal at Konschtat Highlands (Crag of Dem) (I-7)
      • Lumoria → Al'Taieu → Home Point #2
    • Apollyon East: Dimensional Portal at Tahrongi Canyon (Crag of Mea) (J-6)
      • Lumoria → Al'Taieu → Home Point #3
    • Note: Central/CS Apollyon areas can be accessed from either side of Apollyon.
    • Temenos: Dimensional Portal at La Theine Plateau (Crag of Holla) (K-9)
      • Lumoria → Al'Taieu → Home Point #1
  • After obtaining the appropriate card from a ??? spot in the associated section of Al'Taieu, enter the desired Limbus zone:
    • Apollyon West: Red Card (D-8), Swirling Vortex at (D-6)
    • Apollyon East: Black Card (L-8), Swirling Vortex at (K-6)
    • Temenos: White Card (H-5), Zone at (H-4)
  • Proceed to the battlefield entrance. Once all players are in the zone and prepared to enter, one player must first select and enter a battlefield. The remaining players will "hear a faint hum" and will then only be permitted to enter the same battlefield as the first player.
    • Certain Limbus areas can only be accessed by trading one or more required "chips" for entry to the entry point (obtained from other Limbus areas). Chips are only required from the first player who enters the area.
    • Upon entering the Limbus battlefield, both key items are lost and any utilized chips will grow dim and cannot be used again.
    • Up to 18 alliance members may enter the battlefield.
    • Players may join the battlefield for several minutes after one member of the alliance enters the battlefield (although they must have been in the alliance and in the zone at the time the battlefield was entered). However, once an enemy is engaged in combat, any players outside the battlefield will no longer be able to join.
    • Note: Limbus battlefields are not instanced, so only one group may occupy a battlefield at any given time. If a group does occupy the area, you will not be permitted to enter until shortly after they have exited.
  • Each area begins with a set time limit (from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the battlefield). In most areas, the time limit can be extended with time extension chests.
  • The exterior (non-central) Limbus areas are each several "floors" in length. Each Limbus area has unique clear conditions for its floors, and players may only proceed from one floor to the next upon completing the clear condition. It is not possible to return to a floor that you have moved beyond.
  • Opening the final item crate in a Limbus battlefield serves as the battlefield clear condition and will transport players from the battlefield back to the area lobby.


Three types of chests appear throughout each Limbus area.

There are three types of chests found in the Limbus areas.

  • Time Extension: Blue with Gold lining (Adds 5, 10, or 15 minutes to the remaining time depending on the zone.)
  • Items: Dark Brown with Gold lining (drops one or more of Ancient Beastcoins, AF+1 Materials, Chips, Synthesis Materials into the treasure pool)
  • Restore HP/MP/Abilities: Light Brown with Gray lining (restores all HP/MP and resets all Job Ability timers, including 2-hour abilities, to all alliance members in range)

The spawn (and despawn) conditions of chests act vary for each area of Limbus. In some areas you are forced to choose only one chest per level, while in others you can open every chest in the area. Chests may be readily accessible or may only appear after defeating certain enemies or a certain quantity of enemies.


Temenos is split into ten battlefields which comprise four towers. All ten of the battlefields are accessible at the single Temenos entrance from (H-4) in Al'Taieu. The western, eastern, and northern towers of Temenos are each individual seven floor battlefields. The central tower is comprised of four floors above ground level and a basement, with each of the floors making up a separate battlefield (two distinct battles occupy each of the basement and fourth floor, for a total of seven central battles across the five battlefields). Areas of the central tower can only be accessed with chips obtained from the other battlefields. Note that the central areas I and II occupy the same battlefield, so only one group may enter either of the two battlefields at a time.

A White Card and Cosmo-Cleanse is required to enter any Temenos area in addition to any chips shown in the table below.

The Temenos area has a constant Element: LightElement: Light weather effect.

Temenos - Level 75
Tier 1 Area Temenos - Western Tower Temenos - Eastern Tower Temenos - Northern Tower
Reward Emerald Chip Scarlet Chip Ivory Chip
Tier 2 Area Central Temenos - 1F
Entry: Emerald Chip
Central Temenos - 2F
Entry: Scarlet Chip
Central Temenos - 3F
Entry: Ivory Chip
Reward Orchid Chip Cerulean Chip Silver Chip
Tier 3 Area Central Temenos - 4F
Entry: Orchid Chip, Cerulean Chip, and Silver Chip
Other Area Central Temenos - Basement
Entry: Metal Chip
Temenos - Level 99
Tier 1 Area Central Temenos - Basement II
Entry: Metal Chip
Reward Shining fragment
Tier 2 Area Central Temenos - 4th Floor II
Entry: Niveous Chip (Shining fragment + 150 Ancient Beastcoins to Sagheera)


Apollyon is split into eight battlefields. The two east battlefields (NE and SE) are accessible only via the Apollyon entrance at (K-6) in Al'Taieu and require a Black Card and Cosmo-Cleanse for entry. The two west battlefields (NW and SW) are accessible only via the entrance at (D-6) and require a Red Card and Cosmo-Cleanse for entry. The four central battlefields (central and CS) can be accessed from either of the two entrances and require either a Black Card or a Red Card as well as a Cosmo-Cleanse and the chips shown in the table below for entry. Note that Central and Central II occupy one battlefield and CS and CS II occupy one battlefield, so only one may be taken on by any group at the same time.

The Apollyon area has a constant Element: DarkElement: Dark weather effect.

Apollyon - Level 75
Tier 1 Area Apollyon NE Apollyon SE Apollyon NW Apollyon SW
Reward Smoky Chip Smalt Chip Magenta Chip Charcoal Chip
Tier 2 Area Central Apollyon
Entry: Smoky Chip, Smalt Chip, Magenta Chip, and Charcoal Chip
Other Area CS Apollyon
Entry: Metal Chip
Apollyon - Level 99
Tier 1 Area CS Apollyon II
Entry: Metal Chip
Reward Glossy fragment
Tier 2 Area Central Apollyon II
Entry: Crepuscular Chip (Glossy fragment + 150 Ancient Beastcoins to Sagheera)


Limbus rewards are generally divided into four types:

Ancient Beastcoins

Ancient Beastcoins drop directly from enemies and in large quantities from item chests in Limbus and are used in two ways:

Ancient Beastcoins can be traded to Sagheera at any time and she will accumulate them for you until you have traded enough to make the desired purchases. You may also retrieve them from Sagheera.


Unique accessories can be obtained from certain Limbus areas:

Artifact Armor +1

In most Limbus areas, rare/ex job-specific artifact upgrade items can be obtained from item chests. For each job, there is one upgrade item obtained from Temenos and one obtained from Apollyon.

Artifact Armor +1 is obtained by trading the following items to Sagheera in Port Jeuno:

The upgrade items required are dependent on the job of the artifact armor being upgraded (see table below). The required synthesis material and number of Ancient Beastcoins varies (15~40) with each piece of armor. Once the current Vana'dielian day has ended, the upgraded piece of armor will be completed and can be retrieved from Sagheera.

Job Temenos Item Apollyon Item Upgraded Set
BRD Coiled Yarn Brown Doeskin Choral Attire Set +1
BST Smalt Leather Fetid Lanolin Beast Armor Set +1
BLM Diabolic Silk Diabolic Yarn Wizard's Attire Set +1
BLU Luminian Thread Flameshun Cloth Magus Attire Set +1
COR Silkworm Thread Canvas Toile Corsair's Attire Set +1
DRK Dark Orichalcum Black Rivet Chaos Armor Set +1
DNC Filet Lace Gold Stud Dancer's Attire Set +1
DRG Cobalt Mythril Sheet Blue Rivet Drachen Armor Set +1
MNK Utopian Gold Thread Ancient Brass Temple Attire Set +1
NIN Plaited Cord Ebony Lacquer Ninja's Garb Set +1
Job Temenos Item Apollyon Item Upgraded Set
PLD Snowy Cermet White Rivet Gallant Armor Set +1
PUP Pantin Wire Corduroy Cloth Puppetry Attire Set +1
RNG Chameleon Yarn Charcoal Cotton Hunter's Attire Set +1
RDM Ruby Silk Thread Cardinal Cloth Warlock's Armor Set +1
SAM Scarlet Odoshi Kurogane Myochin Armor Set +1
SCH Brilliantine Electrum Stud Scholar's Attire Set +1
SMN Glittering Yarn Astral Leather Evoker's Attire Set +1
THF Supple Skin Light Filament Rogue's Attire Set +1
WAR Ecarlate Cloth Argyro Rivet Fighter's Armor Set +1
WHM Benedict Silk Benedict Yarn Healer's Attire Set +1

Omega and Ultima Gear

Homam and Nashira Gear

Level 75 Homam and Nashira gear pieces are obtained by trading appendanges from Proto-Omega in CS Apollyon and Proto-Ultima in Central Temenos - 4th Floor, respectively, to Wilhelm in Mhaura. There is no further cost beyond the Omega or Ultima component.

Enif and Adhara Gear

Homam and Nashira gear pieces may be upgraded to level 99 Enif and Adhara gear, respectively, by trading the previously obtained Homam or Nashira equipment piece together with the corresponding Arch-Omega or Arch-Ultima appendage to Wilhelm.

Murzim and Shedir Gear

Alternatively, Murzim and Shedir armor components (also level 99) are obtained by trading Arch-Omega or Arch-Ultima appendages to Wilhelm along with any two AF+1 upgrade materials from Apollyon or Temenos areas, respectively.

See the tables below for more information.

Proto-Omega: Homam Corazza Set Arch-Omega: Enif Corazza Set
Slot Omega Appendage > Homam Equipment + Arch-Omega Appendage > Enif Equipment
Head Omega's Eye Homam Zucchetto Arch-Omega's Eye Enif Zucchetto
Body Omega's Heart Homam Corazza Arch-Omega's Heart Enif Corazza
Hands Omega's Foreleg Homam Manopolas Arch-Omega's Foreleg Enif Manopolas
Legs Omega's Hind Leg Homam Cosciales Arch-Omega's Hind Leg Enif Cosciales
Feet Omega's Tail Homam Gambieras Arch-Omega's Tail Enif Gambieras

Proto-Ultima: Nashira Manteel Set Arch-Ultima: Adhara Manteel Set
Slot Ultima Appendage > Nashira Equipment + Arch-Ultima Appendage > Adhara Equipment
Head Ultima's Cerebrum Nashira Turban Arch-Ultima's Cerebrum Adhara Turban
Body Ultima's Heart Nashira Manteel Arch-Ultima's Heart Adhara Manteel
Hands Ultima's Claw Nashira Gages Arch-Ultima's Claw Adhara Gages
Legs Ultima's Leg Nashira Seraweels Arch-Ultima's Leg Adhara Seraweels
Feet Ultima's Tail Nashira Crackows Arch-Ultima's Tail Adhara Crackows

Arch-Omega: Murzim Corazza Set
(Trade with 2 Apollyon AF+1 materials)
Arch-Ultima: Shedir Manteel Set
(Trade with 2 Temenos AF+1 materials)
Slot Arch-Omega Appendage > Murzim Equipment Arch-Ultima Appendage > Shedir Equipment
Head Arch-Omega's Eye Murzim Zucchetto Arch-Ultima's Cerebrum Shedir Turban
Body Arch-Omega's Heart Murzim Corazza Arch-Ultima's Heart Shedir Manteel
Hands Arch-Omega's Foreleg Murzim Manopolas Arch-Ultima's Claw Shedir Gages
Legs Arch-Omega's Hind Leg Murzim Cosciales Arch-Ultima's Leg Shedir Seraweels
Feet Arch-Omega's Tail Murzim Gambieras Arch-Ultima's Tail Shedir Crackows

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