Hit Points

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Hit Points, or HP, are a measurement of the remaining health of a player. Different jobs and races have markedly different HP values (highest for Galka, lowest for Tarutaru), and maximum HP increases with level. HP is depleted upon taking damage and can be restored with curative spells, items, and abilities.

The HP bar is a visual indicator of the remaining HP which is displayed at the lower right of the play screen. HP bars of each member in the player's alliance are also displayed on screen. The number which shows remaining HP on the HP bar changes colors as HP decreases, from white to yellow at < 75% maximum HP, orange at < 50% maximum HP, and red at < 25% of maximum HP. The HP bar of a player or enemy outside the alliance can also be seen by targeting that player or enemy; however, the exact number of remaining HP cannot be seen in this manner.