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Trust or Alter Egos are a type of magic which allows players who have fulfilled certain requirements to summon alter egos of popular Vana'diel NPCs to fight alongside of them in battle.

To unlock Trust magic and begin gathering Alter Egos, see Acquiring Trust Magic below.

By default, a player is only able to summon any combination of three of these alter egos at a time.

Each NPC will support you in battle depending on their role and job class.

There are currently 119 available Trust spells that are able to be used, though eleven of them are linked to the Unity leader the player is currently aligned with. Trust spells show up in their own category in the menu.

Unlike your Adventuring Fellow, Trust NPCs do not gain experience in battle and do not level up. Instead, their statistics and level are based on your character's level and also your listed iLvl.

Alter Egos will not automatically level up with you; this includes Alter Egos summoned whilst under the effects of Level Sync. As such, Alter Egos should be released and re-summoned after gaining a level. This does not apply, however, to aforementioned iLvl equipment; Alter Ego stats will automatically change if your overall iLvl changes.

Magic Conventions

Trust magic follows many of the same conventions as any other form of magic and is affected by Fast Cast/Haste, but do not require any MP to cast. They have a natural 3 second cast time and 240 second cooldown; the cooldown resets upon changing areas.
Much like Ninjutsu and Songs, Trust magic will not draw aggro from magic-aggressive creatures and cannot be cast while under the effect of Silence or Mute.

While Trust magic is similar in these ways to traditional magic, it does have unique conditions on when it can be used:

  • If you have drawn aggro from a creature you will not be able to summon any Alter Egos.
    • If you (as party leader) have fallen in battle but a party member is still fighting the creature, you will be able to re-summon Alter Egos before re-engaging, as you do not have any established hate.
Please note: This may not always work as certain content has party/alliance hate mechanics regardless of actions taken or not.
  • If a party member has drawn aggro from a creature, you (as party leader) will be able to summon Alter Egos.

However, none of these rules apply in any Reive content, Legion or Walk of Echoes, as Alter Egos may be summoned regardless of enmity.

Party Usage

The June 17, 2014 update enabled players to summon Trust NPCs while in a party with other players, but there are a few restrictions:

  • Alliances may not be formed when in a party comprised of both players and alter egos.
  • Parties may not contain multiple alter egos of the same NPC.
    • This includes different versions of the same NPC (i.e. variants such as Excenmille and Excenmille (S), Maat and Maat (UC), or Zeid and Zeid II)
    • The only exemption to this is D. Shantotto which for story reasons isn't the same NPC.
  • Alter egos may not be summoned in the first 120 seconds after being invited to a party.
  • Only the party leader is able to summon alter egos
  • Trusts can be dismissed (only when the party leader does not have a drawn weapon) with the commands /returnfaith, /refa, /returntrust or /retr - by default they dismiss the targeted Trust alter ego; using the subcommand all dismisses all Trusts.
  • Trusts that move out of range of the monster move in accordance to the monsters position after its engaged (So if your trusts are running in circles and not doing what they are suppose to such as curing, then you need to move the monster to a more appropriate position
  • You can hide the trust of other players using the command /hidetrust on

Available Battle Content

Acquiring Trust Magic

Upon reaching level 5, a player may begin to unlock Trust magic by completing one of these three initiation quests:

Completing one will allow you to start a second quest in another city.
The first quest will be longer to explain the details on how to use this new form of magic. Subsequent quests will be shorter in length and will only include the basics. Any city's quest can be your first, regardless of nation rank and allegiance.

Some Alter Egos are obtained by simply trading in a Cipher obtained from the Repeat Login Campaign Moogle, while some have more grueling quest/mission requirements.

You can trade Cipher items into one of the following NPCs:

Unity Concord (UC) Alter Egos are obtained by completing Records of Eminence quests via accumulating 5,000 Unity Accolades for them to appear in the magic list.

  • UC trusts will disappear if you cease obtaining accolades for a period of time, and you must earn 5,000 again.
  • Keep in mind that not all Records of Eminence objectives grant accolades.
Please note: It is only possible to be a member of one Unity at a time, and therefore only possible to have one Unity Concord (UC) Alter Ego.

Alter Ego Statistics & Levels

The strength and status of an Alter Ego is determined as follows:

  • Player level 99 or lower:
    • An Alter Ego's level is fixed and will always match the level that the player is who called it forth. When a player levels up while an Alter Ego is present, the Alter Ego's strength does not improve. A player must re-call forth the Alter Ego to see a strength improvement.
  • Players level 99 or above:
    • An Alter Ego's level is adjusted automatically while called forth based on the calling player's average Item Level. This value can be found under the Equipment menu. When a player's Item Level changes, all Alter Egos will automatically adjust automatically. Item Level 119 is the initial cap of this improvement.
    • As of the January 2017 Version Update, Haste+ is granted to Alter Egos who have been called forth by players with an average Item Level of 100+. The exact value of this effect depends on the alter ego's type.
    • As of the November 2021 Version Update, the following Trusts called forth by players who are Item Level 100+ will have increased defense and an increased Shield Block Activation Rate based on average Item Level:
      • Kupipi / Curilla / Trion / Mhili Aliapoh / Valaineral / Mnejing / Lhu Mhakaracca / Rahal / August / Yoran-Oran
        • The Alter Ego AAEV is exempt from this, and it's defense power increases regardless of Item Level.

Further Improvements

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are two types of campaigns that may run any given month.

Alter Ego Expo

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, Trusts receive various bonuses to their stats and performance.
    • Maximum HP and MP raises by +50% for every active Trust that you summon.
      • These amounts are added on top of any always-on effects already in place. In the case of Ferreous Coffin, he always has -10% Maximum HP and +35% Maximum MP. When the campaign is on, he has +40% Maximum HP and +85% Maximum MP.
    • All trusts have a higher resistance to all Status Effects.

Alter Ego Expo Campaign – PLUS!

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, Trusts the above mentioned effects as well as a recovery effect.
    • When a Trust is defeated by reducing its HP to 0, it will instead recover HP and MP to their maximum value without a Weakened state. Note that status effects will still remain.
      • The Trust Iroha is not eligible for this benefit.
      • Note: In the case of the spell Death or the effect of Doom, Trusts will not recover and will disappear as normal.

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