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Were you looking for Sleepga (Blood Pact)?

Sleepga (Scroll) icon.png Spell Information "Pages on this wiki that reference this item"
Description: Puts all enemies within area of effect to sleep.
Type: Black Magic Skill: Enfeebling Magic
Target: Enemy (AoE) Element: Element: Dark
Casting Time: 3 seconds Recast Time: 30 seconds
Cost: 38MP Duration: 60 seconds
Range: 20' AOE Range: 10'
Volatile Enmity: 180 Cumulative Enmity: 0
Command: /ma "Sleepga" <t>
Scroll: Sleepga (Scroll) description.png
Scroll Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box, Usable inside Mog Garden, Can Use, CanSendPOL, NPC tradable
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Scrolls ➞ Black Magic "Find Item on FFXIAH" "Find Sleepga on FFXIDB"
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Black Mage 31 N/A


  • Does not overwrite any other form of Sleep.
  • This is dark-based Sleep, so it cannot sleep skeletons.
  • Affected by Resist Sleep.
  • Has two Resist States by duration (Full and Half duration).

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Susu Lower Jeuno - (H-9) 11,200 Gil
Mazween Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (G-7) 11,200 Gil
Tya Padolih Mhaura - (G-9) 10,304 Gil