Sleep (Status)

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Sleep prevents the host from moving or taking any action.

How to inflict Sleep

Name Type Notes
Sleep Element: Dark Enfeebling Magic BLM20, RDM25, DRK30, SCH30, GEO35
Sleep II Element: Dark Enfeebling Magic BLM41, RDM46, DRK56, SCH65, GEO70
Sleepga Element: Dark Enfeebling Magic BLM31
Sleepga II Element: Dark Enfeebling Magic BLM56
Sheep Song Element: Light Blue Magic BLU16
Soporific Element: Dark Blue Magic BLU24
Pinecone Bomb Ranged Physical Blue Magic BLU36
Yawn Element: Light (Gaze) Blue Magic BLU64
Dream Flower Element: Dark Blue Magic BLU87
Foe Lullaby Element: Light Singing BRD16
Foe Lullaby II Element: Light Singing BRD83
Horde Lullaby Element: Light Singing BRD27
Horde Lullaby II Element: Light Singing BRD92
Sleepga (Blood Pact) Ice-SMN-Icon.gifShiva Blood Pact SMN39
Sleepga (Blood Pact) Dark-SMN-Icon.gifDiabolos Blood Pact SMN29
Repose Element: Light Divine Magic WHM48

Monster Abilities which inflict Sleep

Ability Family
Ability Family

How to remove Sleep

Spells: Cure Spells

Abilities: Waltzes

Other: Any form of damage taken.

Resistance Information

Additional Notes

  • Taking any damage, including DoT damage, will cause Sleep to wear off.
  • Recovering HP through a cure spell will cause Sleep to wear off, even if the amount of HP recovered is 0.
  • Deliberately inducing a DoT on the host (such as through the use of a Poison Potion) will cause sleep to wear at each damage tick.
    • If the host has Stoneskin (Status), Sleep will not wear until the stoneskin effect has been removed.