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Legion is a battle system that takes place in Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion which pits groups of players against waves of HNMs from around Vana'diel.

If you are looking to start a group, it may be wise to check out the Legion Guide, which contains strategy notes and a description of the kinds of setups necessary to be successful at this event.


Legion is an alliance-scale event designed for level 99 players.

Groups ranging from one to 36 characters level 75 or over may enter; groups with characters that are lower than 75 will be unable to enter.

Trusts may be called at anytime inside Legion, regardless of enmity.

To gain access to Legion:

  • The purchasing member must then speak to Mayuyu in Rolanberry Fields to select the hall. Mayuyu will give the player either one or two Legion Passes depending on the capacity set for the fight. If the player is not the alliance leader, they must trade the pass to the leader of their alliance, and the second pass to the second alliance leader if applicable. Since entry is restricted by the passes, players must enter as one alliance for the 18-man battle and as no more than two alliances for the 36-man battle.
    • Legion and Ambuscade share the same battlefield and will take precedence over Ambuscade entryQuestion.
  • The Legion pass is valid for 5 minutes (the timer is printed directly on the item) and will transport the leader's entire alliance to the battlefield antechamber upon trading to the Legion Tome. The battle will automatically begin once five minutes have passed from the time the Legion pass was obtained or can be started manually when ready by examining the "Legion Portal." Players may remain in the antechamber as long as they would like, but the 30-minute battle timer will begin after the five minutes have ended. The Legion Libretto inside the antechamber can be used to set the background music prior to entering the battlefield.

Once the group has entered the battlefield, after a brief time the first wave of three monsters will spawn. Monsters automatically link and cannot be pulled individually, so the group must be prepared to hold all three at once. Shortly after defeating all three, the second wave of three monsters will spawn. 30 minutes are allotted to defeat as many monsters as possible, once this period has expired the group will be transported back to the antechamber for five minutes in order to distribute any loot that may remain in the treasure pool. The antechamber can be exited before the five minutes are up via the Legion Tome.

The HP of Legion monsters is adjusted based on the chosen size of the group, 18 or 36 members. Types and quantities do not scale at all, while monster HP is doubled for two alliances; however, a trophy is obtained after defeating the last monster in the first wave, so not all waves need to be defeated to gain access to Hall of Mul. These trophies can be traded to Mayuyu for the four key items required to enter Hall of Mul. The drop rates and Legion points accumulated increase for each defeated monster, and drops are specific to each of the halls (with the exception of Hall of Mul, which shares some drops with each of the other four halls). Additionally, the item drop rates, but not Legion points accumulated, are higher in the two alliance version.

Titles associated with hall clears are granted after defeating the "boss" of each area. The titles increase the amount of items purchasable with Legion Points.

Monsters in Legion are aggressive and have area-wide hate once they become aggressive, but DO NOT regen when passive. If a group wipes and successfully reraises and recovers without aggro (Tractor is effective), they can continue the battle from where they left off if sufficient time remains.


Legion is split up into five "halls." In the first four halls, you will receive a trophy for completing the first wave. The trophy must be traded by a leader to Mayuyu to receive a key item corresponding to the trophy. Once the leader possesses all four key items, they may enter their group into the Hall of Mul (only one person needs to have the four key items).

In addition to the set lists of monsters for each hall, elemental-type Auspicious Entity monsters will randomly spawn for brief periods of time. If defeated, the player who lands the killing blow will receive one or two temporary items associated with the element(s) of the Auspicious Entity (see the monster page for a specific list).


See the Legion Rewards page for all items that are known to be drops from Legion.

There are two separate and distinct reward systems in Legion:

  • Direct drops from individual NMs
  • Legion Points from all NMs which are accumulated and may be used to purchase additional items.

Items are not shared across the two methods (items purchased for Legion Points will not drop directly off NMs, and vice versa).


Drops in Legion are specific to each hall, with some further specified to higher waves or individual monsters. Items will drop into an area-wide treasure pool, similar to Einherjar, so that all players in the battlefield may cast lots. Each individual NM may drop one or more of the possible items in their pools, and can drop up to two of the same item. In addition to the treasure below, all NMs in Legion may drop one or more Abdhaljs on War, an item that grants a small amount of EXP to the user, and various scrolls and high level crafting materials. Area clear titles are given to all group members in the area once the boss monster from the third wave is defeated (the entire third wave does not need to be defeated, just the boss monster).

In the first four halls, drops are cumulative. The first wave has two possible drops which can drop from any of the monsters, the second wave adds three or four additional possible monster specific equipment drops as well as head and feet abjurations. The final wave contains the area boss which adds its own unique drops in addition to potential abjurations or wave one armor. In the Hall of Mul, the first wave consists of the zone bosses from the previous four halls, which have identical drops to the bosses in those halls. The second wave consists of powered up versions of zone bosses with unique drops, and the final wave consists of the two Legion bosses with large unique drop pools including powerful weapons and armor, unique scrolls, body abjurations, and Abdhaljs's Honor required for level 99 abjuration armor augmentation (Abdhaljs's Honor Synergy).

Note: that the drop rate indicators below are based on the 18-man version of Legion. Drop rates are boosted to some extent in the 36-man version battles.

Hall of An Drops
Title & Trophy Subjugator of the Lofty
Lofty Trophy G: Legion Medal: An
First Wave Lofty Behemoth - All monsters:
Vassal's Mantle U
Asklepian Ring R

Wave 2 & Lofty Harpeia:
Penelope's Cloth R
Staghorn Coral V
F.Abjuration: Hd. X
L.Abjuration: Hd. X
T.Abjuration: Ft. X
C.Abjuration: Ft. X
S.Abjuration: Ft. X
Lofty Wyrm -
Lofty Adamantoise -
Second Wave Lofty Elasmoth Miodio Gloves R
Lofty Zilant Drachenblut Cape R
Fulad-Zereh V
Lofty Ferromantoise Luckitoo R
Subsequent Waves HNM from Previous Wave See above
HNM from Previous Wave See above
Lofty Harpeia Muddle Pumps U
Janamaraka V

Hall of Ki Drops
Title & Trophy Subjugator of the Mired
Mired Trophy G: Legion Medal: Ki
First Wave Mired Cerberus - All monsters:
Paewr Belt U
Inquisitor's Chain R

Wave 2 & Mired Mantis:
Penelope's Cloth V
Staghorn Coral R
F.Abjuration: Ft. X
L.Abjuration: Ft. X
S.Abjuration: Hd. X
C.Abjuration: Hd. X
T.Abjuration: Hd. X
Mired Khimaira -
Mired Hydra -
Second Wave Mired Orthrus Induro Cuisses R
Tussle Breeches V
Mired Khrysokhimaira Prodigy's Circlet R
Mired Alfard Gunman Gambison R
Subsequent Waves HNM from Previous Wave See above
HNM from Previous Wave See above
Mired Mantis Void Scythe U
Pugiunculus V

Hall of Im Drops
Title & Trophy Subjugator of the Soaring
Soaring Trophy G: Legion Medal: Im
First Wave Soaring Corse - All monsters:
Hearty Earring U
Carrier's Sash R

Wave 2 & Soaring Naraka:
Ormolu Ingot V
Penelope's Cloth R
T.Abjuration: Hd. X
C.Abjuration: Hd. X
S.Abjuration: Ft. X
F.Abjuration: Ft. X
L.Abjuration: Ft. X
Soaring Dvergr -
Soaring Vampyr -
Second Wave Soaring Kumakatok Striga Crown R
Soaring Dweorg Antias Mitts R
Soaring Strigoi Palnatoke's Cap R
Subsequent Waves HNM from Previous Wave See above
HNM from Previous Wave See above
Soaring Naraka Maniacus Sash U
Heshikiri-hasebe V

Hall of Muru Drops
Title & Trophy Subjugator of the Veiled
Veiled Trophy G: Legion Medal: Muru
First Wave Veiled Amphiptere - All monsters:
Eluder's Sachet U
Triplus Subligar R

Wave 2 & Veiled Ironclad:
Ormolu Ingot R
Staghorn Coral V
L.Abjuration: Hd. X
S.Abjuration: Hd. X
F.Abjuration: Hd. X
C.Abjuration: Ft. X
T.Abjuration: Ft. X
Veiled Ixion -
Veiled Sandworm -
Second Wave Veiled Sanguiptere Wrathwing Nails R
Veiled Alicorn Maquette Ring R
Veiled Gigaworm Chuparrosa Mantle R
Subsequent Waves HNM from Previous Wave See above
HNM from Previous Wave See above
Veiled Ironclad Panzer Shield U
Esper Earring V

Hall of Mul Drops
Title Legendary Legionnaire
First Wave Lofty Harpeia Same as Hall of An version
Lofty Trophy V
Mired Mantis Same as Hall of Ki version
Mired Trophy V
Soaring Naraka Same as Hall of Im version
Soaring Trophy V
Veiled Ironclad Same as Hall of Muru version
Veiled Trophy V
Second Wave Paramount Harpeia Mystagog Slacks C, Pharmakeia Robe R
Hall of An abjurations, Lofty Trophy R
Paramount Mantis Repartie Gloves C, Choleric Earring R
Hall of Ki abjurations, Mired Trophy R
Paramount Naraka Duplus Grip C, Kagotsurube R
Hall of Im abjurations, Soaring Trophy R
Paramount Ironclad Iron Gobbet C, Irasya R
Hall of Muru abjurations, Veiled Trophy R
Subsequent Waves Paramount Gallu Girru XX, Shara's Fists C
A'as Circlet C, Wurrukatte Boots C, Kumarbi's Akar R
1-3 Abdhaljs's Honor G
1 of (G): Meteor (Scroll), Arise (Scroll)
1-2 of (G): C.Abjuration: Bd. U, F.Abjuration: Bd. U, L.Abjuration: Bd. R, S.Abjuration: Bd. U, T.Abjuration: Bd. R
Paramount Botulus Ikarigiri XX, Kawasemi C
Ayao's Gages C, Ngen Seraweels C, Eirene's Manteel R
1-3 Abdhaljs's Honor G
1 of (G): Meteor (Scroll), Arise (Scroll)
1-2 of (G): C.Abjuration: Bd. R, F.Abjuration: Bd. U, L.Abjuration: Bd. U, S.Abjuration: Bd. R, T.Abjuration: Bd. U

Legion Points

In addition to the potential direct drops from NMs in the various halls, players will receive Legion Points for each monster defeated. The amount of Legion Points will increase for each monster defeated.

In the Halls of An, Ki, Im, and Muru, the first monster defeated is worth 10 points, and each additional monster defeated is worth 10 points more than the previous (10, 20, 30...).

In the Hall of Mul, the first monster defeated is worth 100 points, and each additional monster defeated is worth 10 points more than the previous (100, 110, 120...).

Players may use their Legion Points to obtain items from Saarlan, and acquiring the titles from each of the halls will progressively expand the available selection of items.

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