Rolanberry Fields

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Connected Zone Rolanberry Fields Arrives at
Batallia Downs H-4 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg K-10 Batilla Downs.jpg
Crawler's Nest F-13 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg M-8 Crawlers' Nest-map1.jpg
Crawler's Nest D-11 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg I-6 Crawlers' Nest-map2.jpg
Lower Jeuno K-4 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg F-12 Lower Jeuno.jpg
Pashhow Marshlands H-14 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg K-4 Pashhow Marshlands-map.jpg
Rolanberry Fields (S) H-6 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg H-6 Rolanberry Fields (S)-Map.jpg
Sauromugue Champaign L-5 Rolanberry Fields-map.jpg E-7 Sauromugue Champaign-map.jpg
Rolanberry Fields-map.jpgRolanberry Fields-map.jpg
Map 1
Zone Image
Rolanberry Fields header.jpg
Japanese ロランベリー耕地
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Derfland
Zone Type Field
Activities Fishing
Weather None


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
Selbina 2 An Explorer's Footsteps Abelard H-9 Selbina 3,000 gil
Ducal Hospitality Taillegeas I-7 Ru'Lude Gardens 4,000 gil
3 Fear of Flying Kurando H-3 Port Bastok Black Silk Neckerchief
The Miraculous Dale Rakuru-Rakoru I-6 Lower Jeuno 59,630 gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Cavernous Maws (Mission) [[]] Quest
Gatherer of Light (I) Qufim Island Fight

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Black Triple Stars 26-27 (I-9/10) Lottery spawn off of Midnight Wings at (I-9/10). Sound
Drooling Daisy 40 D-11 Lottery spawn off of Ochu at (D-11). Sound
Silk Caterpillar 28-30 K-7 Spawns at (K-7) when the airship flies overhead towards Jeuno. Sound
Simurgh 58 E-11 Timed spawn approximately every 1-2 hours at (E-11). Sight

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Midnight Wings Bats 20 23 Sound L
Death Wasp Bee 22 26 Sight, Scent L
Clipper Crab 23 25 Sound
Goblin's Bee Bee 23 25 Sight, Scent
Moon Bat Bat 23 26 Sound L
Poison Leech Leech 24 26 Sound, Scent L
Berry Grub Crawler 25 28 Sound, Scent L
Brass Quadav Quadav DRK 26 30 Sound A L
Copper Quadav Quadav THF 26 30 Sound A L
Goblin Gambler Goblin BLM 26 30 Sight A L
Goblin Leecher Goblin WHM 26 30 Sight A L
Goblin Mugger Goblin THF 26 30 Sight A L
Old Quadav Quadav WAR 26 30 Sound A L
Wight Skeleton WAR 26 36 Sound, HP A
Wight Skeleton BLM 26 36 Sound, HP A
Goblin Digger Goblin 28 32 Sight A L
Goobbue Goobbue 28 32 Sound A
Bronze Quadav Quadav PLD 30 36 Sound A L
Garnet Quadav Quadav WHM 30 36 Sound A L
Goblin Furrier Goblin RNG 30 36 Sight A L
Goblin Pathfinder Goblin BST 30 36 Sight A L
Goblin Shaman Goblin BLM 30 36 Sight A L
Goblin Smithy Goblin WAR 30 36 Sight A L
Silver Quadav Quadav THF 30 36 Sound A L
Zircon Quadav Quadav BLM 30 36 Sound A L
Ignis Fatuus Bomb 34 36 Sight, Magic A
Ochu Morbol 34 37 Sound A
Evil Spirit Ghost 35 38 Sound, HP A
Evil Weapon Evil Weapon RDM 36 38 Sound, Magic A
Evil Weapon Evil Weapon WAR 36 38 Sound, Magic A
Fire Elemental Elemental 38 40 Magic A
Water Elemental Elemental 38 40 Magic A
Big Jaw Pugil 20 23 Sound A Fishing
Snipper Crab 20 23 Sound A Fishing
Horrid Fluke Leech 28 30 Sound, Scent A Fishing
Greater Pugil Pugil 31 33 Sound A Fishing
Big Leech Leech 34 36 Sound, Scent A Fishing
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

Historical Significance

For centuries, this area has been used to cultivate fields of the sweet fruit known as the rolanberry. Considered a delicacy by Humes and the Elvaan, the farmers in this region have perfected their methods of agriculture and are now able to harvest the sweet berries year round. Three great bridges at the Rolanberry Fields' northeastern tip connect the region with its neighboring areas: the Lord Bolicevre Bridge leads to the Batallia Downs, the Market Bridge leads to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, and the Great Jeuno Bridge grants access to the Sauromugue Champaign.