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Unity is a collaborative Records of Eminence event in which players pledge allegiance to one of nine Unity Factions.
Players earn Accolades, a unique Unity-based currency for completing various objectives.

The primary rewards from Unity are unique equipment, obtained from vanquishing notorious monsters in fights named Wanted Battles.

Players collective efforts determine their faction rank each week which:

  • Higher Rank improves these effects.
  • Lower Rank improves this effect as per:
Bonus% = 2 × (Rank - 1)
  • E.g Being in a Unity ranked in 11th place would receive a +20% bonus.

Unity was introduced in the November 10, 2014 update [1]

Getting Started


In order to participate, players must satisfy the following:

Unity Service NPCs

How to Participate

Unity Objectives

Players primary objective is to complete Records of Eminence objectives under the Unity section of the menu. This will earn players the most Accolades.

  • Other objectives that are not Unity specific will grant a small amount of Accolades of which is specified when flagging them.
  • Unity Eminence objectives count towards a players 30 objective limit.

Certain Unity objectives are shared, and some are faction specific objectives.

Unity Accolades

Unity Accolades (sometimes called Unity Points) can be earned by completing Unity-based Records of Eminence objectives. A small amount can be earned from non-Unity objectives and defeating certain monsters. Accolades cap at 99,999.

The accolades can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • Participating in the Wanted battles (300 to 4,100 Accolades per NM spawn).
  • Purchasing items from Unity NPCs.
  • Enhancing equipment found in Wanted battles (1,000 to 10,000 Accolades per upgrade).
  • Teleporting to Wanted battle staging areas (100 Accolades per teleport).
  • Determining your faction rank.

Unity members receive a +5% bonus to accolades gained for each ranking below 1st, with Rank 11 receiving +50%.

As of the June 2020 Update[2], Sparks of Eminence and Unity Accolades now have a maximum weekly exchange limit of 100,000 points each.

  • This weekly limit will reset each Sunday at 8:00 a.m. (PDT) / 3:00 p.m. (GMT) / 4:00 p.m. (BST)

Unity Trusts

Once 5000 accolades have been earned in a tally period, the Unity leader is available to call as a Trust alter ego. They will remain available however if not enough accolades are earned in a period they can eventually be lost. The list of alter egos and their abilities can be found at the Trust magic page.

Unity Chat

Players may speak directly to their faction by using the unity chat either as the default chat setting or by typing /unity or /u before typing.

  • This feature may be turned off in the menu under Status>Unity>Unity Info>Unity chat settings: Active or Inactive.

Unity Lists

Players may select Unity Lists in the Unity menu to view a list of the members sorted by faction. This is ideal for being able to find out which friends or linkshell members have deeply betrayed you by joining a different faction. The list functions like the search menus do for areas. This way you can track down specific names and let them know how they should rally behind Naja's morning star less they be beaten senseless or how Apururu is the one true faction leader, all hail Apururu.

Unity Rankings

  • Unity rankings are tabulated and announced every week (Earth time). Rankings are decided based on an average of the individual evaluation of all Unity members during that week. This individual evaluation is calculated at the rate of one point per 1,000 accolades earned through Records of Eminence.

A partial evaluation is simply the current ranking for the tally that week.

  • Players must have a partial evaluation of 5 before being able to summon their unity leader Trust.
    • This may be viewed under StatusUnityUnity Info

Changing Factions

Players may switch Unities by paying a certain number of Accolades to an A.M.A.N. representative. The fee charged depends on the difference in ranking between the current and desired Unities, with transferring to higher ranked Unities requiring more accolades.

Once a Unity has been chosen, players cannot transfer again until the following Sunday at midnight (JST). The player will lose all accumulated Evaluation points for the prior and current week. This means they will have to earn accolades to be able to summon their new leader as a trust and wait at least until after the next tally to be eligible to buy the new leader's shirt.

Wanted Battles

Similar to Planar Rifts, Unity Wanted fights are started at Ethereal Junctions.

Wanted battles are confrontation-style fights that charge adventurers with slaying particular notorious monsters. In this style of battle, neither other players nor other monsters may interact with participants in the battle, which takes place in a specific area. Completing a Wanted objective will reward players with equipment and other items.

The following prerequisites must be met to participate in a Wanted battle:

  • Be in a party or alliance of between one and eighteen players. (Since the August 2015 version update, the minimum number of players required to participate in Wanted battles has been decreased from three to one.)
  • All party members must accept the requisite Wanted objective.
  • All party members must possess the required number of accolades.
  • The party must be unsynced to initiate battle.

Note: With seven or more players, the Wanted target's HP will increase in line with the number of players over six [3].

Wanted battles are flagged in the Records of Eminence menu under Unity.
The zone, location of the fight, recommended level, cost, number required, and Sparks, Experience Points, and Capacity Points rewards are all specified.

Wanted Battles 2.png Wanted Battles.jpg

Unity Wanted Notorious Monsters

If here from a "Unity Warp," link on a quest page or searched the term, talk to a Unity Concord NPC to utilize a Unity Warp.

Level Accolades NM Zone Positions Arrival pos.
75 200 Bounding Belinda South Gustaberg (E-7), (G-7), (G-8) (E-7)
75 200 Hugemaw Harold East Ronfaure (H-9), (J-8), (J-10) (G-9)
75 200 Prickly Pitriv East Sarutabaruta (G-9), (I-7), (J-9) (J-8)
99 400 Ironhorn Baldurno La Theine Plateau (G-8), (G-9), (I-9) (H-8)
99 400 Sleepy Mabel Konschtat Highlands (F-5), (G-9), (H-8) (G-7)
99 400 Serpopard Ninlil Tahrongi Canyon (E-9), (H-8), (I-9) (J-8)
119 1500 Abyssdiver Buburimu Peninsula (H-7), (K-6), (K-9) (F-6)
119 1500 Immanibugard Lufaise Meadows (G-7), (J-9), (K-9) (K-8)
119 1500 Intuila Bibiki Bay (G-8), (H-10), (I-6) (I-6)
119 1500 Jester Malatrix Qufim Island (G-7), (G-8), (I-8) (I-8)
119 1500 Orcfeltrap Carpenters' Landing (H-9), (I-9), (I-11) (I-11)
119 1500 Sybaritic Samantha Yuhtunga Jungle (F-11), (F-10), (I-6) (F-11)
119 1500 Valkurm Imperator Valkurm Dunes (D-6), (E-8), (K-9) (G-8)
122 1800 Cactrot Veloz Eastern Altepa Desert (G-10), (I-5), (J-9) (J-8)
122 1800 Emperor Arthro Jugner Forest (I-6), (I-9), (J-11) (I-8)
122 1800 Garbage Gel Bostaunieux Oubliette (J-7), (J-10), (F-8) Map 2 (D-9)
122 1800 Joyous Green Pashhow Marshlands (H-9), (I-6), (J-9) (E-12)
122 1800 Keeper of Heiligtum The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (J-11), (K-9), (J-10) (K-12)
122 1800 Tiyanak Misareaux Coast (G-8), (F-8), (I-11) (F-7)
122 1800 Voso Labyrinth of Onzozo (G-6), (H-7), (I-5) (G-6)
122 1800 Warblade Beak Meriphataud Mountains (G-9), (I-9), (K-11) (F-11)
122 1800 Woodland Mender Yhoator Jungle (G-10), (H-7), (I-10) (J-7)
125 2100 Arke Sauromugue Champaign (G-8), (J-9), (L-7) (J-6)
125 2100 Ayapec The Boyahda Tree (D-6), (I-10), (H-6) Map 2 (F-6)
125 2100 Azure-toothed Clawberry Temple of Uggalepih Map 1 : (J-8), Map 2 : (H-9), (F-7) Map 2 (I-6)
125 2100 Bakunawa Sea Serpent Grotto Map 4: (J-8), (I-10), (D-9) Map 4 (L-5)
125 2100 Beist Xarcabard (I-7), (I-8), (I-9) (J-9)
125 2100 Centurio XX-I Quicksand Caves Map 1 : (H-12), (I-5), (I-9) Map 1 (J-5)
125 2100 Coca Ifrit's Cauldron (I-7), (F-10), (H-6) Map 3 (K-6)
125 2100 Douma Weapon Ro'Maeve (I-10), (G-11), (C-9) (H-11)
125 2100 King Uropygid Western Altepa Desert (F-10), (F-8), (J-6) (I-7)
125 2100 Kubool Ja's Mhuufya Wajaom Woodlands (K-9), (I-9), (I-8) (I-10)
125 2100 Largantua Beaucedine Glacier (J-7), (K-8), (K-9) (I-9)
125 2100 Lumber Jill Batallia Downs (E-5), (H-9), (J-7) (K-8)
125 2100 Mephitas Garlaige Citadel (I-6), (G-7), (H-8) Map 4 (G-6)
125 2100 Muut Attohwa Chasm (F-7), (E-8), (G-9) (F-7)
125 2100 Specter Worm Kuftal Tunnel (F-9), (H-5), (J-11) Map 2 (G-3)
125 2100 Strix Rolanberry Fields (E-11), (F-8), (J-8) (D-11)
125 2100 Vermillion Fishfly Lufaise Meadows (G-7), (J-9), (K-9) (K-8)
128 2400 Azrael Den of Rancor (H-5), (G-10), (G-9) Map 2 (G-12)
128 2400 Borealis Shadow Fei'Yin (I-7), (J-8), (F-9) Map 1 (F-11)
128 2400 Camahueto Uleguerand Range (G-10), (D-9), (D-8) (E-9)
128 2400 Carousing Celine Fei'Yin Map 1 : (I-7), (J-8), (F-9) Map 1 (F-11)
128 2400 Grand Grenade Mount Zhayolm (D-5), (C-6), (E-7) (C-7)
128 2400 Vedrfolnir Cape Teriggan (I-7), (H-8), (I-8) (H-7)
128 2400 Vidmapire Alzadaal Undersea Ruins Map 5: (F-7), (F-10), (I-10) Map 5 (G-9)
128 2400 Volatile Cluster Misareaux Coast (G-8), (F-8), (I-11) (F-7)
128 2400 Glazemane Cape Teriggan (I-7), (H-8), (I-8) (H-7)
128 2400 Wyvernhunter Bambrox Gustav Tunnel Map 2 : (H-6), (G-8), (F-7) Map 2 (H-10)
135 3100 Hidhaegg The Boyahda Tree Map 1 : (D-6), Map 2 : (I-10), Map 3 : (F-6) Map 2 (F-6)
135 3100 Sovereign Behemoth Behemoth's Dominion (E-8), (G-8), (J-9) (F-7)
135 3100 Tolba Valley of Sorrows (G-8), (F-9), (G-9) (F-8)
135 3100 Thu'ban Wajaom Woodlands (K-9), (I-8), (I-9) (I-10)
135 3100 Sarama Mount Zhayolm (D-5), (C-6), (E-7) (C-7)
135 3100 Shedu Caedarva Mire Map 4 : (H-7), (G-8), (I-7) Map 4 (H-9)
145 4100 Tumult Curator * Aydeewa Subterrane Map 2 : (J-9), (K-7), (L-8) Map 2 (H-10)

Note: Tumult Curator will not appear in the list of unity wanted objectives until defeating Thu'ban, Sarama, and Shedu first.

  • Some areas may not appear on list until certain criteria are met, reference the corresponding UNM discussion pages for any available information on unlocking them.


Each time a wanted NM is defeated, the player will receive a coffer for that NM. When the player opens the coffer there is a chance of receiving the specific NQ or HQ version of the equipment from that NM, the specific upgrade materials from that NM, other synthesis materials, or gil. Once the player has the NQ version of the equipment they can upgrade it to HQ via the Unity NPCs at the cost of Unity Accolades and a number of materials, regardless if they have access to or have beaten the Unity NM (such as receiving the NQ from a special Gobbiebox campaign). There is a wait time of one Vana'diel day for the equipment to be finished.

See: Unity Rewards for a specific list of drops.

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are two types of campaigns that may run any given month.

Double Unity Accolade Campaign

Unity Wanted Campaign