Bastok Mines

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Connected Zone Bastok Mines Arrives at
Bastok Markets F-5 BastokMines.jpg H-13 BastokMarkets.jpg
South Gustaberg H-10 BastokMines.jpg L-8 South Gustaberg.jpg
Zeruhn Mines D-7 BastokMines.jpg J-7 Zeruhn Mines.jpg
Chocobo Circuit F-9 BastokMines.jpg H-8 Chocobo Circuit-map3.jpg
Bastok Mines.jpgBastok Mines.jpg
Map 1
Bastok Composite Map.jpgBastok Composite Map.jpg
Composite Map
Bastok Mines
Bastok Mines-commons.jpg
Japanese バストゥーク鉱山区
Map Acquisition Rusese (H-6)
Upper Jeuno
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Bastok
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing
Weather None


Name Map Pos. Notes
Abd-al-Raziq 1 L-7 Guild Master
Amar 1 F-6
Arva 1 J-8 Beginner NPC
Aulavia 1 G-7 Regional Vendor
Azette 1 J-9 Chocobo Renter
Azima 1 L-6 Guild NPC
Babenn 1 J-6 Quest NPC
Black Mud 1 I-6 Quest NPC
Boytz 1 H-7 Shopkeeper
Crying Wind, I.M. 1 H-10 Gate Guard
Davyad 1 K-6
Deadly Spider 1 G-8
Deegis 1 H-6 Shopkeeper
Deidogg 1 H-6 Quest NPC
Detzo 1 I-6 Quest NPC
Drangord 1 D-7
Dry Bone 1 G-7 Information NPC
Echo Hawk 1 I-7 Quest NPC
Elki 1 H-5 Quest NPC
Emaliveulaux 1 G-6 Regional Vendor
Ephemeral Moogle 1 K-6 Crystal Storage NPC
Eulaphe 1 J-9 Chocobo Renter
Faustin 1 J-9 Regional Vendor
Galdeo 1 E-6 Regional Vendor
Gawful 1 H-8 Delivery Box NPC
Gelzerio 1 H-7 Shopkeeper
Gerbaum 1 F-8 Quest NPC
Goraow 1 I-6 Quest NPC
Gorvik 1 I-9 Title Changer
Gray Wolf 1 H-7
Gregory 1 J-9 ENM NPC
Griselda 1 H-5 Shopkeeper
Gumbah 1 J-7 Quest Starter
Name Map Pos. Notes
Hemewmew 1 K-7 Guild NPC
Hound Nose 1 H-8 Information NPC
Leonie 1 K-9 Mog House NPC
Mariadok 1 I-9 Weather NPC
Maymunah 1 K-7 Guild NPC
Medicine Eagle 1 H-6
Mille 1 G-6 Regional Vendor
Mydon 1 E-7
Nangst 1 G-6
Neigepance 1 J-9 Shopkeeper
Odoba 1 K-7 Guild NPC
Parraggoh 1 H-5 Quest NPC
Pavvke 1 I-7 Quest NPC
Phara 1 J-9 Quest NPC
Proud Beard 1 K-8 RSE Vendor
Quelle 1 I-9 Chocobo NPC
Ranpi-Pappi 1 H-5
Rashid 1 H-10 Mission NPC
Rodellieux 1 H-7 Regional Vendor
Roh Latteh 1 H-7 Quest NPC
Sieglinde 1 K-7 Guild NPC
Sodragamm 1 H-8 Delivery Box NPC
Tall Mountain 1 J-7 Quest NPC
Tami 1 J-8 Quest Starter
Tibelda 1 E-6 Regional Vendor
Titus 1 L-7 Guild NPC
Vaghron 1 H-9 Information NPC
Valeri 1 J-8 Quest NPC
Virnage 1 I-5 Quest NPC
Wahid 1 I-8 Quest NPC
Wobke 1 I-9 Quest NPC
Wyvern Tail 1 H-10 Gate Guard
Zemedars 1 H-6 Shopkeeper


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
4 Altana's Sorrow Virnage I-5 [[]] Scroll of Teleport-Dem
1 Blade of Darkness Gumbah J-7 [[]] Unlocks Dark Knight job
3 Blade of Death Gumbah J-7 [[]] Deathbringer
1 A Chocobo Riding Game (Bastok) Quelle I-9 [[]] Varies
1 A Chocobo Riding Game (Jeuno) Quelle I-9 [[]] Varies
1 A Chocobo Riding Game (Windurst) Quelle I-9 [[]] Varies
2 Drachenfall Black Mud I-6 [[]] 2000 gil
2 Fallen Comrades Pavvke I-7 [[]] 550 gil
1 Groceries Tami J-8 [[]] Rabbit Mantle
10 gil
1 Hearts of Mythril Elki H-5 [[]] Sitabaki
1 Inheritance Gumbah J-7 [[]] Ground Strike weapon skill
3 Minesweeper Gerbaum F-8 [[]] 150 gil
3 Rivals Detzo I-6 [[]] Wolf Gorget
1 The Doorman Phara J-9 [[]] Razor Axe (WAR AF weapon)
3 The Eleventh's Hour Elki H-5 [[]] Small Sword
1 The Siren's Tear Wahid I-8 [[]] 150 gil
1 The Talekeeper's Gift Deidogg H-6 [[]] Fighter's Lorica (WAR AF body)
1 The Talekeeper's Truth Deidogg H-6 [[]] Fighter's Calligae (WAR AF feet)
3 Vengeful Wrath Goraow I-6 [[]] 900 gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

While no active mining is actually done in Bastok Mines anymore, it does still provide access to Zeruhn Mines which still has active mining areas. While the Mines district is home to a variety of stores, some of which cater to the miners, the district is also home to the Alchemists' Guild and the southern Auction House. Adventurers should also note that the Mines district is home to the Bastok Chocobo stables.