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Monstrosity is content where adventurers can unleash their souls upon the various monsters that roam Vana'diel and take control of their mental faculties, thus becoming a monster themselves.

In future updates, Monstrosity was supposed to be a source of player-versus-player content where adventurers could battle one another in their beastly forms.
However, SE dropped the ball on this, and abuptly forgot about Monstrosity in favor of working on the release of Seekers of Adoulin and subsequent content since.

SE has said Monstrosity is on the "back burner" so a future update is not impossible, however it is unlikely. That being said Monstrosity is still very fun content for players looking for something new to enjoy and relax in.

Getting Started

In order to begin a new life as a monster, adventurers must first complete Monstrosity (Quest) and obtain the Key Item Ring of supernal disjunction. The quest is offered by the Suspicious Hume in Pashhow Marshlands @ (E-12) (Voidwatch warping places you near the NPC).

The Feretory

Examine an Odyssean Passages located in one of the following areas to be transported to the Feretory and take the form of a monster. The Feretory is a staging area of sorts where adventurers can prepare themselves for the carnage ahead.

  • Odyssean Passages are located in Northern San d'Oria (L-8), Port Windurst (M-4), Port Bastok (K-12), and Pashhow Marshlands (E-12).
  • Upon entering the Feretory, you lose all buffs and debuffs, including normally unremovable effects such as Signet, Weakness, and Dedication. Status effects are not reinstated upon leaving Monstrosity.
    • The Medicated effect is not removed. There may be others.

Monstrous Preparations

Once inside the Feretory, the Equipment menu is replaced with a new "Customization" menu. This menu allows players to adjust aspects of their monster including species, abilities, and name.


See: Monstrosity Species

The Species menu allows the player to choose a monster to possess. Monster species affects the player's appearance (for instance, Mandragora or Korrigan), job (Includes traits and spells), abilities, and monster correlation. The options are initially limited to Rabbit, Mandragora, and Lizard. Additional monster options can be earned through gaining experience or purchased with Infamy.

  • Possessing a monster of a different family will reset the amount of experience needed for your next level. Experience will not reset if you possess a different monster of the same family.
  • As of the August 6 version update, players may possess Beast, Plantoid, Vermin, and Lizard monster types.
  • The maximum level for monsters is 99. The maximum level is also dependent upon the limit break quests a player has completed.


The Faculties menu is where you equip various "Instincts" to your monster. Instincts enhance the abilities and attributes of your monster in various ways. At first, the pool of available instincts in limited. Additional Instincts can be earned through leveling up or purchasing with Infamy. Once an Instinct has been learned, it can equipped to any monster the player possesses.

Instincts cost a certain number of "Instinct Points" in order to be equipped. Each monster has a limited number of Instinct Points that increases with level and rank. The maximum number of Instincts that can be equipped is 12.

Achieving NM or HNM status through accumulation of Infamy increases your total number of Instinct Points by 20 and 40, respectively. These bonuses apply regardless of current level. However, this only applies to players doing Monstrosity in one of the three areas that allow player versus monster combat, and only with Belligerency in effect. Removing Belligerency will revert your status back to MON and any Instincts equipped beyond the old cap will be removed.


The Naming menu allows players to add up to two descriptors to the name of their species.

  • The naming convention is <Descriptor #1> <Descriptor #2> <Species Name>.


Infamy is the "currency" of Monstrosity. While in monster form, players earn Infamy at a rate of 10% of the experience they obtain, but some is lost if defeated. Infamy may be exchanged at Teyrnon for new monster types to possess, new Instincts to learn, or collected to increase in rank.

Infamy caps at 10,000 unless you participate in Belligerency. This lifts the cap and you can earn more than 10,000 Infamy, which is required in order to exchange for some species.

Note: If you have accrued more than 10,000 Infamy, no amount is lost when you enter and exit Belligerency. You do not generate more Infamy in non-Belligerency combat if you are already above 10,000, however.

Higher ranks are only used for Belligerency, which is explained later on, but Monipulator ranks will rise as follows:

Infamy Rank
0~10,000 Mon. (Monster)
10,001~20,000 NM (Notorious Monster)
20,001+ HNM (Highly Notorious Monster)

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There are two type of campaigns that may run any given month.

Double Monstrosity Bonus Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, all players simply earn double the amount of Experience Points while participating in Monstrosity content.
    • The first 11 Monstrosity campaigns were a simple double up gain rate mechanic. After these, they changed the way the campaign worked and it became the chain monstrosity bonus campaign.

Chain Monstrosity Bonus Campaign

Chain Monstrosity Bonus Campaign - PLUS!

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, the chain bonus campaign described above is in effect. Additionally, items that grant the Dedication effect are also doubled.
    • An item that grants Infamy/Experience Points +150% is increased to a bonus of +300%. Additionally, a maximum bonus of 30,000 is increased to 60,000.

Area Selection

Journeying into the Field

After finishing their preparations in the Feretory, players can examine the odyssean passage there and select "Stalk prey as a monipulator," which displays a list of possible areas into which they can foray.

  • Areas the player has yet to visit will not be displayed.
  • Selections also depend on the size of the monster possessed.
  • Monster sizes are categorized by the color of the icon border that displays during species selection.

Field Areas

Each field area has a recommended level that displays on the selection menu and helps monipulators avoid biting off more than they can chew.

  • It is still possible to enter areas in which the recommended level is higher than the monipulator's.
  • Recommended levels correspond to the lowest level of monster in the area, and there may be fiends who are much stronger than the recommended level indicates.
Recommended Level Region Area
Lv 1+ Ronfaure West Ronfaure
Ronfaure East Ronfaure
Gustaberg North Gustaberg
Gustaberg South Gustaberg
Gustaberg Zeruhn Mines
Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta
Sarutabaruta East Sarutabaruta
Sarutabaruta Inner Horutoto Ruins
Lv 2+ Ronfaure King Ranperre's Tomb
Gustaberg Palborough Mines
Sarutabaruta Giddeus
Lv 3+ Ronfaure Ghelsba Outpost
Gustaberg Dangruf Wadi
Fauregandi Ranguemont Pass
Lv 7+ Kolshushu Tahrongi Canyon
Lv 8+ Ronfaure Fort Ghelsba
Ronfaure Yughott Grotto
Zulkheim Konschtat Highlands
Zulkheim La Theine Plateau
Lv 12+ Zulkheim Valkurm Dunes
Lv 15+ Zulkheim Gusgen Mines
Zulkheim Ordelle's Caves
Norvallen Jugner Forest
Derfland Pashhow Marshlands
Kolshushu Buburimu Peninsula
Kolshushu Maze of Shakhrami
Aragoneu Meriphataud Mountains
Lv 18+ Aragoneu Castle Oztroja
Lv 20+ Norvallen Davoi
Derfland Beadeaux
Lv 23+ Norvallen Batallia Downs
Lv 24+ Derfland Rolanberry Fields
Lv 25+ Aragoneu Sauromugue Champaign
Li'Telor The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Lv 26+ Qufim Island Qufim Island
Lv 30+ Kuzotz Eastern Altepa Desert
Lv 31+ Tavnazian Archipelago Lufaise Meadows
Tavnazian Archipelago Misareaux Coast
Lv 34+ Fauregandi Beaucedine Glacier
Lv 38+ Fauregandi Fei'Yin
Lv 40+ Norvallen The Eldieme Necropolis
Derfland Crawlers' Nest
Aragoneu Garlaige Citadel
Kuzotz Western Altepa Desert
Lv 41+ Qufim Island Behemoth's Dominion
Lv 42+ Norvallen Monastic Cavern
Valdeaunia Xarcabard
Lv 45+ Sarutabaruta Toraimarai Canal
Lv 46+ Valdeaunia Castle Zvahl Keep
Valdeaunia Castle Zvahl Baileys
Lv 52+ Ronfaure Bostaunieux Oubliette
Aragoneu Castle Oztroja
Derfland Beadeaux
Fauregandi Fei'Yin
Lv 58+ Aragoneu Castle Oztroja
Derfland Beadeaux
Valdeaunia Uleguerand Range
Lv 61+ Arrapago Islands Caedarva Mire
Lv 62+ Vollbow Cape Teriggan
Lv 63+ West Aht Urhgan Bhaflau Thickets
Lv 66+ Vollbow Valley of Sorrows
Lv 68+ Lumoria Al'Taieu
  • When monipulators first enter the field or retry in the same area after being defeated in combat, they will experience "gestation," which bestows the following effects. In addition, monipulators are advised to flee to a safe spot during gestation periods.
    • Undetectable by enemies
    • Invisible
    • Sprint
    • Unable to attack
  • The location at which monipulators spawn after either leaving the Feretory or retrying is randomly determined.
  • The job ability Relinquish in the menu will end your possession of a monipulator and send your character back to the Odyssean Passage where you entered.
    • (The game says you will return to the Feretory when using Relinquish; but this is an error.)
    • You will get a 5 second count-down on screen. If you are aggro'ed, or move during these 5 seconds, you will not leave the monipulator form.
    • If you are under the effect of a DOT or other detriment ability (i.e. [Frost], [Poison], etc...) the ability will not occur, and you will have to wait for the DOT effect to wear off before trying again.

Monipulator Agro

Aggressive monsters in the field will still agro players, even when they are in Monipulator form, with one notable exception:

  • Monsters of the family that your Monipulator is strong to will not agro you. Eg. If you are playing a Beast-type mob, then lizard family mobs will not agro you. If you are a plantoid, then Beasts will not agro you, etc.

Other Methods for Unlocking Species

Unlocking Via Infamy Exchange

Speak with Teyrnon in the Feretory to exchange infamy for new instincts and monster species and support effects.

Certain species and instincts must be unlocked by fulfilling requirements, and will be listed only after those requirements are met.

The infamy cost for job-related Instincts can be reduced by 50% by completing the level 70 Limit Break quest for that job.

Unlocking Via Trading Items

Certain subspecies may only be unlocked by trading specific items to the NPC Suibhne in the Feretory after fulfilling the requisite conditions.

  • Suibhne will inform players as to what items they must procure after they have fulfilled the following conditions, so make sure to speak with him periodically.
    • Can possess the species of the subspecies they wish to unlock.
    • Are of the requisite level to unlock the subspecies.
      • In the event that a player can unlock multiple subspecies, Suibhne will inform him of one requisite item at random.
      • Any of the requisite items may be traded at any time. There is no reason for it to be the one Suibhne mentioned during a player's last conversation with him.

Text Commands

  • The text command /checkname (/cn) has been introduced.
    • This command enables players to examine the true names of adventurers while they are possessing monsters in Monstrosity.
      • This command functions in the exact same manner as /check when using it on normal adventurers.
  • The text command /monsterskill (/ms) has been introduced.
    • /monsterskill (/ms) "[m.s. name]" "[target name]"
      • You cannot use a job ability that you have not learned, or if the current environment restricts monster ability usage.
      • This command may only be used in Monstrosity.



Players can fight against Monipulators in combat known as Belligerency. When a player obtains the Key Item Gladiatorial writ of summons, they sign up to fight Monipulators. Players in this state are known as "Gladiators". Only players in Monstrosity who also sign up for Belligerency in the Feretory are able to be attacked or attack Gladiators.

Players who are participating in Belligerency on either side will have a special icon displayed by their names. Stars are added as either Gladiator or Monipulator's ranks increase.


Only the following areas are eligible for Belligerency, and each one is level capped:

Level Cap Area
30 Buburimu Peninsula
60 Xarcabard
90 Uleguerand Range

Signing up as a Gladiator

The following conditions must be met to sign up as a Gladiator

When entering an applicable area, you are given a 1 minute effect which allows you time to prepare. You cannot warp to an area via Monstrosity, but any other method of transportation works.

Signing up as a Monipulator

Enter the Feretory and speak to Aengus. Select the option to participate in Belligerency. You will now only be able to warp to one of the three areas listed above. To exit Belligerency, simply speak to Aengus again and select the option.

Rules in Belligerency

There are a few limitations to know about during this content:

  • Gladiators:
    • Gladiators can form parties and alliances.
    • Only one Monipulator may be claimed by a party or alliance.
    • A Gladiator cannot trade or purchase items from a Bazaar with anyone who is not a Gladiator.
    • If you have the Key Item Gladiatorial writ of summons, you cannot Mount.
  • Monipulators:
    • Only one party or alliance can claim a Gladiator at a time.
    • You cannot assist other Monipulators who are fighting a Gladiator.
    • If a party of alliance you "claimed" is disbanded after beginning the battle, you can only fight the player that has "claim" on you.


If you defeat a Monipulator as a Gladiator, you will earn a form of currency known as Prestige. Earning enough Prestige will increase your Gladiator rank, similar to how Infamy increases a Monipulator's rank. Below are the ranks, and they can be seen in-game under Profile > Status:

Prestige Rank
0~10,000 Glad. (Gladiator)
10,001~20,000 CG (Champion Gladiator)
20,001+ HCG (High Champion Gladiator)

The rate that Prestige is earned is as follows:

  • Defeating a regular monster nets you 10% of the normal amount of Experience Points you would have earned.
  • If you defeat a Monipulator, you receive 20% of the Monipulator's Infamy that they had upon being defeated. This amount is then split evenly between all party/alliance members.
  • If you are defeated by a Monipulator, you lose 30% of your Prestige
    • Monipulators who defeat Gladiators obtain 20% of each Gladiator's prestige, which is then converted into Infamy. The other 10% is lost.

Treasure Chests

When a Gladiator defeats a Monipulator, a treasure chest will drop. The spoils inside vary depending on the rank of the Monipulator that was slain.

Additionally, Gladiators must be a high enough rank to open the chest:

  • "CG" or higher is needed to open chests from "NM" Monipulators.
  • "HCG" is needed to open chests from "HNM" Monipulators.

Possible spoils include:


Exchanging Prestige

Gladiators may speak to any of the "Suspicious" NPCs to exchange Prestige for unique rewards:

The following items can be purchased:


Trade both the eligible torque and any Alloy Tonic to a "Suspicious" NPC above to augment a piece of equipment. You will then be asked to choose an augment path.

It takes 5,980 RP in order to cap a torque at Rank 15. This is essentially three Alloy Tonic icon.png Alloy Tonic +2.

You can change upgrade paths at any time.

It was announced on the official website that fully augmented torques at Rank 15 can be exchanged for a new one by trading it to one of the "Suspicious" NPCs. This is unclear in the community, and it is possible that it was never implemented. Please edit this article accordingly if information is known.