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Connected Zone Davoi Arrives at
Jugner Forest J-6 Davoi-map.jpg G-12 Jugner Forest.jpg
Monastic Cavern K-7 Davoi-map.jpg K-6 Monastic Cavern.jpg
Monastic Cavern H-11 Davoi-map.jpg H-11 Monastic Cavern.jpg
Monastic Cavern G-7 Davoi-map.jpg G-7 Monastic Cavern.jpg
Monastic Cavern H-8 Davoi-map.jpg I-8 Monastic Cavern.jpg
Monastic Cavern J-9 Davoi-map.jpg J-9 Monastic Cavern.jpg
Davoi header.jpg
Japanese ダボイ
Map Acquisition Violitte (G-10)
Southern San d'Oria
Timeline Present
Continent Quon
Region Norvallen
Zone Type Dungeon
Activities Fishing
Weather None

Zone Information

Catch Cap Body of Water
Moat Carp icon.png Moat Carp 11 Ponds
Tricolored Carp icon.png Tricolored Carp 27
Giant Catfish icon.png Giant Catfish 31
Dark Bass icon.png Dark Bass 33
Gold Carp icon.png Gold Carp 53
Red Terrapin icon.png Red Terrapin 56
Takitaro icon.png Takitaro 101 Waterfall/Cascade
Arrowwood Log icon.png Arrowwood Log 0
Crayfish icon.png Crayfish 7 All
Rusty Bucket icon.png Rusty Bucket 0
Rusty Leggings icon.png Rusty Leggings 0


Name Map Pos. Notes
Bernal 1 J-8
Lootblox 1 J-7 Vendor
Quemaricond 1 H-7 Quest NPC
Name Map Pos. Notes
Sedal-Godjal 1 J-8 Quest NPC
Zantaviat 1 J-7 Quest NPC


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
A Knight's Test Balasiel F-7 Southern San d'Oria Unlock Paladin
Kite Shield
Deal with Tenshodo Garnev J-7 Lower Jeuno Clock tower oil
Missionary Moblin Koblakiq H-11 Oldton Movalpolos 4,000 gil
4 Tea with a Tonberry? Sobane D-6 Southern San d'Oria Willpower Torque
Test My Mettle Devean I-8 Selbina Varies
The Crimson Trial Sharzalion K-6 Southern San d'Oria Fencing Degen
The Doorman Phara J-9 Bastok Mines Razor Axe
The First Meeting Oggbi E-6 Port Bastok Temple Gaiters
The Miraculous Dale Rakuru-Rakoru I-6 Lower Jeuno 59,630 gil
To Cure a Cough Nenne F-6 Southern San d'Oria 3,000 gil
Under Oath Prince Trion Chateau d'Oraguille Gallant Surcoat
Warding Vampires Maloquedil J-8 Northern San d'Oria 900 gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.


Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Bastok Mission 4-1 Bastok Quest
San d'Oria Mission 2-2 San d'Oria Quest
San d'Oria Mission 3-2 San d'Oria Quest
San d'Oria Mission 4-1 San d'Oria Quest
Windurst Mission 4-1 Windurst Quest
Windurst Mission 8-1 Windurst Fight Rise of the Zilart
Windurst Mission 8-2 Windurst Fight Rise of the Zilart

Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Blubbery Bulge 45-47 E-10 Lottery spawn off of Davoi Mush at (E-10). Sound
Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk 71 H-8 Timed spawn every 15-30 minutes at (H-8). Sight
Hawkeyed Dnatbat 26-28 L-9 Lottery from Orcish Cursemaker at (L-9) Sight
Poisonhand Gnadgad 39-40 G-6 Lottery spawn off of various Orcs at (G-6). Sight
Steelbiter Gudrud 33-34 (K-9/10) Lottery spawn off of the various Orcs at (K-9/10). Sight
Tigerbane Bakdak 31-32 J-7 Lottery spawn off of War Lizard at (J-7). Sight

Normal Monsters

Name Family Job Min Level Max Level Detection A L Number Type App.
Davoi Hornet Bee 20 23 Sight, Scent L
Davoi Pugil Pugil 20 23 Sound A
Wood Bats Bats 20 23 Sound A
Orcish Fighter Orc WAR 22 26 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Cursemaker Orc BLM 23 27 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Serjeant Orc PLD 24 28 Sight, Scent A L
Wolf Bat Bat 25 28 Sound A
War Lizard Lizard 29 32 Sound L
Davoi Wasp Bee 30 33 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Impaler Orc DRG 32 36 Sight, Scent A L
Davoi Mush Slime 33 36 Sound, Scent A
Orcish Beastrider Orc DRK 33 37 Sight, Scent A L
Geezard Lizard 34 37 Sound A L
Orcish Nightraider Orc RNG 34 38 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Brawler Orc MNK 35 39 Sight, Scent A L
Morbol Morbol 37 39 Sound A
Orcish Firebelcher Orcish Warmachine 39 42 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Bowshooter Orc RNG 42 46 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Footsoldier Orc WAR 43 47 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Gladiator Orc MNK 44 48 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Trooper Orc PLD 45 49 Sight, Scent A L
Thunder Elemental Elemental 47 49 Magic A
Water Elemental Elemental 47 49 Magic A
Orcish Veteran Orc WAR 52 56 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Predator Orc RNG 53 57 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Zerker Orc DRK 54 58 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Warchief Orc PLD 55 59 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Farkiller Orc RNG 62 66 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Dreadnought Orc WAR 63 67 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Champion Orc MNK 64 68 Sight, Scent A L
Orcish Dragoon Orc DRG 65 69 Sight, Scent A L
Ferocious Pugil Pugil 22 24 Sound A Fishing
Greater Pugil Pugil 30 32 Sound A Fishing
Gloop Slime 38 40 Sound, Scent A Fishing
Oil Spill Slime 45 47 Sound, Scent A Fishing
Hematic Cyst Clot ? ? Sound, Scent A Quest
Barakbok Orc BST 43 43 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Gavotvut Orc WAR 45 45 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Purpleflash Brukdok Orc BLM 45 45 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Deloknok Orc PLD 53 53 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Bilopdop Orc MNK 55 55 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Three-eyed Prozpuz Orc RNG 60 60 Sight, Scent A L Quest
One-eyed Gwajboj Orc PLD 62 62 Sight, Scent A L Quest
Appearance Key

D = Dusk (18:00-6:00), N = Night (20:00 - 4:00), F = Fog, Fire-Icon.png Ice-Icon.png Wind-Icon.png Earth-Icon.png Lightning-Icon.png Water-Icon.png Light-Icon.png Dark-Icon.png = Corresponding weather pattern

Historical Significance

During the Great War nearly twenty years ago, an attack was made by the Orcish troops on the peaceful Elvaan monastery of La Vaule, which left the tiny sanctuary in ruins and under the control of the beastmen. The Orcs renamed the area "Davoi" and transformed the area into their main stronghold, delighted by the layout of the surrounding area, as well as the protection that the monastic caverns provided. While there have been many attempts by the San d'Orian Royal Knights to reclaim this area, the ever-weakening forces of the kingdom remain powerless in this fight and often rely on hired adventurers to assist them in their campaigns.


  • Escapes to Jugner Forest (G-12).
  • The map of Davoi was changed for the Nov. 20th 07 update to include the labels:
    Bellenorque Abbey, Maison de Beaulaurand, Devil's Finger, The Pechune, The Rofeule.[1]