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Aggressive, or Aggro refers to enemies in the game that will attack the player without any sort of provocation. Some enemies have one or multiple detection types, and provided said conditions are met will (usually) growl and go after the player. If an enemy checks as too weak to the player, aggressive monsters will not respond. Certain enemies always aggro, such as Detectors.


Sight True Sight

  • A cone extending about 15' from the front of your opponent will cause aggression.
  • This can be avoided with Invisible unless the opponent has True Sight. Alertness reduces your ability to be detected by sight.
  • Sight range is typically reduced at night, Goblins are an exception.


Sound True Sound

  • A radius of 8' from the enemy will cause aggression.
    • Some true sound enemies can have up to 30' radius
  • This can be avoided with Sneak unless the opponent has True Sound.



  • If you are in a state of low HP (Yellow), enemies within a radius of 8' will cause aggression.
  • As your HP drops farther, this radius increases.


  • If you are healing/meditating, enemies within a radius of 8' will cause aggression.



  • If you are casting a White, Black, Blue or summoning magic spell, enemies within a radius between 8' and 20' will cause aggression, depending on location. This does not affect songs or ninjutsu.
  • Arcana and Elementals are magical beings who have this sense.



  • If you use an ability or a weapon skill, enemies within a certain radius (usually 20') will cause aggression. This does not affect ranged attacks.
  • This sense is rare: limited to the Flan, Murex, Poroggo, and Aht Urhgan's Fomor families.


  • The sense of smell does not cause aggression, but instead is used to track a player that caused aggression.
  • Normally, if a monster's source of aggression is too far away to sense for a long time, they will stop chasing. However, monsters who can detect smell can continue chasing you from any range once they have your scent. This sense is disabled during weather effects including rain, thunder, snow, and dust storms. Scent is also disabled from Deodorize status or from stepping into water.

Passive Aggressive

  • Some monsters, such as Hpemdes, will aggro the player, but as long as they are not damaged will not attack the player.
    • They can be attacked, have spells cast on them and they won't engage until you do damage.
    • This can be useful for skilling up magics, such as musical skills, as they often have no damage associated with them.


  • When an enemy can link, if they see or hear (based on detection) a fully engaged monster, they will join in on the attack.