Inner Horutoto Ruins

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Inner Horutoto Ruins
Inner Horutoto Ruins header.jpg
Japanese 内ホルトト遺跡
Map Acquisition Quest or Map Vendor
Timeline Present
Continent Mindartia
Region Sarutabaruta
Zone Type Dungeon
Activities None
Weather None
Goblin Footprint (I-7) Map 1
Inner Horutoto Ruins Connected Zone Zones To
(I-7) Inner Horutoto Ruins-map1.jpg East Sarutabaruta (J-7) East Sarutabaruta-Map.jpg
(H-5) Inner Horutoto Ruins-map4.jpg Toraimarai Canal (F-5) Toraimarai Canal-map1.jpg
(I-8) Inner Horutoto Ruins-map3.jpg West Sarutabaruta (J-8) West Sarutabaruta-Map.jpg
Escape (Scroll) icon.png Via Escape East Sarutabaruta (I-7) East Sarutabaruta-Map.jpg
Quick Travel Options Arrives At
Survival Guide
Via Inner Horutoto Ruins
(I-7) Inner Horutoto Ruins-map1.jpgInner Horutoto Ruins-map1.jpg
Map 1
Battle Content Location Notes
Grounds of Valor (I-7)

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3


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Inner Horutoto Ruins-map1.jpgInner Horutoto Ruins-map1.jpg
Map 1
Inner Horutoto Ruins-map2.jpgInner Horutoto Ruins-map2.jpg
Map 2
Inner Horutoto Ruins-map3.jpgInner Horutoto Ruins-map3.jpg
Map 3
Inner Horutoto Ruins-map4.jpgInner Horutoto Ruins-map4.jpg
Map 4
Toraimarai Composite.pngToraimarai Composite.png
Composite Map

Zone Information


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
1 Making Headlines Naiko-Paneiko C-11 Windurst Waters 560 gil
3 Making the Grade Fuepepe L-6 Windurst Waters Scroll of Aspir
The Forbidden Path Lehko Habhoka Windurst Waters (S) Varies


Mission Name Mission Number NPC Storyline
Windurst Mission 1-1
Windurst Mission 2-1
Windurst Mission 3-2

Notorious Monsters

Notorious Monsters
Lv. Name Genus Drops Map
22-23  Maltha
   Timed: 1.5-2 Hr.
This monster is aggressive. Sound
22-26  Nocuous Weapon
   Lottery: Boggart
This monster is passive. Sound Magic
Evil Weapon
33  Slendlix Spindlethumb
   Lottery: Goblin Leecher
This monster is passive. Sight
This monster is aggressive. Aggressive   This monster is passive. Passive   Sight Sight   Sound Sound   Scent Scent   HP HP   Links Links
True Sight True Sight   True Sound True Sound   Magic Magic   JA JA


Historical Significance

Horutoto Ruins.jpg

The term "Horutoto Ruins" refers to the set of ancient towers that are spread across the plains of Sarutabaruta. While no one is certain why these massive structures were built, the powerful magical energy that emanates from them has been the center of Tarutaru scientific investigation for decades.