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Introduced in Seekers of Adoulin, Alluvion Skirmishes are high level, instanced end-game battle events which take place in an "otherworldly" version of areas of Ulbuka.

The primary rewards from Skirmishes are unique, high damage weapons and armor which may be augmented to enhance their already formidable powers.

Alluvion Skirmishes are accessed using sets of Simulacrum Segments with an Eudaemon Item, which are obtainable by various methods throughout areas of Ulbuka.
The four items used to build a Eudaemon will determine the quantity and quality of rewards available, the number and quality of extra buffs and benefits you can receive within the Skirmish, and the difficulty and time limit of the Skirmish.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

In order to enter a Skirmish, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack installed and registered
  • 1-6 party members at level 95 or above
    • Trusts may be called forth into Skirmish
  • Leader must possess a "Simulacrum" key item (see Assembling Simulacra below)

Skirmish Areas

There are currently three areas in which Alluvion Skirmishes take place. Each area has a unique layout and differing objectives and available rewards. There are floors with objectives similar to the idea of Nyzul Isle Investigation. Skirmishes are entered at the Augural Conveyor located in the true Vana'diel's parallel area:

Assembling Eudaemon

To participate, only the party leader will need to assemble a Eudaemon key item. Similar to the original Skirmish it is comprised of three Simulacrum Segments, one from each of three categories: Visage, Torso, and Legs. In addition, one Eudaemon item must be traded with the Simulacrum Segments.

After obtaining one of each type of Simulacrum Segment,

What you need: Visage(Rala/Cirdas), Faithful Torso, Faithful Legs, and an Eudaemon Item

1. Obtain a Eudaemon Item.
2. Talk to Lola. You may need to talk to her twice.
3. Talk to Oston.

Now trade all three Simulacrum Segments and a Eudaemon Item to Oston in Eastern Adoulin to receive a Eudaemon Key Item for a small gil fee.

  • NOTE: You must have made a normal Skirmish Key item from just the three Simulacrum Segments at least once before you can make an Alluvion Skirmish Eudaemon Key Item.
  • The fee varies depending on the type of Eudaemon Item traded in small increasing intervals of gil.

Lola also offers Tier-1 Simulacrum KI in exchange for Pulchridopt Wings.

Each category of Simulacrum Segment influences a Skirmish in different ways.

  • The type of Visage selects the Skirmish area and the tier influences the quality of rewards (specifically, the quality of Leafslit, Leaftip, Leafdim, Leaforb, Snowslit, Snowtip, Snowdim,and Snoworb received).
  • The tier of Torso chooses the Skirmish level. This influences the maximum time allotted, maximum possible number of floors, and number of rewards.
    • The time begins at 15 minutes for a tier 1 torso, and increases in 10 minute increments for each tier above that up to 55 minutes at tier 5.
    • Each higher tier torso will have one more level or floor available than the previous.
  • The tier of Legs sets the number of Noetic Ascensions available and the chance they will activate instead of receiving the message that "Nothing happens...". Verification Needed

Because of the synergies involved in using higher tier components together, it is sensible to assemble high tier head and legs segments together with high tier body segments. A maximum size run using a tier V body will yield the most possible drops (the quality of which is influenced by the head segment's tier) and the most possible Noetic Ascensions (the quantity and effects of which are influenced by the legs segment's tier).

Each category of Eudaemon influences a Skirmish in different ways. The effect varies slightly from each Skirmish, but overall is constant.

You may need to trade Oston one Eudaemon item on its own before he will accept a trade for the eudaemon key item.

Eudaemons in Cirdas and Rala

They are known to be advantageous to certain jobs according to Square Enix:

Alluvion Skirmish Cirdas Caverns (U) and Rala Waterways (U)
Eudaemon Effects
Item Area Monster Beneficial Effects Detrimental Effects
Eudaemon Blade Rala Waterways (U)‎ Reaving Craklaw Additional magic damage Enemies’ attack increases
Cirdas Caverns (U) Aconite Sibilus Additional magic damage Enemies can poison
Eudaemon Cape Rala Waterways (U)‎ Shambling Matamata Additional physical damage Enemies’ magic defense increases
Cirdas Caverns (U) Leering Akoman Additional physical damage Enemies’ magic defense increases
Eudaemon Ring Rala Waterways (U)‎ Krabukelevu Enemies lose regain Enemies’ attack increases
Cirdas Caverns (U) Weedwomp Lapinion Enemies lose regen Enemies’ magic attack increases
Eudaemon Sash Rala Waterways (U)‎ Erratic Twitherym Enemies lose enwater Pets are affected by terror upon using special attacks
Cirdas Caverns (U) Partizan Wasp Enemies’ evasion decreases Pets are affected by paralysis upon using special attacks
Eudaemon Shield Rala Waterways (U)‎ Harmonious Heartwing Wide scan unlocked Enemies take reduced damage
Cirdas Caverns (U) Harmonious Heartwing Wide scan unlocked Enemies take reduced damage

Eudaemon items also affect the layout and monsters of the floors and the buffs available from the Noetic ascensions, but the exact effects are also unknown at this time. Verification Needed

Eudaemons in Yorcia

Information needed on various effects of Eudaemon Items in Yorcia.

  • The use of the Eudaemon Sword will result in a predominance of Twitheryms.
  • The use of the Eudaemon Shield will result in numerous Fluturinis.
  • The use of the Eudaemon Cape or Ring may result in spawning Escalent (Ungeweder Type)

The Eudaemon Item chosen determines the type of special Valliant mob that the book will spawn.

Stones and Drops

Eudaemon Items in Alluvion Skirmishes also influence the type of stones one receives.

  • Eudaemon shield increases the drop rate of Tip type stones and occurrence of Twitherym.
  • Eudaemon blade increases the drop rate of Slit type stones and occurrence of Twitherym.
  • Eudaemon ring increases the drop rate of Dim type stones and occurrence of elemental creatures.
  • Eudaemon cape increases the drop rate of Dim type stones and occurrence of elemental creatures.
  • Eudaemon sash increases the drop rate of Orb type stones and occurrence of Twitherym.

Obtaining Components

Simulacrum Segments can be obtained in a variety of ways in the areas of Ulbuka, but are most frequently obtained from completing Lair Reive and Colonization Reive battles. Higher tier segments are increasingly rarer.

They can be also be obtained from the three methods below, but they are extremely rare and random to come by. There is a constant number of available segments throughout Ulbuka at any given time, and their obtainment methods are random and predetermined. Once one is obtained, it resets to a new location and method of obtainment.

Eudaemon items are obtained as 100% drops in the treasure pool in the original Skirmishes after using the Fenestral Key.

Additionally, they can be obtained from:



Upon entering the Skirmish the time restriction and number of floors available will be set based on the tier of Faithful's Torso utilized.

Upon entering players are faced with a waypoint named a Living Cairn which is used to warp to the first floor. Time starts before you even warp to the first floor.

State of Monster Aggression

Unlike the original Skirmish, monsters in Alluvion Skirmish Rala and Cirdas can be bypassed with sneak and invisible. However, Notorious Monsters are all true aggressive based on the normal aggro and link mechanic of their monster family (true sight/true sound/magic/low HP aggro). Monsters in Alluvion Yorcia are not aggressive unless attacked and the elementals do not become aggressive by magic.

Alluvion Cirdas and Rala Skirmishes


On each floor players are faced with a primary objective that then spawns a secondary objective Mistmaw NM. Once the NM has been killed a Living Cairn spawns on the map (may be found on Wide Scan) which allows players to proceed to the next floor.

Upon completing the primary Skirmish objective, players will each receive a Fenestral Key. Once any player uses the key the Skirmish will end, (setting the time remaining to 5 minutes), a raise effect will be placed on any KO'ed players, all remaining monsters will despawn, rewards will drop into the loot pool, and a treasure chest will spawn at each player's position with their personal rewards.

After completing the primary objective, if the group plans on continuing and completing the secondary objective, players should not use the Fenestral Key until the secondary objective is completed.

Rarely when proceeding to the next floor party members will be scattered and you will receive the message "You have discovered a rift in the space and time dimension".

Faithful's Torso Tier / Objective Requirements
Time Limit (Cirdas/Rala) 15 minutes 25 minutes 35 minutes 45 minutes 55 minutes
Possible Floor Primary Objectives Seal Noetics Activate a set number of Noetic Ascensions on the floor.
Seal Target Noetic Activate a specific Noetic Ascension on the floor.
Defeat a Number of Stormy Autochtons Defeat a specified number of enemies on the floor.
Find and Defeat a Windreaver Defeat the specified enemy on the floor.
Defeat the Mist NM You receive a cutscene with a Twitherym and face off against Balamor's Adumbration
No Objective Receive a cutscene then defeat a unique boss floor.
Floor Secondary Objective Defeat Mistmaw NM Defeat the Mistmaw Notorious Monster on the floor.


The Lovely Lorissa

Occasionally, players will come across the NPC Lorissa during a Skirmish. You may speak to proceed to the next level without fulfilling all of the necessary conditions for the floor. However, doing so does not count as actually having met those conditions. This means you will not receive the extra drops from this floor if you choose to speak with her.

Yorcia Alluvion Skirmish

Alluvion Skirmish Yorcia.png

The Yorcia Skirmish has two distinct aspects to its operation. Players must control a base known as the Marchland and use it to spawn NPCs to defend and ultimately destroy the enemy Stronghold.
One person is typically tasked with operating the Ars Monstrum book whilst other players spread out and kill Escalent (Twitheryms/Elementals/Fluturinis) to provide Puissance for the person operating the book (the Booker). The Booker will use this Puissance to summon NPCs prefixed with Valiant to fight back the Strongholds' own Malicious enemies. Once the player has overwhelmed the Stronghold, it will be required that player make a final attack to defeat the Stronghold and advance to the next level. If the Marchland is overwhelmed the players are immediately kicked out of the Skirmish without any rewards, including any items in the treasure pool.

Players should not attempt to engage the Malicious enemies or attack the Stronghold directly. The Stronghold's Malicious spawns do not aggro players, but players are able to be affected by their AoEs. Currently, summoned pets including Beastmaster pets are aggroed by the Malicious enemies. The Stronghold has immense amount of HP and even a few percent of its life-bar represent over 50,000+ HP.

Players kill Escalents for Puissance. All enemies are named Escalent despite differences in family types. Melee should engage Twitherym enemies, but take note that Fluterinis are aggressive and very hard hitting. Elemental Escalents do not aggro magic, but do employ their respective resistances, buffs and spells. Occasionally a pink Acuex Escalent will spawn. Killing this will result in items (most notably +2 stones) being directly added to the treasure pool.

Using the Ars Monstrum, a player will summon Valiant creatures to fight back the advancing enemies. These options include purely defensive Worms, slow Crabs and fast Colibri and a Shijin (Example: Valiant Byakko). Players expend Puissance to summon up to five of each type of the common spawns and Question Puissance to summon a single Shijin. The Shijin will result in a specific boost to the other NPCs whilst also engaging in combat directly. The Ars Monstrum can be amended to provide access to higher creatures like Valiant Scorpions and Valiant Dragons. In dire circumstances the Ars Monstrum can be used to convert Obsidian Fragments into Puissance directly.

The appearance of Balamor's Adumbration is uncommon and replaces the Stronghold. Defeating the boss will remove the limitation on the number of floors and provide numerous drops (including several +2 stones) directly to the treasure pool. Balamor's Adumbration does not aggro players, but is aggressive to summoned Beastmaster pets.

Lorissa does spawn occasionally in Yorcia and she is aggressive to the players. Lorissa is more difficult than any other common enemy and is capable of using Hexa Strike for over 1800 damage. Players can defeat Lorissa, but she will warp at 1 hp instead of being killed. This will provide 350 Puissance. Lorissa can be kited to the Valiant NPCs where she will be quickly defeated.

As of the July 2020 Update[1], players are awarded 1,000 puissance upon beginning each stage.

Noetic Ascensions

Noetic Ascension

Noetic Ascensions will be found scattered across the Skirmish area. Noetic Ascensions yield benefits for the entire party upon use. The number of Noetic Ascensions found, will increase with higher tier Legs segments. Larger runs utilizing higher tier torso segments will also have more ascensions available.

Unlike their Skirmish counterparts Noetic Ascensions in Alluvion Skirmish bestow random benefits to the party. Benefits will be bestowed immediately and buff effects will remain active for the full duration of the Skirmish. Activating multiple Noetic Ascensions will increase the potency of random enhancements. Not all Ascensions may be activated. Occasionally players will the message that "Nothing happens...".

Noetics provide the same types of benefits regardless of the tier runs. Therefore it is likely the values may be different across them depending on the quality of Simulacrum. Verification Needed

Available Benefits Faithful's Legs Tier / Max Value
Additional Ascensions Question Question Question Question Question
Attack Question Question Question Question Question
Defense Question Question Question Question Question
Magic Attack Bonus Question Question Question Question Question
Magic Defense Bonus Question Question Question Question Question
TP Restoration (300) Question Question Question Question Question
HP/MP Restoration (Full) Question Question Question Question Question
Maximum HP+ Question Question Question Question Question
Maximum MP+ Question Question Question Question Question
Movement Speed+ Question Question Question Question Question


As players work towards completing the primary objective, they will periodically be notified of their progress and of the rewards they will receive in their personal treasure pool if the primary objective is completed. Alluvion Skirmish Weapon rewards are shared between all players and are obtained after defeating Mistmaw NMs on each level. Mistmaws also drop a variety Leaf and Snow stones used to augment the weapons. All other rewards are player-specific and will load into each player's Treasure Coffer at the end of the Skirmish after utilizing the Fenestral Key temporary item.

Floors Completed Objectives Completed
1 Floor 2 Floors 3 Floors 4 Floors 5 Floors 6 Floor
(Per Player)
Primary 3 4 5 6 7 8
Secondary 3 4 5 6 7 8

Alluvion Weapons

The primary reward from Cirdas and Rala Alluvion Skirmishes are Skirmish Weapons, which can be augmented by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition using a variety of stones also acquired within the Skirmish battlefield. Weapons will drop directly into the treasure pool after defeating a Notorious Monster. Weapons are specific to Notorious Monsters uniquely appearing within each area. The exception to this is that Balamor's Adumbration may drop any type of weapon.

Reference the Alluvion Skirmish Weapons page for information on available augments.

Area Available Weapons
Cirdas Caverns (U)
Mistmaw Xelhua Mistmaw Cacus Mistmaw Tawhiri Mistmaw Aatxe
Great Katana
Rala Waterways (U)
Mistmaw Kroni Mistmaw Guayota Mistmaw Tecciztecatl Mistmaw Leraje
Great Sword
Claidheamh Soluis
Great Axe

Alluvion Armor

The primary reward from Yorcia Shirmishes are Skirmish Armor which are also augmented by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition using a variety of stones also acquired within the Skirmish battlefield. Armor drops randomly will appear in the party pool and are distributed after using the Fenestral Key item.

Category:Alluvion Skirmish Armor


Personal chests may contain multiple scrolls, even duplicates are possible.

Other Items

Personal chests may contain items from the list below, which includes the Leaf,Snow, and Dusk Stones needed to augment the weapons and armor received in Alluvion Skirmishes. The quality of any Stones received will be influenced by the tier of Visage used for entry, with higher tier Visages increasing the likelihood of higher quality Stones.

All of the stones can be traded to Divainy-Gamainy for easy storage.

Cirdas and Rala Skirmishes

Yorcia Skirmish

Obsidian Fragments

During Skirmishes, players can receive an event-specific and player-specific currency known as Obsidian Fragments. Obsidian Fragments can be obtained in two ways:

  • Defeat monsters in the Skirmish. Question fragments may be obtained per normal monster (all areas) and Question per notorious monster (Rala).
  • Trading Ghastly, Verdigris, and Wailing Stones (normal, +1, or +2) to Ornery Dhole for 1/5th the listed price below.

These can be accumulated up to 99,999 (amount per run varies with the legs segment tier Verification Needed) and can be spent in a few ways:

  • Conversion to Puissance at the book in Yorcia Weald Alluvion Skirmish.


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