Wide Scan

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Job Trait Information
Description Scans the area for monsters, revealing them on the map.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I All Level 1 50 Ym, 65 Ym
II All Level 20 100 Ym
III RNG1, BST1 150 Ym
IV RNG20, BST60 200 Ym
V RNG40, BST80 250 Ym
VI RNG60 300 Ym
VII RNG80 350 Ym


  • Displays monsters on the map.
    • Each trait upgrade increases the scan area.
  • The Dec 11 2013 version update gave all jobs the wide scan Beastmaster used to have from levels 1-19 and levels 20 and beyond. Along with this Beastmaster was given the same wide scan values as Ranger but Ranger retained the highest wide scan ranges at high levels.
  • Tier I is 50 Ym in cities and 65 Ym in Dungeons. 50 Ym is the distance limit a player can target something.
  • Tier II 100 Ym is the same as the distance limit for gaining experiences points.
  • Tier VI 300 Ym is the same as the distance limit VNM can be displayed.