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Simulacrum segment sets are traded to Oston for simulacra, Key Items that allow entrance to Skirmish areas:

Each set consists of a "Visage", a "Torso", and a pair of "Legs," each of which can be selected from one of five tiers with increasing effects (denoted by the roman numeral in the name). These different components control different parts of the resulting Skirmish experience, as outlined below.

Simulacrum Segments can be obtained through various methods. For all methods, higher tier segments are increasingly rare to acquire. The most common method of obtainment by far is from Colonization Reives and Lair Reives completed in any area.

Segments can also be obtained rarely from the following methods in Ulbuka:

Tier I segments can also be purchased from Oston in Eastern Adoulin for Obsidian Fragments obtained from prior Skirmishes. Simulacrum KI can also be purchased from Lola in exchange for Pulchridopt Wings.


Visages control which Skirmish area you can enter (denoted by the Rala, Cirdas, Yorcia, or Ra'Kaznar naming) and influence the quality of the rewards (specifically, any augmentation stones obtained). A higher tier visage will increase the likelihood of obtaining higher quality stones.

Rala Visage I icon.png Visages
Cirdas Cirdas Visage I · Cirdas Visage II · Cirdas Visage III · Cirdas Visage IV · Cirdas Visage V
Rala Rala Visage I · Rala Visage II · Rala Visage III · Rala Visage IV · Rala Visage V
Yorcia Yorcia Visage I · Yorcia Visage II · Yorcia Visage III · Yorcia Visage IV · Yorcia Visage V
Ra'Kaznar Ra'Kaznar Visage I · Ra'Kaznar Visage II · Ra'Kaznar Visage III · Ra'Kaznar Visage IV · Ra'Kaznar Visage V


Torsos control the size of the area, the time limit, the number of enemies to be defeated, and the number of rewards received at the end of the Skirmish (weapons and personal crate items).

Faithful's Torso I icon.png Torsos
Faithful's Torso I · Faithful's Torso II · Faithful's Torso III · Faithful's Torso IV · Faithful's Torso V


Legs influence the number of Noetic Ascensions that appear and the type and value of the effects they can bestow.

Faithful's Legs I icon.png Legs
Faithful's Legs I · Faithful's Legs II · Faithful's Legs III · Faithful's Legs IV · Faithful's Legs V