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Waypoints are devices developed by Adoulinian researchers which allow instant teleportation from one location to another by expending Kinetic Units obtained from the energy within crystals. Waypoints allow for teleportation to other attuned Waypoints as well as any attuned Geomagnetic Founts (founts serve as destinations only and cannot be teleported from).

There are two types of Waypoints: Waypoints, for transportation across Adoulin areas, and Proto-Waypoints, for transportation across Vana'diel's Middle Lands and Outlands.

Kinetic Units

Teleportation through both types of waypoints is paid for in Kinetic Units.

  • Trading crystals to a Waypoint or Proto-Waypoint will yield varying amounts of kinetic units depending on the type of crystal.
  • Trading a crystal cluster yields a slightly higher amount than trading a stack of that type of crystal. A small number of quests also yield kinetic units as a reward.

Note: The maximum number of Kinetic Units that may be accumulated is 50,000 (anything past that will be lost).


Waypoints allow the user to travel between Lower Jeuno and various Adoulinian locations. In order to access the first waypoint in Lower Jeuno, the player must first complete The Geomagnetron to obtain the Adoulinian charter permit. The cost of using a waypoint varies depending on the users current location, and waypoint destinations must be activated by first attuning the geomagnetron to that destination by simply visiting it once on foot and clicking the Waypoint. Note that Frontier Station and Bivouac waypoints are only accessible once a server has successfully constructed that Station or Bivouac. Additionally, if a Frontier Bivouac runs out of supplies and requires reconstruction, its Waypoint will disappear until the Bivouac is reconstructed (the waypoint does not need to be reattuned when the Bivouac is reconstructed).

Usage Fees

Note: All usage fees below are reduced by 25% if the Second Floor edification is present at the Couriers' Coalition.

Waypoint Locations

  • Western Adoulin
    • Platea Triumphus (Couriers' Coalition): (H-8)
    • Pioneers' Coalition: (E-8)
    • Mummers' Coalition: (G-10)
    • Inventors' Coalition: (J-9)
    • The Auction House: (F-10)
    • Your Rent-a-Room: (H-11)
    • Big Bridge: (L-9)
    • Airship Docks: (H-4)
    • Adoulin Waterfront: (I-5)
  • Eastern Adoulin
    • Peacekeepers' Coalition: (F-8)
    • Scouts' Coalition: (G-9)
    • Statue of the Goddess: (H-8)
    • The Wharf to Yahse: (G-6)
    • Your Rent-a-Room: (G-11)
    • The Auction House: (H-10)
    • Sverhried Hillock: (I-7)
    • The Coronal Esplanade: (I-9)
    • Castle Adoulin Gates: (K-9)

Frontier Stations and Bivouacs

Aside from the Frontier Stations in Ceizak Battlegrounds and Yahse Hunting Grounds, all stations and bivouacs must be constructed by completing supplies delivery assignments to that location offered by the Couriers' Coalition. Areas deeper into the wilderness require a higher Couriers' rank in order to partake in the delivery assignments. Bivouacs are generally located past Colonization Reive obstacles. Once a station or bivouac is constructed, a Waypoint will be located at the site. Frontier Stations will never disappear once constructed, but Frontier Bivouacs will disappear if they run out of supplies, causing the associated Waypoint to also disappear.

  • Ceizak Battlegrounds
    • Frontier Station: (K-7)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (H-9)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (I-7) (NW corner)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (F-10) (SW corner)
  • Yahse Hunting Grounds
    • Frontier Station: (K-9)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (I-8)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (G-7) (south)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (H-9) (SW corner)
  • Morimar Basalt Fields
    • Frontier Station: (K-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (J-8)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (I-6)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (I-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #4: (F-8)
    • Frontier Bivouac #5: (G-6) (east, higher level past F-6 Reive)
  • Foret de Hennetiel
    • Frontier Station: (J-6/7)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (G-6)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (J-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (H-9)
    • Frontier Bivouac #4: (F-9) (NW corner)
  • Marjami Ravine
    • Frontier Station: (M-8)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (L-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (H-8)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (D-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #4: (D-6)
  • Yorcia Weald
    • Frontier Station: (J-7)
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: (H-6)
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: (I-10)
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: (F-8) (NE corner)
  • Kamihr Drifts
    • Frontier Station: {J-10}
    • Frontier Bivouac #1: {H-9}
    • Frontier Bivouac #2: {H-10}
    • Frontier Bivouac #3: {H-7}
    • Frontier Bivouac #4: {F-6}

Augural Conveyors

In certain areas, ancient Augural Conveyors may be found which can be activated as Waypoint destinations and also serve as entrances into Skirmishes. Note that Augural Conveyors may only be used as destinations--they cannot be used to teleport to other Waypoints.

Warp Runes

Once the Couriers' Coalition's Coalition Flag edification has been completed for a server, Jausephiane will appear, offering Warp Rune Key Items for 100 Bayld each. These key items are permanent and allow one-way teleportation from any Waypoint in the city of Adoulin to the additional destinations below.

Once edification of the Couriers' Coalition has advanced and the Adoulinian Flag is added, the following additional warp runes will become available for 500 Bayld each. Note that players must also have the corresponding set of story missions completed for a warp rune to be available for purchase (Promathia Missions for Tavnazia, Aht Urhgan Missions for Whitegate and Nashmau).


Proto-Waypoints allow the user to travel from five town areas to a large number of sites located in field and dungeon areas throughout the Middle Lands and operate independently from Waypoints, aside from the common usage of Kinetic Units for payment.

Proto-Waypoint Locations

There are five Proto-Waypoints, attuned during the quest Researchers from the West. Transportation from one Proto-Waypoint to another costs 30 Kinetic Units.

Geomagnetic Founts

NOTE: Not to be confused with Geomantic Reservoirs.

Proto-Waypoints can also be used for one-way teleportation to Geomagnetic Founts. There is no return teleportation from a Geomagnetic Fount to a Proto-Waypoint as they are destinations only.

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