Cirdas Caverns

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Connected Zone Cirdas Caverns Arrives at
Sih Gates L-13 Cirdas Caverns Map.png C-5 Sih Gates Map.png
Moh Gates M-5 Cirdas Caverns Map.png D-11 Moh Gates Map.png
Moh Gates Escape spell Cirdas Caverns Map.png G-11 Ceizak Battlegrounds Map.png
Dho Gates E-14 Cirdas Caverns Map.png K-4 Dho Gates Map v2.png
Yorcia Weald J-7 Cirdas Caverns Map.png J-8 Yorcia Weald Map.png
Woh Gates D-3 Cirdas Caverns Map.png J-9 Woh Gates Map.png
Ergon Locus Location Notes
Sanctum Of Life (E-9) Behind a Colonization Reive
Prominence of the Soil (M-9) Behind a Colonization Reive
Zone Image
Japanese シルダス洞窟
Map Acquisition Sifa Alani (F-9)
Eastern Adoulin
Requires Onward to Adoulin
Timeline Present
Continent Ulbuka
Region East Ulbuka Territory
Zone Type Dungeon
Activities Reive


Name Map Pos. Notes
Name Map Pos. Notes

Notorious Monsters

Notorious Monsters
Lv. Name Genus A L Detects Drops Pos. Map
126-  Vemosia
   Trade Slashed Vine to ??? at F-9 on map 2

Chanter's Shield and Wisent Kecks

A : Aggressive   L : Links
Sight Sight   Sound Sound   Scent Scent   HP HP
True Sight True Sight   True Sound True Sound   Magic Magic   JA JA


Historical Significance


  • There is an Augural Conveyor at H-2/3. This will let you Waypoint to Cirdas and offers entrance to the Skirmish event.
  • Goblin Footprint is at L-13, near the zone to Sih Gates.