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A group of sagely Moogles presents players with an offer to gain powerful new weapons and armor.

To begin the journey, speak to the Magian Moogle with the orange poof ball, by the crate, in Ru'Lude Gardens at (H-5) to receive a Magian trial log.

Trial Rules

  • You may only have ten active trials at one time. You must either complete or abandon a trial should you wish to do more.
  • You may only have one Trial Insignia on any one item at a time.
  • You may have more than one copy of an item at a time (as long as it is not a rare item), but you cannot undertake the same trial on two items at the same time.
    • You may repeat the same trial after completing it as many times as you like.
    • It is not possible to have two rare items with the same name, even if they have different Item IDs, but you can have identical exclusive items. (ex: 2 Shamshir with PDT-10%)
  • You may choose to abandon the trial from the Magian Moogle. It will not affect the weapon or the augments on it. You can redo the same trial, select a different trial, or do nothing with the weapon.
    • Should you abandon a trial, all progress on that trial will be lost, and you will start over from 0 objectives should you restart that trial on the item.
    • After abandoning a trial, you must trade the weapon to the Magian Moogle to have the Trial Insignia removed from it before you are able to undertake any trials with that item.
    • Dropping an item will not abandon the trial, you must do so with the Magian Moogle.
  • Storing an item with a Porter Moogle will delete the Trial Insignia and all progress on a trial. You will have to abandon the trial with the Magian Moogle to restart a trial.
  • You can check the progress of all of your trials in any field or dungeon area after you obtain Magian Spectacles from the Magian Moogle for 500 gil.
    • Magian Spectacles can also give a zone's three-day weather report. (The current and next two Vana'diel days.)

Completing Trials

When you take up a Magian Trial, you must perform a specific task a certain number of times in order to complete it.

  • To start a trial, trade your item to the proper Magian Moogle to obtain the proper Trial Insignia You will not receive credit for your trial if you do not have the proper Trial Insignia on your item.
  • Each trial has specific conditions that must be met before it can be completed and falls into one of the general categories below.
  1. Defeat a number of Notorious Monsters with the item equipped.
  2. Trade in a number of an item to the Delivery Crate in Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5) unless otherwise noted. When trading the requested item(s) to the Delivery Crate, you must also trade the item that you are upgrading for the Trial. Any items traded to the Delivery Crate that are in excess of the requirement to complete the trial will be returned to you.
  3. Proc a weapon's added effect upon a type or family of monsters that yield experience a specific number of times.
  4. Defeat a quantity of a type or family of monsters that yield experience points with the item equipped. Further restrictions may apply:
    • Defeat a quantity of a type or family of monsters that yield experience points in a specific weather type and/or on a specific day of the Vana'diel week.
    • Defeat a quantity of a type or family of monsters that yield experience points in one of several weather conditions.
    • Monsters killed during the appropriate weather are worth 5 kills, monsters killed on the appropriate day are worth 1 kill, monsters killed during the appropriate day and weather are worth 6 kills.
    • Scholar's Storm spells do not count for weather trials, only the weather inherent in the zone will give credit.
    • The weather or day must be present when the monster dies, should the weather or day change while you are fighting the mob, you will not get credit if you slay it. This can be used to your advantage if you can hold several enemies at low health while waiting for the correct weather to appear.
    • For these trials, it is often beneficial to check the weather in advance and make sure that the season is correct for the weather that you want.
    • Defeat a quantity of a type or family of monsters that yield experience points with a specific elemental damage.
    • The elemental damage must be equal to or greater than the number specified by the Moogle. (50 damage, 150 damage, 250 damage, etc.)
    • The elemental damage does not have to be generated from a spell or by the person who is doing the trial. Monsters killed with elemental weaponskills or elemental blood pact damage will give credit for the trial.
    • Have your pet defeat a quantity of a type of family of monsters.
    • Monsters killed by your Adventuring Fellow or other people's pet will count towards these trials.
    • Monsters that are passively killed (DoT such as poison, countered attack, killed with a skillchain, monster weaponskills like Self-Destruct or Final Sting) will not count even if that is caused by your pet.
    • For trials that specify an Avatar; another party member's Avatar kills will count if it is of the correct type, but you must also have the avatar summoned to receive credit.
    • Defeat a quantity of a type of family of monsters while it is under the effect of an enfeeble of a specific element.
    • The enfeebling effect can be applied by any party member, not just the person doing to trial.
  5. Gain a set quantity of experience points in a particular area or areas.
    • If more than one piece of equipment is equipped whose conditions are fulfilled in a certain area, the experience will be split evenly between the pieces.
  • You will not receive credit for trials that involve killing monsters if the monster is defeated while you are out of experience points range or if you are K.O.ed.
  • You will not receive credit for a kill if it is unclaimed and dies passively (DoT, self-destruct-type weaponskill) or if it is under Call for Help status; however, you will receive credit for AoE kills of unclaimed monsters.
  • Weapons that are dual wielded in the off-hand will still receive credit for kills.
    • You can receive credit for main hand and off-hand weapons simultaneously provided that you fulfill the conditions of both.
  • You will receive credit for monsters killed with Level Sync status if the objectives are met. Some trials are much faster to do in a starter area while level synced to 12-13 since the monsters in starter areas have comparatively low HP.
  • You will receive the same amount of credit in a party or alliance that you would solo so long as the objective is met for your trial. You do not have to take an action on the monster to receive credit.
  • Maze Lurkers that appear from Moblin Maze Mongers will give credit if they fulfill the trial's objective.
  • You will receive updates in the chat log on the progress of the trial as you gain credit. This can also be checked by using Magian Spectacles. You will be instructed to return to the Magian Moogle when the trial is complete.
  • Once a trial has been completed, trade the item to the Magian Moogle to receive the upgraded or augmented item trial reward.

Weapon Trials

Weapon Type Level 75 Level 80 Relic/Mythic
Hand-to-Hand Trials Pugilists
Physical: Trial 68
Elemental: Trial 82
Barracudas: Trial 1195 Spharai: Trial 1003
Glanzfaust: Trial 1006
Kenkonken: Trial 1009
Dagger Trials Peeler
Physical: Trial 2
Elemental: Trial 16
Fusetto: Trial 1133 Mandau: Trial 991
Vajra: Trial 994
Carnwenhan: Trial 997
Terpsichore: Trial 1000
Sword Trials Side-sword
Physical: Trial 150
Elemental: Trial 164
Machaera: Trial 1241 Excalibur: Trial 1012
Murgleis: Trial 1015
Burtgang: Trial 1018
Tizona: Trial 1021
Great Sword Trials Break Blade
Physical: Trial 216
Elemental: Trial 280
Kalavejs: Trial 1287 Ragnarok: Trial 1024
Axe Trials Chopper
Physical: Trial 282
Elemental: Trial 296
Renaud's Axe: Trial 1349 Guttler: Trial 1027
Aymur: Trial 1030
Great Axe Trials Lumberjack
Physical: Trial 364
Elemental: Trial 378
Sumeru: Trial 1395 Bravura: Trial 1033
Conqueror: Trial 1036
Scythe Trials Farmhand
Physical: Trial 512
Elemental: Trial 526
Reckoning: Trial 1503 Apocalypse: Trial 1045
Liberator: Trial 1048
Polearm Trials Ranseur
Physical: Trial 430
Elemental: Trial 444
Stingray: Trial 1457 Gungnir: Trial 1039
Ryunohige: Trial 1042
Katana Trials Kibashiri
Physical: Trial 578
Elemental: Trial 592
Uzura: Trial 1549 Kikoku: Trial 1051
Nagi: Trial 1054
Great Katana Trials Donto
Physical: Trial 644
Elemental: Trial 658
Keitonotachi: Trial 1595 Amanomurakumo: Trial 1057
Kogarasumaru: Trial 1060
Club Trials Stenz
Physical: Trial 710
Elemental: Trial 724
Makhila: Trial 1641 Mjollnir: Trial 1063
Yagrush: Trial 1066
Staff Trials Crook
Physical: Trial 776
Elemental: Trial 790
Sedikutchi: Trial 1753 Claustrum: Trial 1069
Nirvana: Trial 1075
Laevateinn: Trial 1072
Tupsimati: Trial 1078
Archery Trials Sparrow
Physical: Trial 941
Elemental: Trial 955
Sparrowhawk: Trial 1813 Yoichinoyumi: Trial 1090
Marksmanship Trials Thunderstick
Physical: Trial 891
Elemental: Trial 905
Anarchy: Trial 1783 Annihilator: Trial 1081
Gastraphetes: Trial 1084
Death Penalty: Trial 1087
Instrument Trials Pyf Harp: Trial 2709 Gjallarhorn: Trial 2713
Shield Trials Utilis Shield: Trial 4397 Aegis: Trial 4401

Armor Trials

Armor trials are used exclusively to upgrade Empyrean Armor and to create Relic Armor +2.

Empyrean Armor

For each equipment slot, the base Empyrean armor component is obtained in a different location and by a different method. Empyrean heads, legs, and feet are obtained in Scars of Abyssea zones: Abyssea - Attohwa, Abyssea - Misareaux, and Abyssea - Vunkerl. Empyrean hands and bodies are obtained in Heroes of Abyssea zones: Abyssea - Altepa, Abyssea - Uleguerand, Abyssea - Grauberg.

  • Unlike Weapon Trials, to begin Armor Trials you must trade the desired armor to the Magian Moogle with the blue poof ball.
  • Since Empyrean Armor trials are only trade quests, you are able to upgrade armors even if you are unable to equip them.
  • To complete the trial, trade the requested items and the item to be upgraded to the Delivery Crate at Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5).
    • You can trade all of the requested upgrade items at one time.
    • You may obtain seals and upgrade items before you have the trial active, which is a good strategy since players are limited to 10 active trials at a time.
Job Head Legs Feet Hands Body
WAR Ravager's Mask
Trial 4156
Ravager's Cuisses
Trial 4176
Ravager's Calligae
Trial 4196
Ravager's Mufflers
Trial 4316
Ravager's Lorica
Trial 4336
MNK Tantra Crown
Trial 4157
Tantra Hose
Trial 4177
Tantra Gaiters
Trial 4197
Tantra Gloves
Trial 4317
Tantra Cyclas
Trial 4337
WHM Orison Cap
Trial 4158
Orison Pantaloons
Trial 4178
Orison Duckbills
Trial 4198
Orison Mitts
Trial 4318
Orison Bliaud
Trial 4338
BLM Goetia Petasos
Trial 4159
Goetia Chausses
Trial 4179
Goetia Sabots
Trial 4199
Goetia Gloves
Trial 4319
Goetia Coat
Trial 4339
RDM Estoqueur's Chappel
Trial 4160
Estoqueur's Fuseau
Trial 4180
Estoqueur's Houseaux
Trial 4200
Estoqueur's Gantherots
Trial 4320
Estoqueur's Sayon
Trial 4340
THF Raider's Bonnet
Trial 4161
Raider's Culottes
Trial 4181
Raider's Poulaines
Trial 4201
Raider's Armlets
Trial 4321
Raider's Vest
Trial 4341
PLD Creed Armet
Trial 4162
Creed Cuisses
Trial 4182
Creed Sabatons
Trial 4202
Creed Gauntlets
Trial 4322
Creed Cuirass
Trial 4342
DRK Bale Burgeonet
Trial 4163
Bale Flanchard
Trial 4183
Bale Sollerets
Trial 4203
Bale Gauntlets
Trial 4323
Bale Cuirass
Trial 4343
BST Ferine Cabasset
Trial 4164
Ferine Quijotes
Trial 4184
Ferine Ocreae
Trial 4204
Ferine Manoplas
Trial 4324
Ferine Gausape
Trial 4344
BRD Aoidos' Calot
Trial 4165
Aoidos' Rhingrave
Trial 4185
Aoidos' Cothurnes
Trial 4205
Aoidos' Manchettes
Trial 4325
Aoidos' Hongreline
Trial 4345
RNG Sylvan Gapette
Trial 4166
Sylvan Brague
Trial 4186
Sylvan Bottillons
Trial 4206
Sylvan Glovelettes
Trial 4326
Sylvan Caban
Trial 4346
SAM Unkai Kabuto
Trial 4167
Unkai Haidate
Trial 4187
Unkai Sune-Ate
Trial 4207
Unkai Kote
Trial 4327
Unkai Domaru
Trial 4347
NIN Iga Zukin
Trial 4168
Iga Hakama
Trial 4188
Iga Kyahan
Trial 4208
Iga Tekko
Trial 4328
Iga Ningi
Trial 4348
DRG Lancer's Mezail
Trial 4169
Lancer's Cuissots
Trial 4189
Lancer's Schynbalds
Trial 4209
Lancer Vambraces
Trial 4329
Lancer Plackart
Trial 4349
SMN Caller's Horn
Trial 4170
Caller's Spats
Trial 4190
Caller's Pigaches
Trial 4210
Caller's Bracers
Trial 4330
Caller's Doublet
Trial 4350
BLU Mavi Kavuk
Trial 4171
Mavi Tayt
Trial 4191
Mavi Basmak
Trial 4211
Mavi Bazuband
Trial 4331
Mavi Mintan
Trial 4351
COR Navarch's Tricorne
Trial 4172
Navarch's Culottes
Trial 4192
Navarch's Bottes
Trial 4212
Navarch's Gants
Trial 4332
Navarch's Frac
Trial 4352
PUP Cirque Capello
Trial 4173
Cirque Pantaloni
Trial 4193
Cirque Scarpe
Trial 4213
Cirque Guanti
Trial 4333
Cirque Farsetto
Trial 4353
DNC Charis Tiara
Trial 4174
Charis Tights
Trial 4194
Charis Toeshoes
Trial 4214
Charis Bangles
Trial 4334
Charis Casaque
Trial 4354
SCH Savant's Bonnet
Trial 4175
Savant's Pants
Trial 4195
Savant's Loafers
Trial 4215
Savant's Bracers
Trial 4335
Savant's Gown
Trial 4355

Obtaining Empyrean Upgrade Items

Empyrean Armor +1
  • In order to upgrade an armor piece from the original to the +1 version you are required to obtain a specific quantity of matching seals to the item. (Ten seals to upgrade bodies, eight seals to upgrade heads, legs, feet, and hands.) Each seal specifies which armor piece they will upgrade; for example, Ravager's Seal: Head corresponds to Ravager's Mask.
  • leg, head, feet seals are questable in Abyssea - Vunkerl, Abyssea - Misareaux, and Abyssea - Attohwa respectivly. See the individual zone pages for information about which quests yield particular seals. Notorious Monsters in these zones also drop the seal-type specific to that zone.
  • Hand and body seals are questable in Abyssea - Altepa, Abyssea - Uleguerand, and Abyssea - Grauberg. Notorious Monsters in these zones also drop seals.
Head Armor
Threadbare Tribulations BST SAM THF WHM
Looking for Lookouts DNC SCH SMN WAR
An Acrididaen Anodyne DRK PUP RDM RNG
Flown the Coop BLU BRD MNK PLD
An Offer You Can't Refuse BLM COR DRG NIN
Leg Armor
Cookbook of Hope Restoring BST SAM THF WHM
Unidentified Research Object BLU BRD MNK PLD
Smoke over the Coast DRK PUP RDM RNG
Soil and Green DNC SCH SMN WAR
Wanted: Medical Supplies BLM COR DRG NIN
Foot Armor
The Boxwatcher's Behest DNC SCH SMN WAR
Bad Communication BST SAM THF WHM
His Bridge, His Beloved BLU BRD MNK PLD
Scattered Shells, Scattered Mind DRK PUP RDM RNG

Empyrean Armor +2
  • To upgrade further from the +1 version to the +2 version you must obtain a specific quantity of other items depending on the set and piece. (Nine seals to upgrade bodies, six seals to upgrade heads, legs, feet, and hands.)
Head Armor
Stone of Vision BRD RNG THF WAR WHM
Jewel of Vision COR MNK PUP RDM SAM
Coin of Vision BLM BST DRK NIN SMN
Card of Vision BLU DNC DRG PLD SCH
Leg Armor
Stone of Balance BLM BLU NIN PUP WAR
Jewel of Balance BST MNK RNG SAM SCH
Coin of Balance BRD DRK PLD RDM THF
Card of Balance COR DNC DRG SMN WHM
Foot Armor
Stone of Voyage DNC PLD RDM SMN WAR
Jewel of Voyage BRD PUP SAM THF WHM
Coin of Voyage BLU COR DRK MNK SCH
Card of Voyage BLM BST DRG NIN RNG
Hand Armor
Stone of Wieldance BST RDM SCH THF WAR
Jewel of Wieldance BLM BRD MNK SAM SMN
Coin of Wieldance BLU DNC DRK RNG WHM
Card of Wieldance COR DRG NIN PLD PUP
Body Armor
Stone of Ardor BLU BRD NIN PLD WAR
Jewel of Ardor BLM DNC PUP RDM SAM

Relic Armor

Relic Armor and Relic Armor +1 can both be upgraded to Relic Armor +2 using Trial of the Magians by turning in the 50 or 30 of the correct "Forgotten" items, respectively. They can then be further upgraded and augmented by gaining 20,000 Experience Points with the +2 piece equipped in the zones where the associated NQ AF drops. Be aware that trying to complete two Experience Points trials at once in Dynamis - Tavnazia will split your Experience Points between the two pieces you are wearing. So if you got 100EXP from a monster, each piece would get 50.

Job Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Item: Forgotten Thought Forgotten Hope Forgotten Touch Forgotten Journey Forgotten Step
WAR Warrior's Mask icon.png Warrior's Mask
Trial 4654 / Trial 4655
Warrior's Lorica icon.png Warrior's Lorica
Trial 4656 / Trial 4657
Warrior's Mufflers icon.png Warrior's Mufflers
Trial 4658 / Trial 4659
Warrior's Cuisses icon.png Warrior's Cuisses
Trial 4660 / Trial 4661
Warrior's Calligae icon.png Warrior's Calligae
Trial 4662 / Trial 4663
MNK Melee Crown icon.png Melee Crown
Trial 4664 / Trial 4665
Melee Cyclas icon.png Melee Cyclas
Trial 4666 / Trial 4667
Melee Gloves icon.png Melee Gloves
Trial 4668 / Trial 4669
Melee Hose icon.png Melee Hose
Trial 4670 / Trial 4671
Melee Gaiters icon.png Melee Gaiters
Trial 4672 / Trial 4673
WHM Cleric's Cap icon.png Cleric's Cap
Trial 4674 / Trial 4675
Cleric's Briault icon.png Cleric's Briault
Trial 4676 / Trial 4677
Cleric's Mitts icon.png Cleric's Mitts
Trial 4678 / Trial 4679
Cleric's Pantaln. icon.png Cleric's Pantaloons
Trial 4680 / Trial 4681
Cleric's Duckbills icon.png Cleric's Duckbills
Trial 4682 / Trial 4683
BLM Sorcerer's Petas. icon.png Sorcerer's Petasos
Trial 4684 / Trial 4685
Sorcerer's Coat icon.png Sorcerer's Coat
Trial 4686 / Trial 4687
Sorcerer's Gloves icon.png Sorcerer's Gloves
Trial 4688 / Trial 4689
Sorcerer's Tonban icon.png Sorcerer's Tonban
Trial 4690 / Trial 4691
Sorcerer's Sabots icon.png Sorcerer's Sabots
Trial 4692 / Trial 4693
RDM Duelist's Chapeau icon.png Duelist's Chapeau
Trial 4694 / Trial 4695
Duelist's Tabard icon.png Duelist's Tabard
Trial 4696 / Trial 4697
Duelist's Gloves icon.png Duelist's Gloves
Trial 4698 / Trial 4699
Duelist's Tights icon.png Duelist's Tights
Trial 4700 / Trial 4701
Duelist's Boots icon.png Duelist's Boots
Trial 4702 / Trial 4703
THF Assassin's Bonnet icon.png Assassin's Bonnet
Trial 4704 / Trial 4705
Assassin's Vest icon.png Assassin's Vest
Trial 4706 / Trial 4707
Assassin's Armlets icon.png Assassin's Armlets
Trial 4708 / Trial 4709
Assassin's Culottes icon.png Assassin's Culottes
Trial 4710 / Trial 4711
Assassin's Pouln. icon.png Assassin's Poulaines
Trial 4712 / Trial 4713
PLD Valor Coronet icon.png Valor Coronet
Trial 4714 / Trial 4715
Valor Surcoat icon.png Valor Surcoat
Trial 4716 / Trial 4717
Valor Gauntlets icon.png Valor Gauntlets
Trial 4718 / Trial 4719
Valor Breeches icon.png Valor Breeches
Trial 4720 / Trial 4721
Valor Leggings icon.png Valor Leggings
Trial 4722 / Trial 4723
DRK Abyss Burgeonet icon.png Abyss Burgeonet
Trial 4724 / Trial 4725
Abyss Cuirass icon.png Abyss Cuirass
Trial 4726 / Trial 4727
Abyss Gauntlets icon.png Abyss Gauntlets
Trial 4728 / Trial 4729
Abyss Flanchard icon.png Abyss Flanchard
Trial 4730 / Trial 4731
Abyss Sollerets icon.png Abyss Sollerets
Trial 4732 / Trial 4733
BST Monster Helm icon.png Monster Helm
Trial 4734 / Trial 4735
Monster Jackcoat icon.png Monster Jackcoat
Trial 4736 / Trial 4737
Monster Gloves icon.png Monster Gloves
Trial 4738 / Trial 4739
Monster Trousers icon.png Monster Trousers
Trial 4740 / Trial 4741
Monster Gaiters icon.png Monster Gaiters
Trial 4742 / Trial 4743
BRD Bard's Roundlet icon.png Bard's Roundlet
Trial 4744 / Trial 4745
Bard's Jstcorps icon.png Bard's Justaucorps
Trial 4746 / Trial 4747
Bard's Cuffs icon.png Bard's Cuffs
Trial 4748 / Trial 4749
Bard's Cannions icon.png Bard's Cannions
Trial 4750 / Trial 4751
Bard's Slippers icon.png Bard's Slippers
Trial 4752 / Trial 4753
RNG Scout's Beret icon.png Scout's Beret
Trial 4754 / Trial 4755
Scout's Jerkin icon.png Scout's Jerkin
Trial 4756 / Trial 4757
Scout's Bracers icon.png Scout's Bracers
Trial 4758 / Trial 4759
Scout's Braccae icon.png Scout's Braccae
Trial 4760 / Trial 4761
Scout's Socks icon.png Scout's Socks
Trial 4762 / Trial 4763
SAM Saotome Kabuto icon.png Saotome Kabuto
Trial 4764 / Trial 4765
Saotome Domaru icon.png Saotome Domaru
Trial 4766 / Trial 4767
Saotome Kote icon.png Saotome Kote
Trial 4768 / Trial 4769
Saotome Haidate icon.png Saotome Haidate
Trial 4770 / Trial 4771
Saotome Sune-Ate icon.png Saotome Sune-Ate
Trial 4772 / Trial 4773
NIN Koga Hatsuburi icon.png Koga Hatsuburi
Trial 4774 / Trial 4775
Koga Chainmail icon.png Koga Chainmail
Trial 4776 / Trial 4777
Koga Tekko icon.png Koga Tekko
Trial 4778 / Trial 4779
Koga Hakama icon.png Koga Hakama
Trial 4780 / Trial 4781
Koga Kyahan icon.png Koga Kyahan
Trial 4782 / Trial 4783
DRG Wyrm Armet icon.png Wyrm Armet
Trial 4784 / Trial 4785
Wyrm Mail icon.png Wyrm Mail
Trial 4786 / Trial 4787
Wyrm Fng.Gnt. icon.png Wyrm Finger Gauntlets
Trial 4788 / Trial 4789
Wyrm Brais icon.png Wyrm Brais
Trial 4790 / Trial 4791
Wyrm Greaves icon.png Wyrm Greaves
Trial 4792 / Trial 4793
SMN Summoner's Horn icon.png Summoner's Horn
Trial 4794 / Trial 4795
Summoner's Dblt. icon.png Summoner's Doublet
Trial 4796 / Trial 4797
Summoner's Brcr. icon.png Summoner's Bracers
Trial 4798 / Trial 4799
Summoner's Spats icon.png Summoner's Spats
Trial 4800 / Trial 4801
Summoner's Pgch. icon.png Summoner's Pigaches
Trial 4802 / Trial 4803
BLU Mirage Keffiyeh icon.png Mirage Keffiyeh
Trial 4804 / Trial 4805
Mirage Jubbah icon.png Mirage Jubbah
Trial 4806 / Trial 4807
Mirage Bazubands icon.png Mirage Bazubands
Trial 4808 / Trial 4809
Mirage Shalwar icon.png Mirage Shalwar
Trial 4810 / Trial 4811
Mirage Charuqs icon.png Mirage Charuqs
Trial 4812 / Trial 4813
COR Comm. Tricorne icon.png Commodore's Tricorne
Trial 4814 / Trial 4815
Commodore Frac icon.png Commodore's Frac
Trial 4816 / Trial 4817
Commodore Gants icon.png Commodore's Gants
Trial 4818 / Trial 4819
Comm. Trews icon.png Commodore's Trews
Trial 4820 / Trial 4821
Comm. Bottes icon.png Commodore's Bottes
Trial 4822 / Trial 4823
PUP Pantin Taj icon.png Pantin Taj
Trial 4824 / Trial 4825
Pantin Tobe icon.png Pantin Tobe
Trial 4826 / Trial 4827
Pantin Dastanas icon.png Pantin Dastanas
Trial 4828 / Trial 4829
Pantin Churidars icon.png Pantin Churidars
Trial 4830 / Trial 4831
Pantin Babouches icon.png Pantin Babouches
Trial 4832 / Trial 4833
DNC Etoile Tiara icon.png Etoile Tiara
Trial 4834 / Trial 4835
Etoile Casaque icon.png Etoile Casaque
Trial 4836 / Trial 4837
Etoile Bangles icon.png Etoile Bangles
Trial 4838 / Trial 4839
Etoile Tights icon.png Etoile Tights
Trial 4840 / Trial 4841
Etoile Toe Shoes icon.png Etoile Toe Shoes
Trial 4842 / Trial 4843
SCH Argute M.board icon.png Argute Mortarboard
Trial 4844 / Trial 4845
Argute Gown icon.png Argute Gown
Trial 4846 / Trial 4847
Argute Bracers icon.png Argute Bracers
Trial 4848 / Trial 4849
Argute Pants icon.png Argute Pants
Trial 4850 / Trial 4850
Argute Loafers icon.png Argute Loafers
Trial 4852 / Trial 4853

Job Emote Trials

Job Emotes are available without completion of these trials.
The sole reward for completing these trials is a lvl 30 Job Specific torque AugRank.png.
Please see the Job Emotes page for more information.

Adventuring Fellow Trials

These trials are all executed in tandem with Adventuring Fellow Quests.
Begin each Adventuring Fellow Quest first to receive the Key Item Key Item needed to begin each Magian Trial.
Your Adventuring Fellow's level cap will be increased at the conclusion of each Adventuring Fellow Quest.

Lvl Cap Increase Adventuring Fellow Quest Magian Trial
Lvl 75 A Trial in Tandem Trial 4444
Lvl 80 A Trial in Tandem, Redux Trial 4445
Lvl 85 Yet Another Trial in Tandem Trial 4446
Lvl 90 A Quaternary Trial in Tandem Trial 4449
Lvl 99 A Trial in Tandem Revisited Trial 5054

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