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The following are descriptions and results for complete Trial of the Magians Great Axe trials:

Ultimate Weapon Trials

Relic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Bravura (Level 75) description.png Trial 1033: LizardsT - Metatron Torment x200

Metatron Torment killing blow:
Trial 1034: Plantoids x200
Trial 1846: UndeadT x300
Trial 1847: PlantoidsT x300
Trial 2263: DragonsT x400
Trial 2674: Goublefaupe x5
Trial 3107: Animated Great Axe x10
Trial 3570: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x5
Trial 3620: Trade.pngUmbral Marrow x250

Bravura (Level 99 II) description.png

Empyrean Trials

Lumberjack Sagaris description.png Bonesplitter description.png Ukonvasara (Level 95) description.png

Trial 364: Hoo Mjuu the Torrent x3

Trial 365: Daggerclaw Dracos x3
Trial 366: Namtar x3

Trial 367: Gargantua x4
Trial 368: Megalobugard x4
Trial 369: Ratatoskr x4
Trial 370: Jyeshtha x6
Trial 371: Capricornus x6
Trial 1354: Chesma x8

Trial 1355: Trade.pngGlavoid Shells x50
Trial 2017: Trade.pngItzpapa. Scales x50
Trial 2419: Trade.pngOrthrus's Claws x75
Trial 2852: Trade.pngHeavy Metal x1500
Trial 3315: Trade.pngRiftdross x60
Trial 3597: Trade.pngRiftdross x3000

Shamash description.png

Trial 1356: Trade.pngCoin of Glory x30
Trial 2018: Trade.pngKindred's Crest x20
Trial 2420: Trade.pngHigh Kindred Crest x50
Trial 2853: Trade.pngDevious Die x100
Trial 3316: Trade.pngLiminal Residue x100

Mythic Trials

Original Weapon Trials Final Form
Conqueror (Level 75) description.png

Trial 1036: Aquans - King's Justice x200
King's Justice killing blow:
Trial 1037: Dragons x200
Trial 1848: Beasts x300
Trial 1849: LizardsT x300
Trial 2264: Vermin x400
Trial 2675: Tinnin x3
Trial 3108: Battleclad Chariot x3
Trial 3571: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x3
Trial 3621: Trade.pngMulcibar's Scoria x150

Conqueror (Level 99 II) description.png

Some families of monsters also give their name to their type, such as lizards, demons and birds. Others have different forms. To distinguish them, tags are added where needed:

  • T refers to a type. i.e. DemonsT, consisting of Demons, Ahrimans, Imps, etc.
  • F refers to a family For example: DemonsF only involves Demons, not Ahrimans, Imps or others of the same type.
  • JA refers to both juvenile and adult forms of the family. For example: Treants include Saplings, Wamouras include Wamouracampas.

Physical Trials

Lumberjack Sagaris description.png Luchtaine description.png Liushi Shan description.png

Trial 364: Hoo Mjuu the Torrent x3

Trial 365: Daggerclaw Dracos x3
Trial 366: Namtar x3

Trial 372: BirdsT x400
Trial 373: Clusters x300

Trial 374: Trade.pngRuthven's Nail x10
Trial 1357: Trade.pngChukwa's Egg x10

Trial 1358: Trade.pngCuelebre's Horn x20
Trial 2019: Trade.pngDaybreak Souls x30
Trial 2421: Trade.pngIncrescent Souls x50
Trial 2854: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x150
Trial 3317: Trade.pngRiftsand x150

Occ. atk twice

Trial 375: Vermin x500
Trial 376: DemonsT x600
Trial 377: Rafflesia x400
Trial 1359: Arcana x600

Trial 1360: WamouraJA x450
Trial 2020: Vermin x700
Trial 2422: Beasts x700
Trial 2855: Aquans x700
Trial 3318: DragonsT x700

Occ. atk. 2-4 times

Trial 1361: Adze x30
Trial 2021: Trade.pngTwilight Souls x20
Trial 2423: Trade.pngDecrescent Souls x50
Trial 2856: Trade.pngSilver Mirror x200
Trial 3319: Trade.pngRiftsand x200

Sumeru description.png Sumeru +1 description.png Tavatimsa description.png

Trial 1395: Iron Tempest x100
Trial 1396: Sturmwind x200
Trial 1397: LizardsT - Keen Edge x300

Trial 1398: Beasts - Steel Cyclone x500
Trial 2038: Plantoids - Steel Cyclone killing blows x300

Trial 2440: BirdsT - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

Trial 2873: DemonsT - Weapon Skill killing blow x300
Trial 3336: Arcana - Weapon Skill killing blow x300

DMG+7, Weapon Skill Damage+10%
Trial 2441: Arcana - Weapon Skill damage >400 x500

Trial 2874: Beasts - Weapon Skill damage >400 x500
Trial 3337: Vermin - Weapon Skill damage >400 x500

TP Bonus +1000

Trial 1399: BirdsT - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 2039: Tigers - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2442: Bombs - Any Weapon Skill x800

Trial 2875: Sea Monks - Any Weapon Skill x800
Trial 3338: Mandragoras - Any Weapon Skill x800

DMG+7, Store TP+13

Elemental Trials

Lumberjack Hephaestus description.png Telamon description.png

Trial 378: Beetles x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: IceElement: WindElement: EarthElement: ThunderElement: WaterElement: LightElement: Dark

Trial 379: Dolls x50
Weather: Element: FireElement: WindElement: ThunderElement: Light

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 380: Any monster x50
Trial 381: BirdsT x75

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 382: LizardsT x100
Trial 383: WamourasJA x200
Trial 1362: Beasts x200
Trial 1363: Bombs x250

Day/Weather: Element: Fire
Trial 2022: LizardsT x300
Trial 2424: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2857: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3320: Trade.pngIfritites x15

STR+11, Attack+26

Trigger added effect:
Trial 384: DemonsF x200
Trial 385: Bats x250
Trial 1364: Worms x250
Trial 1365: Bugards x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2023: Crabs x350
Trial 2425: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x15
Trial 2858: Trade.pngFlame Geodes x40
Trial 3321: Trade.pngIfritites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Weakens Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 386: Any monster x50
Trial 387: Plantoids x75

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 388: ArcanaT x150
Trial 389: Wivre x200
Trial 1366: Aquans x200
Trial 1367: TreantsJA x250

Day/Weather: Element: Wind
Trial 2024: Arcana x300
Trial 2426: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2859: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3322: Trade.pngGarudites x15

AGI+11, Evasion+26

Trigger added effect:
Trial 390: Amorphs x200
Trial 391: Cockatrice x250
Trial 1368: Hill LizardsF x250
Trial 1369: Sea Monks x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2025: Cockatrice x350
Trial 2427: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x15
Trial 2860: Trade.pngBreeze Geodes x40
Trial 3323: Trade.pngGarudites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Impairs Evasion+16

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 392: Any monster x50
Trial 393: Beasts x75

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 394: Aquans x100
Trial 395: Soulflayers x200
Trial 1370: ArcanaT x200
Trial 1371: Funguars x250

Day/Weather: Element: Thunder
Trial 2026: Aquans x300
Trial 2428: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2861: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3324: Trade.pngRamuites x15

DEX+10, Accuracy+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 396: Undead x200
Trial 397: TreantsJA x250
Trial 1372: Flies x250
Trial 1373: Mandragora x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2027: Raptors x350
Trial 2429: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x15
Trial 2862: Trade.pngThunder Geodes x40
Trial 3325: Trade.pngRamuites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Lowers Acc+16

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 398: Any monster x50
Trial 399: Arcana x50

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 400: BirdsT x75
Trial 401: Hpmedes x125
Trial 1374: Aquans x125
Trial 1375: Ghrahs x150

Day/Weather: Element: Light
Trial 2028: Vermin x150
Trial 2430: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2863: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3326: Trade.pngCarbites x15

CHR+11, Magic Evasion+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 402: Aquans x200
Trial 403: Bees x250
Trial 1376: Bugards x250
Trial 1377: TreantsJA x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2029: Worms x350
Trial 2431: Trade.pngLight Geodes x15
Trial 2864: Trade.pngLight Geodes x40
Trial 3327: Trade.pngCarbites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Evasion+16

Trial 404: Spiders x50
Weather: Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 405: Any monster x50
Trial 406: Amorphs x75

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 407: BirdsT x100
Trial 408: Ghosts x200
Trial 1378: UndeadT x200
Trial 1379: Raptors x250

Day/Weather: Element: Ice
Trial 2030: Beasts x300
Trial 2432: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2865: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3328: Trade.pngShivites x15

INT+11, Magic Attack Bonus+13

Trigger added effect:
Trial 409: Arcana x200
Trial 410: Leeches x250
Trial 1380: Bees x250
Trial 1381: Spiders x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2031: Flies x350
Trial 2433: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x15
Trial 2866: Trade.pngSnow Geodes x40
Trial 3329: Trade.pngShivites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Attack+16

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 411: Any monster x50
Trial 412: Arcana x75

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 413: Aquans x100
Trial 414: Wyverns x200
Trial 1382: Vermin x200
Trial 1383: Antlions x250

Day/Weather: Element: Earth
Trial 2032: Amorphs x300
Trial 2434: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2867: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3330: Trade.pngTitanites x15

VIT+11, Physical Damage Taken-13%

Trigger added effect:
Trial 415: Vermin x200
Trial 416: Hounds x250
Trial 1384: Doomed x250
Trial 1385: Funguars x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2033: Hecteyes x350
Trial 2435: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x15
Trial 2868: Trade.pngSoil Geodes x40
Trial 3331: Trade.pngTitanites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Weakens Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 417: Any monster x50
Trial 418: Vermin x75

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 419: Plantoids x100
Trial 420: Sea Monks x200
Trial 1386: BirdsT x200
Trial 1387: Hill LizardsF x250

Day/Weather: Element: Water
Trial 2034: Vermin x300
Trial 2436: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2869: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3332: Trade.pngLeviatites x15

MND+11, Magic Defense Bonus+13

Trigger added effect:
Trial 421: Aquans x200
Trial 422: Skeletons x250
Trial 1388: Colibris x250
Trial 1389: Sea Monks x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2035: Doomed x350
Trial 2437: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x15
Trial 2870: Trade.pngAqua Geodes x40
Trial 3333: Trade.pngLeviatites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Defense+16

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 423: Any monster x50
Trial 424: Beasts x50

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 425: DemonsF x75
Trial 426: Ghosts x125
Trial 1390: Vermin x125
Trial 1391: Dolls x150

Day/Weather: Element: Dark
Trial 2036: Aquans x300
Trial 2438: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2871: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3334: Trade.pngFenrites x15

MP+125, Magic Accuracy+22

Trigger added effect:
Trial 427: Beasts x200
Trial 428: BirdsF x250
Trial 1392: Sheep x250
Trial 1393: Hill LizardsF x350

Trigger added effect:
Trial 2037: Wyverns x350
Trial 2439: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x15
Trial 2872: Trade.pngShadow Geodes x40
Trial 3335: Trade.pngFenrites x15

DMG+1, Delay+6
Additional Effect:
Lowers Magic Accuracy+16

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