Magic Evasion

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When a magic attack is "evaded," the effect of the spell will be resisted, either in part or completely. Magical damage can only be resisted in part, while enfeebles can be resisted either in part (for a reduced duration) or completely.


Analogously to physical evasion and accuracy, a target's Magic Evasion is compared to a caster's Magic Accuracy to determine Magic Hit Rate, or Resist state distribution in the case of spells with resist states. In general, +2 Magic Evasion is assumed to give +1% Resist rate below a 50% resist rate, and +2% Resist rate above a 50% resist rate. This is why there is a large difference between having "almost enough" resist gear to resist a monster reliably, and having "enough."

Effectively, each additional point of target magic evasion requires an additional point of caster magic accuracy to compensate.

Magic Evasion is the sum of several quantities including the following:

  • Magic Evasion & Elemental Resistance from Equipment/Atma/Barspells
    • Elemental Resistance gives 1 Magic Evasion for the appropriate element (i.e. "Magic Evasion +5" on gear can be treated as "All Resistances +5")
  • "Magic Evasion" base amount treated like a combat skill
    • Gaining one player level adds 4 or more magic evasion (assumed to be gained at a higher rate as player level increases).
  • dSTAT (INT, MND, CHR, or AGI, depending on the type of magic) factors into the comparison between Magic Evasion and Magic Accuracy.

Equipment Bonuses

Outside of the augmented gear in the list below, there is a very small chance that any piece of gear augmented through Tatter and Scrap Synergy will receive a magic evasion augment from the random pool of augments.

Equipment listed below includes only equipment for below level 99, without an Item Level of 100 or higher. Nearly all equipment with Item Level 100 or higher has some amount of magic evasion. The amount of the magic evasion increases with item level, and is typically highest on foot slot and legs slot equipment.

Item Level Slot Jobs Amount
Blood Cuisses 73 Legs RDM PLD DRK RNG DRG BLU COR 7 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Crimson Cuisses 73 Legs RDM PLD DRK RNG DRG BLU COR 6 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Kaiser Diechlings 73 Legs WAR PLD 6 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Koenig Diechlings 73 Legs WAR PLD 5 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Suzaku's Sune-Ate 75 Feet WAR MNK BST BRD RNG SAM NIN 5 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Valkyrie's Breastplate 75 Body WAR PLD DRK 5 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Noesis Helm 80 Head WAR PLD DRK 4
Shadow Breastplate 75 Body WAR PLD DRK 4 (Augment-Icon.png max)
Felicitas Cape 78 Back WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN BLU PUP SCH 3
Salvus Mantle 80 Back PLD DRK SAM DRG -5


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