Magic Hit Rate

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Magic Hit Rate is determined by the target's Magic Evasion and the caster's Magic Accuracy, and represents the percentage of the time that a player can expect to land a spell unresisted. "Unresisted" should not be confused with "for full damage," as there are various other factors in the Magic Damage equation that can reduce the damage of unresisted nukes. This Magic Hit Rate indirectly determines the resist state distribution of spells.

There has been significant Magic Hit Rate testing (see reference summary), but a specific equation has been elusive because it is impossible to absolutely determine a monster's Magic Evasion. Combining the testing available, it appears to work something like this:

dMAcc = Caster's Magic Accuracy - Target Magic Evasion
If dMAcc < 0, Magic Hit Rate = 50% + floor( dMAcc÷2 )÷100
If dMAcc ≥ 0, Magic Hit Rate = 50% + dMAcc÷100

Magic Hit Rate, like normal hit rate, is capped at 95%. The Magic Evasion = Magic Accuracy = 50% Magic Hit Rate point above is arbitrary and possibly not correct, but it simplifies the math the most.

There is also likely a level correction included in Magic Hit Rate, though there has not been significant testing reported on it. We could guess it to be on the order of +4 Magic Evasion per dLVL, on top of the native Magic Evasion trait increase from leveling up.

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