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Mana Points (MP) are generally used to cast spells and sustain/control avatars. Different jobs and races have markedly different MP values (highest for Tarutaru, lowest for Galka), and maximum MP increases with level. Only jobs which have the ability to cast MP-based spells have a base MP pool (White Mage, Black Mage, Summoner, Scholar, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Dark Knight, Paladin, Rune Fencer, and Geomancer). Using MP efficiently is a major goal of all mages.

Spending Mana Points

Spells (other than Ninjutsu and Songs have a unique Mana Point cost, which can be altered using some of the Scholar job abilities. When cast, they will generally consume that much MP upon completion, though the amount can be further reduced by Conserve MP. A player will not be permitted to cast a spell if they do not have the necessary Mana Points to pay the cost, and spells that are started with the proper number of Mana Points but finished with less than is required will not complete. This is a common issue with automated gear swap while weakened.

Avatars and Spirits cost Mana Points summon and maintain and more MP to command. The maintenance cost can be reduced using Avatar Perpetuation- gear, the appropriate Magic Affinity staves, or the level 51 elemental staves. Command costs, for things like Blood Pact: Rage/Ward, can only be reduced after the fact by Blood Boon or the Caller's Set Bonus augmented Blood Boon.

Gaining Mana Points

Mana Points can be gained by:

Losing Mana Points

Aside from casting spells, Mana Points can be lost by:

  • Lowering your max MP to a value lower than your remaining MP during gear swaps or from status effects (Max MP Down)
  • Plague
  • Being the target of Aspir or another enemy ability which drains MP.
  • Taking damage with Mana Wall active.