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Abilities are commands that utilize the /ja command. Similar to magic, abilities suffer from Job Ability Recast that inhibits the player from repeating an ability until the delay has taken effect. Some exceptions apply since players enjoy a multitude of ways to remove the delay. However, unlike magic, abilities have no activation delay, so they activate instantly.

Using Abilities

/ja "Ability Name" <target>


Abilities are only available if you meet the required Job and level requirements. Generally, once a player has reached the required Job level, he or she instantly gains access to abilities learned at that level. This applies to Support Jobs as well.

In some cases, a player may not have access to an ability even if they meet the Job and level requirements. In the case of Support Jobs, Square Enix has decided to restrict access to or modify certain abilities.
These abilities include:

Further access restrictions include Status Effects, Merit requirements, and Armor requirements.

Abilities with Charges

Some abilities may be subsets of ability-categories. For instance, Parsimony, Alacrity, Manifestation, Ebullience, and Immanence are abilities within the broader category of Stratagem. Ignis, Gelus, Flabra, Tellus, Sulpor, Unda, Lux, and Tenebrae are abilities within the broader category of Rune Enchantment.

Abilities with charges have a limited number of charges that enable players to use members of an ability-category within rapid succession. Each use of an ability within the ability-category reduces the total number of charges. Players may regain charges by waiting for the Job Ability Recast prescribed to each ability-category.


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