Blaze of Glory

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Job Ability Information
Job Geomancer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 60
Description Increases the effects of your next applicable geomancy spell. Consumes half of that luopan's HP.
Duration 1 minute
Range Self
Recast 10 minutes
Cumulative Enmity Question Volatile Enmity Question
Command /ja "Blaze of Glory" <me> 
Merit Points
Group 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Reduces recast by 20 seconds per merit level. 
Job Points
Category Blaze of Glory Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase initial HP by 1%.


  • Luopan Potency +50% (rounded down), including the effect of Geomancy+ equipment.
  • Reduces Luopan's current HP at the time of casting by 50%, but does not affect max HP.
  • Unlike Ecliptic Attrition, must be used before placing the Luopan you wish to enhance.



Defense Down Testing(Kumbai, BG)
Status Boost Testing (Nivlakian, BG)
JA Testing (Nivlakian, BG)