Ecliptic Attrition

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Job Ability Information
Job Geomancer
Type Level  
Level Obtained 25
Description Enhances the effects of your luopan. Increases the rate at which your luopan consumes its HP.
Range Question
Recast 5 minutes
Cumulative Enmity Question Volatile Enmity Question
Command /ja "Ecliptic Attrition" <me> 
Merit Points
Group 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Reduces recast by 10 seconds per merit level.


  • Luopan Potency +25%
  • Decreases Luopan life span from 70 ticks (210s) to 57 ticks (171s).
  • Base HP drain rate is 24HP/tic. With Ecliptic attrition it is 30HP/tic.
  • Operates on a shared recast timer with Lasting Emanation



Defense Down Testing(Kumbai, BG)
Status Boost Testing (Nivlakian, BG)
Luopan Life Span (Kumbai, BG)
JA Testing (Nivlakian, BG)