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Were you looking for Luopan (Key Item)?


Geomancer's pet bubbles called forth using Geocolure spells.

Luopans.png (Lv. 99)
Hit Points ~1,680
Innate Damage Taken -50%
Perpetuation Cost
Base -24 HP/tic
Lasting Emanation -17 HP/tic
Ecliptic Attrition -30 HP/tic
Both -23 HP/tic


  • They count as a pet so you can only have one out at a time and also no other pet.
    • As such, any Pet: Regen+ gear will effectively lower a Luopan's perpetuation cost by that amount.
      • Having more Pet: Regen+ than a Luopan's perp. heals the Luopan.
  • With their innate Damage Taken, only Pet: -38% DT is needed in order to cap at -87.5%.
  • Regardless of perpetuation cost reduction, Luopans have a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
    • Will despawn at the 10 minute mark regardless of remaining Luopan HP.

Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Bagua Charm AugRank15.png: Duration +15%; 6% chance to absorb damage taken
Bagua Charm +1 AugRank20.png: Duration +20%; 8% chance to absorb damage taken
Bagua Charm +2 AugRank25.png: Duration +25%; 10% chance to absorb damage taken