Support Job

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The player's sub job is listed in blue

A sub job (sometimes referred to as a "support job") is a secondary job associated with your character in addition to your main job. Any combination of main job and sub job is possible.

Sub jobs do not receive experience points or skill ups and their level is limited to half that of the main job (rounded down); at the level 99 cap, sub jobs are restricted to level 49. In most cases, you will receive a small stat bonus associated with your sub job as well as all spells, traits, and abilities available to your sub job at its level.

Some abilities and spells (such as job-specific SP Abilities) will be subject to restrictions or will be unusable by a sub job.

How to Obtain

In order to gain the ability to select a sub job, a character must be Level 18[sup]1[/sup] in at least one job, then complete one of the following quests: