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Armor by Slot

Main Armor Slots
Head Body Hands Legs Feet
Accessory Slots
Earrings Neck Back Rings Waist

Job Specific Equipment Armor Sets

Artifact Armor
Artifact Armor +1 Reforged Artifact Armor Reforged Artifact Armor +1 Reforged Artifact Armor +2 Reforged Artifact Armor +3
Level 74 Relic Armor iLevel 109 Artifact Armor iLevel 119 Artifact Armor
Relic Armor
Relic Armor +1 Relic Armor +2 Reforged Relic Armor Reforged Relic Armor +1 Reforged Relic Armor +2 Reforged Relic Armor +3
Level 75 Relic Armor Level 90 Relic Armor iLevel 109 Relic Armor iLevel 119 Relic Armor
Empyrean Armor
Empyrean Armor +1 Empyrean Armor +2 Reforged Empyrean Armor Reforged Empyrean Armor +1
Level 81~85 Empyrean Armor iLevel 109 Empyrean Armor iLevel 119 Empyrean Armor

Reforged Armors

Reforged Armor is the Artifact (AF1), Relic (AF2), and Empyrean Armor (AF3) sets upgraded to the initial stage of Item Level 109 before being further upgraded to Item Level 119 in their +1 form. Artifact can be further upgraded to +2 and +3, which remains Item Level 119.

The NPC Monisette in Port Jeuno handles all upgrade processes.

Artifact Armor (RF1)

Relic Armor (RF2)

Empyrean Armor (RF3)

Other "Reforged" Sets

While often called "reforged" by members of the community, these sets are not truly reforged in any traditional sense as they never require the base/original armor piece in order to be obtained.
However, these items do offer 119 variants of their 73, 75, and 99 original base counterparts.

119 Pulse Panoplia
119 variants of the Pulse Panoplia, originally from Voidwatch and expanded into Legion and Meeble Burrows, are obtained in the same manner as their originals: an ultra rare drop from various Notorious Monsters.
Initially implemented as drops from Escha - Zi'Tah's Tier III NMs, these NMs offer "upgraded" forms of Delphinius
20938 description.png
, Girru
20523 description.png
, and Himthige
20847 description.png
The HELM NMs of Escha - Zi'Tah offers "reforged" forms of four of the Voidwatch Pulse body armors; with the Tier I NMs offering 119 versions for Heka's Kalasiris
26960 description.png
, Mekira Meikogai
26959 description.png
and Fazheluo Radiant Mail
26961 description.png
, and the 119 version of Toci's Harness
26962 description.png
being obtained from the Tier II NM. Finally, a 119 "reforged" form for Anhur Robe
Zendik Robe description.png
is available from Warder of Courage.
Making the total of 3/15 Pulse weapons and 5/6 Pulse armors that have Item Level 119 variants.
119 Abjuratory Armor
Obtained in exactly the same way as many of the original abjuratory sets: create a cursed item using various "unholy" materials from the current endgame Notorious Monsters and a base piece of gear; then remove the curse via the appropriate abjuration and the services of Alphollon C Meriard in the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria.
The average player may never need touch the original abjuratory armors in order to obtain the 119 variants, as cursed armor is buyable on the Auction House and the required abjurations are obtained in Escha - Ru'Aun's Geas Fete.
However, the main reason why players refer to these as "reforged" is due to the fact that the cursed armor pieces require the old cursed armor pieces to synth. However, as this process does not involve the reforging of the uncursed gear, it is no different than previous abjuratory gear not being "reforges" of the common pieces of gear required in their cursed item synths.
119 Salvage, Nyzul, & Limbus Armor
Obtained as the monthly rewards for attaining certain levels of Hallmarks per month.
Even less connected to the original 75 & 99 Salvage Armors and the 75 & 99 Nyzul Isle Armors than Item Level 119 Abjurations are to theirs, these sets are not even obtained in similar battle content.
Furthermore, while many 119 Abjuratory variants heavily deviated from their original set's effects, this deviance is much more pronounced in the Ambuscade variants as very few follow the effects of their originals; with the 119 Nyzul and Limbus Armor variants having the most pronounced differences as many don't even share the same Jobs as their 75 or 99 variant.

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