Alphollon C Meriard

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Location: Northern San d'Oria - (L-6)
Type: Other NPC
Description: Will uncurse cursed gear if traded to him with the correspondant Abjuration

See Abjurations for more information.

Notes on Cursed Items

  • Cursed items are synthesizable items found on the Auction House.
  • Lv 75 cursed equipment cannot be equipped until uncursed.
    • The HQ version for Lv75 and Lv99 cursed items are denoted by a -1 as opposed to the traditional +1 (e.g. Cursed Slacks -1).
  • Lv99 and iLv119 cursed equipment can be equipped while curse.
    • While having no listed stats, equipping a cursed item yields a large reduction to all Base Stats and a constant reduction to MP while worn.
      • NQ items give -7 to all stats and -7MP/tick.
      • HQ items give -10 to all stats and -10MP/tick.