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Location: Port Jeuno - (I-8)
Type: Other NPC
Description: Reforge Armor NPC

Assists players in upgrading their Artifact Armor, Relic Armor, and Empyrean Armor to the initial stage of item level 109 and to the further upgraded +1 stage of item level 119.
As of the September 2015 Update[1], she also stores the Rem's Tale chapters needed for this process.
And as of the October 2019 Update[2], she will take multiple types of chapters for storage at once.


  • Upon turning in all upgrade items and waiting for the game day to change, the item will be ready to be retrieved.
  • In order to begin the process or have Rem's Tale chapters be storable, you must have Limbus access.
    • You must also have to have talked to Sagheera at least once after getting Limbus access.
    • Up to 255 Rem's Tale chapters of each chapter may be stored with her.
  • In order unlock the option to +1 any Empyrean Armor pieces, the title corresponding to a Vagary Mega Boss NM and an item slot must be obtained as such:
Vagary Notorious Monsters Required
Head Palloritus
Body Plouton
Hand Putraxia
Leg Perfidien
Feet Rancibus