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Ambuscade is a new type of battle content wherein the enemies within change every monthly version update, first released in the April 5th 2016 Version Update[1].

Ambuscade has a variety of difficulty levels, so everyone from seasoned veterans to those just starting out should find a challenge equal to their needs. With varying rewards to match.
Those wishing to tackle the strongest foes are advised to select “Very Difficult” and be prepared for a valiant struggle!

Latent effects from Legion Rewards denoted with "Legion:" are active in Ambuscade.[2]

Getting Started

Complete the Stepping into an Ambuscade Records of Eminence objective and speak with Gorpa-Masorpa in Mhaura at (G-9) for an explanation about Ambuscade.

  • Players must have completed the First Step Forward Records of Eminence objective in order to undertake Stepping into an Ambuscade.
    • Stepping into an Ambuscade can be set from the Tutorial section of the Records of Eminence menu under Basics:
Quests → Objective List → Tutorial → Basics → Stepping into an Ambuscade

Be in possession of either the Ambuscade Primer Volume One or Volume Two Key Items.

  • All party members must be in possession of one of these two Key Items.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate, players must satisfy the following:

  • Complete either the Ambuscade Primer Volume One or Volume Two objectives in order to obtain the Key Item for the corresponding volume of the primer for the type of battle players wish to complete.
    • Players may have only one of each of the Ambuscade Primer Key Items.
      • Objective targets vary by month after a version update, opponents are rotated out, and generally not repeated.
  • The Ambuscade Primer Volume One and Two objectives can be undertaken from the Ambuscade category of the Records of Eminence menu.
Quests → Objective List → Content → Ambuscade
Dynamis and Abyssea monsters do not count for kills required

Entry and Progression

  • Examine the Ambuscade Tome in Mhaura (G-9) and select the type and difficulty level you would like to attempt.
    • Only the party leader may register the group.
    • The party will be registered so long as the system detects that there are no issues with the layer area or registering party members.
      • Players will be unable to register if:
        • Any player is not in possession of an Amuscade Primer Volume One or Two Key Item.
        • The number of registrants exceeds the maximum of fifty reservations.
        • A party member already has a reservation.
          • To cancel a reservation:
            • A player may cancel their reservation via the ambuscade tome.
            • Three minutes has passed from the time the player is notified that their instance is ready.
            • The registrant boards a boat.
            • The registrant leaves Mhaura in any way.
    • Adding new party members after registration will not cancel the registration, but the party may only enter with the number of players it registered with.
  • A message will display for the party leader when entry is ready.
    • As of the July 2016 update[3], automatic entering was added.
      • The default setting is "off" and may be changed by having the party lead examine the Ambuscade Tome and selecting the Toggle auto-transport function.
      • In line with this, having the auto-transport function off has a notification sound played when it is the party's turn.
        • This may be disabled via the sound settings in the Config menu.
  • Examine the ambuscade tome within three minutes to enter.
    • The time limit for an Ambuscade is 30 minutes (Earth time).
    • Between 1~6 players may participate.
      • Trusts may be called after entering Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion.
        • The number of alter egos that may be called forth will depend on the number of players initially registered.
      • Player HP and MP will be restored to full and any status ailments they are suffering from will be removed upon entry.
    • Key Items will only be lost upon victory.
      • Meaning that should a player or group lose, they may reattempt the battlefield without having to reacquire new Key Items.

Upon victory, a special currencies known as Hallmarks and Badges of Gallantry, which may be exchanged for rewards, Experience/Limit Points, and Capacity points will be given to all players.

Notorious Monsters inside Ambuscade do not drop any treasure directly.


Battle Information

A Word On Enmity

  • Enmity functions abnormally in two ways.
  1. The mobs will go to a random player once someone aggros.
  2. After aggro everyone is on the hate list by default, so you can easily get hate with AOE enmity actions like Warcry and Valiance or self target enmity actions like Foil and Pflug.

Battle Type & Levels

There are two types of Ambuscades you may attempt. Entry into either is determined by which Key Item you possess.

Primer Volume One
Type Difficulty Content Level Hallmarks Earned Gallantry Earned
Very Difficult 139 3600 300 / 600 / 900 / 1200 / 1500
Difficult 134 2400 240 / 480 / 720 / 960 / 1200
Normal 129 1200 180 / 360 / 540 / 720 / 900
Easy 124 600 80 / 160 / 240 / 320 / 400
Very Easy 119 200 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100
Primer Volume Two
Type Difficulty Content Level Hallmarks Earned Gallantry Earned
Ambuscade Very Difficult 129 300 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150
Difficult 124 250 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125
Normal 119 200 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100
Easy 114 150 15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75
Very Easy 109 100 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50

An Abdhaljs Seal icon.png Abdhaljs Seal will triple the amount of hallmarks and gallantry you receive from a successful Ambuscade.

Intense Ambuscade (Vol. One)

Volume 1, May 2024, Tonberry

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Bozzetto Monarch (THF)

Bozzetto Rascal(SMN), Bozzetto Chaser(THF) x2, Bozzetto Slicer(NIN), Bozzetto Defiler(BLM)

Difficult Bozzetto Monarch (THF)

Bozzetto Rascal(SMN), Bozzetto Chaser(THF) x2, Bozzetto Defiler(BLM)

Normal Bozzetto Monarch (THF)

Bozzetto Rascal(SMN), Bozzetto Chaser(THF) x2

Easy Bozzetto Monarch (THF)

Bozzetto Rascal(SMN), Bozzetto Defiler(BLM)

Very Easy Bozzetto Monarch (THF)

Bozzetto Rascal(SMN)

Bozzetto Monarch:

  • The Monarch's is a THF, but will receive a random job's 1-Hour per fight: WARicon.gif WAR, MNKicon.gif MNK, THFicon.gif THF, or DRKicon.gif DRK.
  • The corresponding Two-Hour ability 1-Hour ability will be assigned to the Bozzetto Monarch.
  • Possesses -50% potency against Geomancy debuffs.

Uses the following moves:

  • Light of Condemnation: Element: Light Magical Damage Single target Gravity, Bind, and TP reset.
  • Vertical Slash: Physical Damage 1-hit damage and accuracy down.
  • Lateral Reap: Physical Damage 1-hit damage and -75% defense down.
  • Everyone's Wrath: Element: Dark Magical Damage Single target damage equal to your Tonberry Hate x20.
  • Everyone's Revenge: 25'+ (AoE) Element: Dark Magical Damage Damage is equal to your Tonberry Hate x100.
  • Everyone's Virulence:Element: Dark Magical Damage Deals 99,999 damage regardless of Tonberry Hate. Information Needed
  • It is somewhat unclear what exactly triggers this move, but it seems that if one player is hit with a Distortion skillchain and then loses hate causing the Bozzetto Shade to go after another target then Virulence becomes a potential follow up.
  • Sigh: Status Enhancement Grants ~+400 evasion.
  • Slash Vitals: Physical Damage Single target critical damage and hate reset.
  • Words of Bane: Magical Damage Element: Dark Single target -50% HP/MP Curse.

  • Light of Condemnation is always proceeded by either Vertical Slash or Lateral Reap creating a Distortion SC Icon.png Distortion skillchain.
  • Immediately after this, a Bozzetto Shade appears and will attempt to perform a sneak attack on the target and close a Dark SC Icon.png Darkness skillchain.
  • Players must turn to avoid taking severe damage from behind when this occurs.

Bozzetto Rascal:

  • Uses Two-Hour ability Astral Flow multiple times, dealing either Element: Water water or Element: Ice ice damage.
  • Possesses -25% potency against Geomancy debuffs.

Bozzetto Defiler:

Bozzetto Slicer:

Bozzetto Chaser:

  • Tonberries have high Element: Light Light Resistance, so Light-BRD-Icon.gifMagic Finale will be resisted whereas dark based removal spells will not.
  • Using Call for help on all of the Tonberries will avoid building Tonberry Hate in Ambuscade. You will not lose Hallmarks or Gallantry.

Setups and Strategies:

Very Difficult:

  • Suggested kill order is SMN>BLM>NIN>THF&THF>Monarch.
  • The Rascal (SMN) can use multiple Astral Flow, so it is best to take it out as quickly as possible before it can do more than one.

Melee Strat VD


Pre Fight Setup

  • WHM - Barblizzard, Barsleep
  • RUN - 3X Sulpor runes (Use valiance RIGHT before you start/pull to give water resistance to entire party)
  • GEO - Fury/Frailty (I use entrust STR, but anything to help boost your dmg here would work depending on your group, precision or torpor would also be a possibility)
  • COR - Chaos/Sam
  • BRD - Marcato HM, Mad X2, Minuet (Doing madrigal X2 as the boss at the end has high evasion even if you are dispelling his evasion boost when he puts it on)

Fight Strategy

  • Part I

This fight is essentially won or lost in the first couple minutes, and comes down to killing the first mob (SMN Tonberry called Bozzetto Rascal) who is present when you first enter. Your goal is to try and kill the Rascal SMN as quickly as possible. While fighting the Rascal several things occur, the first of which are his astral flows. For this strategy you let the astral flows hit you (which should be survivable) as long as you have barblizzard from the WHM, sulpor / valiance from the RUN, and finally your RUN's One for All (OFA) up. I wait about 15 seconds AFTER pulling the Rascal before the RUN does OFA in order to increase the amount of time it's available to help reduce astral flow damage (In other words, when used too soon it's wasted as the Rascal doesn't use astral flow until about 20-30 seconds into the fight).

Also, while fighting the Rascal several adds will spawn followed shortly after by the boss. In order to deal with these spawns and allow the Run to perform a quick AoE hate grab (Geist Wall or whatever), I would highly suggest having EVERYONE grouped together within ~5 yalms. Most of the newly spawned mobs will run right into your camp (if everyone is grouped together) allowing the RUN to cast an AoE hate spell on them quickly.
For the Bozzetto Defiler (BLM) you will need to flash or blank gaze to grab hate as he will initially remain at casting distance.

With all this in mind, everything comes down to quickly killing the SMN (Bozzetto Rascal) as quickly as you can. Get Dia II on it and use anything else that will help you kill it before your Sulpor/Valiance and One For All buffs wear off. After you have successfully defeated the SMN then this is a relatively easy fight.

  • Part II

After the SMN, proceed with the following kill order. Make sure to have your GEO cast Dia II, Distract, and Dispel on all of these mobs. Magic Finale will not work, as Tonberries have high Light resistance.

1: Engage and deal damage to the first Bozzetto Chaser (THF) until he uses Perfect Dodge at which point you will disengage and go to the next mob

2: Engage and deal damage to the second Bozzetto Chaser (THF) until he uses Perfect Dodge at which point you will disengage and go to the next mob

3: Engage and kill the Bozzetto Defiler (BLM)

4: Engage and kill the first Bozzetto Chaser (THF)

5: Engage and kill the second Bozzetto Chaser (THF)

6: Engage and kill the Bozzetto Slicer (NIN). Have your Whm put Sacrosanctity up.

  • Part III

Now it's time for the Boss, the Bozzetto Monarch. You will want your GEO to swap their spells to Geo-Frailty / Indi-Precision / Entrust Torpor.
The Monarch can and most likely will use a +400 evasion boost move named "Sigh". You will want your GEO to dispel this, along with keeping Dia II & Distract up throughout the fight.
The boss is a cake walk except for a couple things. The first thing to watch out for is the ethereal (translucent) mob that spawns anytime the Bozzetto Monarch uses Vertical Slash or Lateral Reap. Whenever this ethereal Tonberry is summoned, he will try to Sneak Attack and close a Darkness skillchain on whoever currently has the highest hate level on the Boss which will likely one-shot players. To combat this, all you need to do is have the Tank (or whoever has hate) turn and face the ethereal mob any time they spawn.
This can get tricky with your damage dealers when the Bozzetto Monarch uses the hate reset move called Slash Vitals. If the monarch uses this hate reset move on the tank it will result in the monarch changing his focus to the DD with the highest hate resulting in the necessity for this DD to turn and face the ethereal mob if/when it spawns. Usually the tank can get hate back relatively quickly all things depending, but make sure if a DD has hate they are prepared to turn when the ethereal mob spawns.

Lastly, you will need to reset and keep your Tonberry hate as low as possible, due to a couple of the Bozzetto Monarch's moves doing x20 and x100 whatever your current Tonberry Hate is at. You CAN call for help on every mob in this ambuscade and still receive ALL the Hallmark and Gallantry rewards for this fight. By calling for help on all the mobs you will build less tonberry hate which also results in fewer deaths from moves that multiply damage based on Tonberry Hate. I had to reset my hate every few fights as you still build up hate from killing the mobs for the KI.

Strategy by Tayana (Asura)

Key Item Locations:
Elshimo Uplands > Den of Rancor > Home Point #1

Ambuscade (Vol. Two)

Volume 2, May 2024, Pteraketos

Difficulty Foes Notes
Very Difficult Natsilane ()

Moves seen May 2024: Deep Sea Dirge, Caudal Capacitor, Depth Charge, Blowhole Blast, Echolocation, Baleen Gurge, Waterspout, Angry Seas

Difficult Natsilane ()
Normal Natsilane ()
Easy Natsilane ()
Very Easy Natsilane ()


  • No adds (Can spawn a Golden Bozzeto Bomb in Normal. Seemed to explode but do little.)
    • On VD, Golden Bomb was spawned after a 3-step skillchain.
    • On VD, shortly after 50%, Natsilane gained a terror aura and started bouncing on the ground. This did 700 per bounce until all trusts were dead. There was no move named in the log which caused this behavior. If using a trust tank, you can run out of range until 3 bounces are complete.
  • Only thing that changes is HP/DMG
  • Weak to Ice and Darkness.

Setups and Strategies: Possibly takes additional damage with mouth open, or might be triggered by multi-step skill chains. Late in the fight after all the trusts were dead from bouncing, WS/SC was doing double damage and that led to a win.

Previous Battles

Old battlefield information is stored on the Ambuscade Archive page.


See Ambuscade Rewards for specific item and equipment rewards.


Hallmarks are the primary currency of Ambuscade. They can be used to purchase items from Gorpa-Masorpa.
There are two types of rewards available. Those received in exchange for Hallmarks and those received for total amount of hallmarks accumulated.

  • Hallmarks are not expended upon receiving items from the list of rewards for total amount of hallmarks accumulated.
  • The types of items available vary with the content of that month’s Ambuscade.
  • Your total number of hallmarks will reset back to 0 after each month's version update.
Hallmarks and Badges of Gallantry are reset upon the next month's version update being implemented (usually set to happen from around the 3rd to the 10th of a month).[4]


Badges of Gallantry are the secondary currency of Ambuscade. They can be used to purchase items from Gorpa-Masorpa, and are only given to those who participate in Ambuscade with other players.

  • Like Hallmarks, your Badges of Gallantry will reset back to 0 after each month's version update.
Hallmarks and Badges of Gallantry are reset upon the next month's version update being implemented (usually set to happen from around the 3rd to the 10th of a month).[5]

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one type of campaign that may run any given month.

Ambuscade Point Bonus Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, hallmarks and badges of gallantry will yield double the normal amount once per day when participating in each Ambuscade difficulty level.
    • This bonus will reset at Japanese Midnight Earth time and stacks with the effects of Abdhaljs Seals to yield a total of four times the normal amount.
      • Unclear on whether a mistranslation. Currently observed value with Campaign active and Seal used is 5 times the normal amount.

Ambuscade Gallantry Campaign

JSE Cape Augmentation

Job-specific Back equipment obtained with a A. Voucher- Back icon.png Ambuscade Voucher: Back can be augmented by trading them along with certain items to Gorpa-Masorpa.

  • See the AmbuscadeCapesW.gif JSE capes page for augment information for the Job Specific Capes.

To augment a cape:

  • Trade the item to Gorpa-Masorpa along with either an Abdhaljs Thread, Abdhaljs Dust, Abdhaljs Sap, Abdhaljs Dye or an Abdhaljs Resin.
  • Select the desired attribute, and confirm your choice. After the initial trade, you can max out that path on your next trade if you also trade enough materials.
    • Augments may be changed by repeating the above steps.
    • Changing the augment path will not return any items used up to that point.
      • However, when using an Abdhaljs Needle icon.png Abdhaljs Needle to change the augment, the current potency is maintained.
  • Further trading an augmented item with items corresponding to the attribute initially selected will increase the strength of the augmentation.
    • For maximum strength augments the following are all required per cape:
Abdhaljs Thread icon.png Abdhaljs Thread x20, Abdhaljs Dust icon.png Abdhaljs Dust x20, Abdhaljs Sap icon.png Abdhaljs Sap x10, Abdhaljs Dye icon.png Abdhaljs Dye x10, Abdhaljs Resin icon.png Abdhaljs Resin x5

Armor Upgrade

To upgrade Salvage Armor Variant Ambuscade Armor trade either the NQ or +1 variant and the requisite Abdhaljs Metal icon.png Abdhaljs Metals to Gorpa-Masorpa:

Base Armor Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Armor Piece +1 Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Armor Piece +2 Jobs
Sulevia's Mask icon.png Sulevia's Abdhaljs Metal x5.png Sulevia's Mask +1 icon.png Sulevia's +1 Abdhaljs Metal x10.png Sulevia's Mask +2 icon.png Sulevia's +2 WAR / PLD / DRK / DRG
Hizamaru Somen icon.png Hizamaru Hizamaru Somen +1 icon.png Hizamaru +1 Hiza. Somen +2 icon.png Hizamaru +2 MNK / NIN / SAM / PUP
Inyanga Tiara icon.png Inyanga Inyanga Tiara +1 icon.png Inyanga +1 Inyanga Tiara +2 icon.png Inyanga +2 WHM / BRD / SMN
Meghanada Visor icon.png Meghanada Meghanada Visor +1 icon.png Meghanada +1 Meghanada Visor +2 icon.png Meghanada +2 THF / RNG / BST / COR / DNC / RUN
Jhakri Coronal icon.png Jhakri Jhakri Coronal +1 icon.png Jhakri +1 Jhakri Coronal +2 icon.png Jhakri +2 BLM / RDM / BLU / SCH / GEO

To upgrade Limbus and Nyzul Armor Variant Ambuscade Armor trade either the NQ or +1 variant and the requisite Abdhaljs Fiber icon.png Abdhaljs Fibers to Gorpa-Masorpa:

Base Armor Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Armor Piece +1 Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Armor Piece +2 Jobs
Flamma Zucchetto icon.png Flamma Abdhaljs Fiber x5.png Flam. Zucchetto +1 icon.png Flamma +1 Abdhaljs Fiber x10.png Flam. Zucchetto +2 icon.png Flamma +2 WAR / PLD / DRK / SAM / DRG
Tali'ah Turban icon.png Tali'ah Tali'ah Turban +1 icon.png Tali'ah +1 Tali'ah Turban +2 icon.png Tali'ah +2 BST / PUP / SMN
Mummu Bonnet icon.png Mummu Mummu Bonnet +1 icon.png Mummu +1 Mummu Bonnet +2 icon.png Mummu +2 MNK / THF / RNG / NIN / COR / DNC
Aya. Zucchetto icon.png Ayanmo Aya. Zucchetto +1 icon.png Ayanmo +1 Aya. Zucchetto +2 icon.png Ayanmo +2 WHM / RDM / BRD / BLU / RUN
Mallquis Chapeau icon.png Mallquis Mallquis Chapeau +1 icon.png Mallquis +1 Mallquis Chapeau +2 icon.png Mallquis +2 BLM / SCH / GEO

Ambuscade Weapons

Speaking with Gorpa-Masorpa and listening to the message from Abdhaljs will allow you to exchange an A. Voucher- Weapon icon.png Ambuscade Voucher: Weapon for a weapon of your choice or the grip.
Each stage is then upgraded as follows:
Abdhaljs Nugget icon.png Abdhaljs Nugget x5 (3,750 Total Hallmarks / 12,500 Total Gallantry)
Abdhaljs Gem icon.png Abdhaljs Gem x5 (5,000 Total Hallmarks / 17,500 Total Gallantry)
Abdhaljs Anima icon.png Abdhaljs Anima x5 (7,500 Total Hallmarks / 22,500 Total Gallantry)
Abdhaljs Matter icon.png Abdhaljs Matter x5 (10,000 Total Hallmarks / 27,500 Total Gallantry) and one of any non-Ambuscade Pulse Weapon

  • For a single base Tokko to Final Form weapon, total required points: 26,250 Hallmarks or 80,000 Gallantry
    • An additional 5,000 Hallmarks or 10,000 Gallantry is needed in addition to above totals if the Tokko weapon was not obtained from the free A. Voucher- Weapon icon.png Ambuscade Voucher: Weapon from the Total Hallmarks Rewards list.
Weapon Type NQ Tokko Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Ajja Version Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Eletta Version Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Kaja Version Trade.pngTradeTrade.png Final Form
Hand to Hand Tokko Knuckles icon.png Tokko KnucklesTokko Knuckles description.png Abdhaljs Nugget x5.png Ajja Knuckles icon.png Ajja KnucklesAjja Knuckles description.png Abdhaljs Gem x5.png Eletta Knuckles icon.png Eletta KnucklesEletta Knuckles description.png Abdhaljs Anima x5.png Kaja Knuckles icon.png Kaja KnucklesKaja Knuckles description.png Abdhaljs Matter x5.png

1 Pulse Weapon
Karambit icon.png KarambitKarambit description.png
Dagger Tokko Knife icon.png Tokko KnifeTokko Knife description.png Ajja Knife icon.png Ajja KnifeAjja Knife description.png Eletta Knife icon.png Eletta KnifeEletta Knife description.png Kaja Knife icon.png Kaja KnifeKaja Knife description.png Tauret icon.png TauretTauret description.png
Sword Tokko Sword icon.png Tokko SwordTokko Sword description.png Ajja Sword icon.png Ajja SwordAjja Sword description.png Eletta Sword icon.png Eletta SwordEletta Sword description.png Kaja Sword icon.png Kaja SwordKaja Sword description.png Naegling icon.png NaeglingNaegling description.png
Great Sword Tokko Claymore icon.png Tokko ClaymoreTokko Claymore description.png Ajja Claymore icon.png Ajja ClaymoreAjja Claymore description.png Eletta Claymore icon.png Eletta ClaymoreEletta Claymore description.png Kaja Claymore icon.png Kaja ClaymoreKaja Claymore description.png Nandaka icon.png NandakaNandaka description.png
Axe Tokko Axe icon.png Tokko AxeTokko Axe description.png Ajja Axe icon.png Ajja AxeAjja Axe description.png Eletta Axe icon.png Eletta AxeEletta Axe description.png Kaja Axe icon.png Kaja AxeKaja Axe description.png Dolichenus icon.png DolichenusDolichenus description.png
Great Axe Tokko Chopper icon.png Tokko ChopperTokko Chopper description.png Ajja Chopper icon.png Ajja ChopperAjja Chopper description.png Eletta Chopper icon.png Eletta ChopperEletta Chopper description.png Kaja Chopper icon.png Kaja ChopperKaja Chopper description.png Lycurgos icon.png LycurgosLycurgos description.png
Scythe Tokko Scythe icon.png Tokko ScytheTokko Scythe description.png Ajja Scythe icon.png Ajja ScytheAjja Scythe description.png Eletta Scythe icon.png Eletta ScytheEletta Scythe description.png Kaja Scythe icon.png Kaja ScytheKaja Scythe description.png Drepanum icon.png DrepanumDrepanum description.png
Polearm Tokko Lance icon.png Tokko LanceTokko Lance description.png Ajja Lance icon.png Ajja LanceAjja Lance description.png Eletta Lance icon.png Eletta LanceEletta Lance description.png Kaja Lance icon.png Kaja LanceKaja Lance description.png Shining One icon.png Shining OneShining One description.png
Katana Tokko Katana icon.png Tokko KatanaTokko Katana description.png Ajja Katana icon.png Ajja KatanaAjja Katana description.png Eletta Katana icon.png Eletta KatanaEletta Katana description.png Kaja Katana icon.png Kaja KatanaKaja Katana description.png Gokotai icon.png GokotaiGokotai description.png
Great Katana Tokko Tachi icon.png Tokko TachiTokko Tachi description.png Ajja Tachi icon.png Ajja TachiAjja Tachi description.png Eletta Tachi icon.png Eletta TachiEletta Tachi description.png Kaja Tachi icon.png Kaja TachiKaja Tachi description.png Hachimonji icon.png HachimonjiHachimonji description.png
Club Tokko Rod icon.png Tokko RodTokko Rod description.png Ajja Rod icon.png Ajja RodAjja Rod description.png Eletta Rod icon.png Eletta RodEletta Rod description.png Kaja Rod icon.png Kaja RodKaja Rod description.png Maxentius icon.png MaxentiusMaxentius description.png
Staff Tokko Staff icon.png Tokko StaffTokko Staff description.png Ajja Staff icon.png Ajja StaffAjja Staff description.png Eletta Staff icon.png Eletta StaffEletta Staff description.png Kaja Staff icon.png Kaja StaffKaja Staff description.png Xoanon icon.png XoanonXoanon description.png
Bow Tokko Bow icon.png Tokko BowTokko Bow description.png Ajja Bow icon.png Ajja BowAjja Bow description.png Eletta Bow icon.png Eletta BowEletta Bow description.png Kaja Bow icon.png Kaja BowKaja Bow description.png Ullr icon.png UllrUllr description.png
Grip Tokko Grip icon.png Tokko GripTokko Grip description.png Ajja Grip icon.png Ajja GripAjja Grip description.png Eletta Grip icon.png Eletta GripEletta Grip description.png Kaja Grip icon.png Kaja GripKaja Grip description.png Khonsu icon.png KhonsuKhonsu description.png

Pulse Weapons
Source Potpourri Category
Sagasinger icon.png SagasingerSagasinger description.png Arch Dynamis Lord None
Ephemeron icon.png EphemeronEphemeron description.png Aello Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Coruscanti icon.png CoruscantiCoruscanti description.png Qilin Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Murasamemaru icon.png MurasamemaruMurasamemaru description.png Uptala Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Borealis icon.png BorealisBorealis description.png Ig-Alima Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Asteria icon.png AsteriaAsteria description.png Botulus Rex Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Delphinius icon.png DelphiniusDelphinius description.png Bismarck Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Aytanri icon.png AytanriAytanri description.png Morta Voidwatcher Goodness 2
Girru icon.png GirruGirru description.png Paramount Gallu Legion Clomper Goodness 2
Ikarigiri icon.png IkarigiriIkarigiri description.png Paramount Botulus Legion Clomper Goodness 2
Tenkomaru icon.png TenkomaruTenkomaru description.png Svaha Burrower Goodness 2
Himthige icon.png HimthigeHimthige description.png Grannus Burrower Goodness 2
Adflictio icon.png AdflictioAdflictio description.png Samursk Burrower Goodness 2
Gusterion icon.png GusterionGusterion description.png Dreyruk Burrower Goodness 2
Dukkha icon.png DukkhaDukkha description.png Silagilith Burrower Goodness 2
Chastisers icon.png ChastisersChastisers description.png Urmahlullu None
Router icon.png RouterRouter description.png Fleetstalker None
Annealed Lance icon.png Annealed LanceAnnealed Lance description.png Shockmaw None