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General Notes
  • Has approximately 40,000 HP
  • Grannus is a Vermin-type monster, so the Vermin Killer boon from Intimidation Palimpsest is effective.
  • Casts fire-based spells including Fire V and Firaga IV as well as AoE debuffs (Sleepga, Slowga, and Addle).
  • Assisted by up to five Grannus's Firebugs. While Grannus is passive, they will spawn over time so there may be up to five when the fight begins depending on how long it takes before engaging. They can be slept and/or kited away.
  • Possesses a powerful Auto Regen effect which increases significantly with the number of Grannus's Firebugs present (~100 HP/tick per Firebug).
  • While readying a TP move, gains a temporary potent Blaze Spikes effect that can do up to 200 damage dependent on the number of Firebugs present.
  • Uses standard Wamoura TP moves and one unique TP move:
    • Erosion Dust: AoE moderate damage & strong DoT Dia
    • Erratic Flutter: 10' AoE damage, gains Haste
    • Exuviation: Removes all status debuffs and heals for 3000+ HP per debuff.
    • Proboscis: Drains MP, deals damage equal to MP drained, and absorbs one positive status effect.
    • Magma Fan: Conal damage.
    • Benumbing Blaze (unique): AoE powerful Fire damage & Paralyze
  • Below 50% HP, uses Benediction once (this will wake any slept Firebugs in range).
  • Defeating Grannus yields the title Grannus Garroter.
Type Vermin
Family Wamoura
Class NM
Detects True Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Ruhotz Silvermines
     Assistant Expedition 5 (Batallia)
Level Aggro Link Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
    1 FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question    
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune

Ability Information