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Meeble Burrows Expeditions
Sauromugue Champaign Batallia Downs

Batallia Downs expeditions of Meeble Burrows are signed up for at the Burrow Researcher (Batallia) and entered at Wotark, both located in Batallia Downs at (J-8).

Expedition List

There are three complete courses which each comprise five expeditions. One additional expedition is unlocked after obtaining key items associated with clearing the previous three courses for a total of 16 expeditions.

Meeble Burrows Expeditions (Batallia Downs)
Course Expeditions Objective Goals Status Boon
1 2 3
Adjunct Expedition 1 Vanquish Limber Lynxes. 1 2 3 HP
Expedition 2 Examine ??? targets and vanquish Mafic Maroliths. 2 ??? and 1 Marolith 3 ??? and 2 Maroliths 4 ??? and 4 Maroliths Auto-Reraise
Expedition 3 Vanquish enemies without detection. 5 10 15 DEX/AGI
Expedition 4 Vanquish enemies. 7 14 All Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Vex Izyx.
Assistant Expedition 1 Rescue Meebles under attack. 1 2 4 MP
Expedition 2 Extinguish Subterranean Leohtfaets 2 3 4 (Do not kill Meebles) Refresh
Expedition 3 Bring fulgent ore to Kobcha 3 6 9 (Do not get caught) STR/VIT
Expedition 4 Vanquish enemies. 7 14 All Treasure Hunter
Expedition 5 Garrote Grannus.
Instructor Expedition 1 Examine points in ascending numerical order. 3 6 10 Movement Speed
Expedition 2 Defend the Burrows Depthmarker. 5 min. 9 min. 13 min. Regain
Expedition 3 Cause enemies to self-destruct. 4 7 10, including 1 Djinn INT/MND/CHR
Expedition 4 Collect elaborate parts. 10 20 25 Bonus to spoils
Expedition 5 Strike Svaha.
Researcher Emeritus Expedition Domesticate Melisseus.

Guide Maps

The Meeble Burrows guide maps below are intended to complement the information on the individual expedition pages and may not contain all information necessary to fully understand a particular expedition.


The following table shows the equipment rewards unique to Meeble Burrows in Batallia Downs. Approximately half of the available equipment drops from bosses in level 5 expeditions, and the remainder is purchasable with Research Marks from the Burrow Researcher or Burrow Investigator after completing the associated course of Batallia Downs Meeble Burrows expeditions. An additional category, Total Completion Rewards, is unlocked once all 12 of the #1 through #4 expeditions have been completed to goal 3 (boss expeditions are not necessary for this category of rewards). Whenever new items are unlocked for purchase with research marks, a message stating that "new items are available for purchase..." will be displayed at the end of the expedition, after using a whistle to exit.

Meeble Burrows Rewards (Batallia Downs)
Course Boss Available Items
Cost (Research Marks)
Adjunct Izyx Uguisu R, Ocular Boots C, Feverish Korazin C
22,000 Ishtar's Collar, Oreiad's Tathlum, Dumakulem's Ring
Assistant Grannus Skrati Grip R, Ravana's Axe R, Himthige VR, Huskarl Axe C
24,000 Gwyddion's Cape, Halakaala, Caudata Belt
Instructor Svaha Tenkomaru VR, Genjito C, Kahin Turban R, Matanki Earring U
26,000 Shamatha Grip, Weike Torque, Milvus Ring
Researcher Emeritus Melisseus Feline Mantle C, Bougonia Rope C, Rioter's Collar U, Mass Chalemie R, Baalmuian Robe R
40,000 ~ 60,000 Candent Ring, Elanid Belt, Erlene's Notebook, Sublime Breastplate, Guglielmo's Bow
Total Completion
(All Goal 3 Completed)
90,000 ~ 100,000 Istio Belt, Taubran Cape, Laudan Cuirass, Febro Kaftan, Wikyo Cloak