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Meeble Burrows Expeditions
Sauromugue Champaign Batallia Downs
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Enslaved by the moblins to dig a series of tunnels, meebles generally only allow their moblin masters into the burrows; however, researchers have come up with a solution.
Taking advantage of meebles' notoriously poor vision, a carefully crafted concoction of moblin pheromones will trick the guardian meebles into thinking players are moblins, allowing them to enter the burrows and take part in expeditions within.

Meeble Burrows is a reserved battlefield event within Ghoyu's Reverie, Ruhotz Silvermines, and Everbloom Hollow, comparable to Assault in the Aht Urhgan areas, divided into separate missions known as "expeditions."
Expeditions have a wide variety of goals, many of which do not directly involve defeating enemies.
Expeditions are split across several courses and each course has five levels of expeditions culminating in a boss fight against one of several unique Notorious Monsters.

Additionally, there is one bonus boss expedition from each field area after completing all courses of expeditions entered in that field area.

This code and information has been copied verbatim from the BlueGartr Wiki.


A waterfall in the Meeble-created caverns of Ghoyu's Reverie

The requirements to participate in expeditions are:

  • Wings of the Goddess expansion pack installed
  • 1-6 party members
  • Grimoire for recording progress
  • Moblin pheromone sack
    • A moblin pheromone sack is required for each participating player on each expedition and they regenerate at a rate of one per 20 hours Earth time. Rhapsody in Mauve lowers this to 10 minutes Earth time.
    • Up to ten sacks will be stored by the NPCs (if the player is holding one or does not retrieve their Grimoire after an expedition, the NPCs will store up to nine). It is possible to increase this number to 16 (see the Moblin pheromone sack page for more details).

There is no level requirement to enter Meeble Burrows, and all Meeble Burrows expeditions have a time restriction of 15 minutes.

  • Note: As of the December 2013 Version Update, players are now able to enter without any other party members. Due to the nature of some Burrows Missions, it may be very difficult to win all objectives while solo.

How to participate

Vrednev serves as the guardian of the Sauromugue Champaign entrance to Meeble Burrows.

If a player fulfills the prerequisites, speaking to the NPC Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno (I-8) will allow players to begin participation and start the timer on the generation of Moblin pheromone sacks. This NPC will also transport players to the burrows entry locations at no cost by choosing the option "Head to the burrows."


In order to choose a Meeble Burrows expedition and record completion progress, players in the group must utilize a grimoire for recording progress. While all grimoires serve the same purpose and have no unique aspects, five grimoires are available, and players may use different grimoires for different missions if they wish to record expedition progress separately. Purchasable grimoires can be bought from either the Burrow Investigator or Burrow Researcher for 2,000 gil or 200 Research Marks.

After obtaining a grimoire, it can be traded to the Burrow Researcher in return for a Moblin pheromone sack, if one is available and not already in possession, and a Grimoire page. The researcher retains the grimoire during the expedition and will add your progress recorded to the Grimoire page at the end of the expedition prior to returning the grimoire.

Note that grimoires can only record progress from one entry area (Sauromugue or Batallia) at a time.

Registration & Expedition Eligibility

Once the Grimoire page and Moblin pheromone sack have been obtained, the Burrow Researcher takes on additional functions:

  • Check expedition eligibility and recorded status boons.
  • Choose an expedition to take part in.
  • Retrieve the grimoire item.


Each of the first five expedition courses contains five expeditions (#1 through #5). Expedition #1 in each course is immediately available, but further expeditions must be unlocked by clearing prior expeditions. Expeditions #1 through #4 of any course can be cleared repeatedly, if desired, but once an Expedition #5 of any course is cleared, all accumulated progress on that grimoire will be reset. Once an expedition has been cleared once, the completion status for that expedition may be repurchased for gil at the associated Burrow Researcher.

Clearing expeditions higher than #1 will open that level of expedition in the next higher and lower courses, but all expeditions from #1 through #4 of one course must be completed to unlock that course's 5th expedition. For example, clearing Assistant Expedition 2 (Sauromugue) will unlock Adjunct Expedition 2 (Sauromugue) and Instructor Expedition 2 (Sauromugue) without having to first complete the corresponding level 1 expeditions. This feature can be used to obtain specific status boons from individual expeditions of other courses prior to embarking on a level 5 expedition.

This code and information has been copied verbatim from the BlueGartr Wiki.

Reference Meeble Burrows/Progression for further clarification on progression, including an illustrative animation showing how clearing expeditions unlocks other expeditions.

Once the group has settled on an expedition, the party leader alone must choose the expedition in which to take part. As such, only the party leader needs to meet the prerequisites for entering a particular expedition (for #1-#4).

Umagrhk is the final boss of the Sauromugue Meeble Burrows expeditions.

Boss Expeditions

For level 5 expeditions, all party members must meet the prerequisites by having completed or purchased the completion status for the first four expeditions of that course and choose to participate with the Burrow Researcher.

Completing a level 5 expedition:

  • Clears all grimoire progress and status boons recorded on the grimoire held by the Burrow Researcher.
    • The traded grimoire is replaced with a blank copy of the same grimoire at no cost.
  • Rewards potential drops associated with the boss of that expedition course upon defeat.
  • Rewards a key item unique to that expedition course upon defeat of the boss.
    • Once all key items associated with level 5 expeditions of each course from that entry area are obtained, the final expedition (Researcher Emeritus) may be attempted.
    • Upon completing all expeditions from that entry area, these key items can be purchased for gil at the local Burrow Researcher or the Burrow Investigator.
  • Unlocks access to new items purchasable with Research Marks corresponding to the expedition course.

After choosing an expedition, the leader should speak to the nearby entry meeble to enter the burrows. All party members will be brought into the area simultaneously.

Expedition Information

Upon entry into an expedition, the Moblin pheromone sack will be expended immediately. Unlike other similar events, if a player disconnects during entry, when they reconnect to the game, the Moblin pheromone sack will be expended and they will be transported into the expedition immediately. Once inside the expedition area, the goals will be displayed for all players, and a Speleological Handbook will be present allowing players to re-check the goals of the current expedition as well as to check any boons currently being bestowed to them by their party leader's grimoire based on past progress (Note: for level 5 expeditions, since all grimoires are consumed, all boons from each player's grimoire will be given to every player in the party).

There has been a recurring glitch with Meeble Burrows content which occasionally causes players to be immediately ejected from the area upon entry, and expend the Moblin pheromone sack in the process. This bug has been patched repeatedly and is no longer an issue, but if it does occur, players who are ejected from an expedition will be reimbursed automatically with a new Moblin pheromone sack and will not lose grimoire progress (for level 5 expeditions). Companions who were not ejected will also automatically receive a new Moblin pheromone sack (and not lose grimoire progress) as long as they exit the run in less than three minutes without completing any of the run's goals.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Each expedition has three goals of increasing difficulty and completing higher goals within an expedition yields more Research Marks. Progress towards cumulative goals will be kept track of in the chat log. For example, after each defeated monster where an expedition goal is to defeat monsters, the total number of defeated targets will be displayed. As each goal is completed, it will be announced in the chat log for all participants.

During many expeditions, players will find a Soothing Strongbox which restores the HP and MP of all party members in range.

Note that aggressive monsters in Meeble Burrows are true aggro, so Sneak and Invisible (Status) will have no effect.

Status Boons

Whenever an expedition is successfully completed, a status boon corresponding to that expedition will be added to the player's grimoire. For expeditions #1-#4, the leader's grimoire will determine which boons are present on party members. For #5, all boons on each player's traded grimoire will be given to every player. If a player already has a particular status boon recorded to their grimoire and successfully repeats the expedition that rewards that boon, the level of that status boon will be increased by one, up to a maximum of level 3 (the levels of Auto-Reraise, "Bonus to spoils", and "Treasure Hunter" cannot be increased past level 1). The level of the status boon is only dependent on the number of completions, not the goals completed.

Status boons on a grimoire can be checked by the Burrow Researcher after trading the grimoire. Active status boons in an expedition can be checked at the Speleological Handbook. The level of the status boon is marked with stars (level 1: ★☆☆, level 2: ★★☆, level 3: ★★★).

In additions to status boons bestowed by recording completed expeditions, status boons can also be rewarded by using one of four Palimpsest items available for trading Wizened Worms: Alacrity Palimpsest, Intimidation Palimpsest, Obliteration Palimpsest, and Safeguard Palimpsest. Palimpsests are used by trading them to the Speleological Handbook once inside an expedition and their boons will remain active for the entire party for the duration of that expedition. Palimpsest boons have only one level.


Upon entering the zone, players will be given the temporary item Hiatus Whistle which can be used to exit the user from the area at any time during the run. When any goal is completed players will receive a temporary item Terminus Whistle which can be used to end the expedition and remove the entire party from the area, although they may choose to continue the expedition to attempt to complete more goals.

This code and information has been copied verbatim from the BlueGartr Wiki.

To end an expedition successfully, players must use one of the two whistles to exit the area; the completion of goals and award of Research Marks are recorded to your grimoire page as soon as a whistle is used, just before exiting the zone. Timing out or leaving in any other manner (Warping, home pointing, etc.) will count as failure. After speaking with the Burrow Researcher to retrieve your Grimoire, the status boon will be recorded and you will receive the associated Research Marks reward in return for the grimoire page. Note that the final Moblin pheromone sack will not accumulate if you do not retrieve your Grimoire from the Burrow Researcher after completing an expedition.


In addition to items which may drop from enemies defeated within Meeble Burrows, players are also rewarded with Research Marks at the end of any successful expedition. Research Marks can be redeemed for a variety of items and unique equipment at either the Burrow Researcher or Burrow Investigator NPCs.

Research Marks

The number of Research Marks rewarded to a group of players at the end of an expedition can vary significantly from expedition to expedition. Generally speaking, expeditions from higher courses are worth more research marks, but some individual expeditions may differ. The correct amounts are listed on the expedition pages.

Upon using one of the two whistles to exit the expedition, Research Marks are rewarded to each player based on the number of goals completed. The number of marks rewarded to each player increases with the number of players in the party (from the base amount rewarded to a 3 member party, a bonus of 20% is given to each player in a party with 4 members, 40% to a party 5 with members, and 60% to a party with 6 members).

Wizened Worms

Upon completing an expedition and using one of the two whistles to exit, in addition to Research Marks, Wizened Worms will be rewarded to each player. The number and type of worms rewarded are random with Wizened Tunnel Worm the most common, Wizened Morion Worm less common, and Wizened Phantom Worm the least common of all. A quantity of wizened worms can be given to the meebles Utrig or Sokrov for a random item from a set possible list.

See Wizened Worms for more information.


See Meeble Burrows/Rewards for a detailed list of equipment rewards, including stats and acquisition methods, or reference the rewards tables on Meeble Burrows expedition pages:

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one campaign that may run any given month.

Meeble Burrows Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, better items can be obtained when exchanging phantom worms gained from completing Meeble Burrows.
    • In addition, trading a grimoire to the Burrow Researcher will provide you with the maximum number of Moblin pheromone sacks once every Earth hour. Should you run out, you will be able to undergo the same process once an hour (Earth time) has passed to receive up to the maximum yet again.
    • See below for a table of which rewards are swapped, and for their replacements:

The Mundus Shield was available for the first time during this campaign. Items with already rare appearance rate such as the Dervish Sword (and thus its replacement item Arise (Scroll)) might never be seen.

Wizened Tunnel Worm
Normal Drop Event Drop
Hi-Ether Mundus Shield
Fish Bones Kupon I-Skill
Petrified Log Miratete's Memoirs
Super Reraiser XX Super Reraiser
Yellow Curry Bun XX Yellow Curry Bun
Alacrity Palimpsest Rem's Tale Ch.1
Obliteration Palimpsest Rem's Tale Ch.2
Safeguard Palimpsest Rem's Tale Ch.3
Intimidation Palimpsest Rem's Tale Ch.4
Prize Powder Rem's Tale Ch.5
Orc Belt Leech Belt
Tukuku Whiteshell Philosopher's Stone
Dervish Sword Arise (Scroll)
Kahin Turban Meteor (Scroll)
Wizened Morion Worm
Normal Drop Event Drop
Hyper Potion Phoenix Feather
One Byne Bill Malboro Fiber
Remedy Black Beetle Blood
Miratete's Memoirs Damascene Cloth
Mahogany Log Oxblood
Alacrity Palimpsest Alexandrite
Obliteration Palimpsest One Byne Bill
Safeguard Palimpsest Ordelle Bronzepiece
Intimidation Palimpsest Tukuku Whiteshell
Quadav Belt Kupon AW-Abs
Angel Skin Slime Belt
Gold Thread Galley Kitchen
Ankylosis Wand Arise (Scroll)
Feline Mantle Meteor (Scroll)
Wizened Phantom Worm
Normal Drop Event Drop
Imperial Wootz Ingot XX Imperial Wootz Ingot
Panacea Dragon Meat
Ordelle Bronzepiece Frayed Sack (D)
Powder Boots Kupon I-S5
Hi-Elixir Heavy Metal
Alacrity Palimpsest Savory Shank
Obliteration Palimpsest Sweet Tea
Safeguard Palimpsest Red Pondweed
Intimidation Palimpsest Frayed Sack (L)
Yagudo Belt Hecteyes Belt
Flame Gem Riftdross
100 Byne Bill Alza'daal Table
Adflictio Riftcinder
Baalmuian Robe Pandemonium Key