Everbloom Hollow

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Some of the native flora that always seem to sprout up in the dark caves of Everbloom Hollow.
Map of Everbloom Hollow

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Vunkerl Inlet (S) J-7

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Maps for Everbloom Hollow

Everbloom Hollow-map1.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map1.jpg
Map 1
Everbloom Hollow-map2.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map2.jpg
Map 2
Everbloom Hollow-map3.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map3.jpg
Map 3
Everbloom Hollow-map4.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map4.jpg
Map 4
Everbloom Hollow-map5.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map5.jpg
Map 5
Everbloom Hollow-map6.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map6.jpg
Map 6
Everbloom Hollow-map7.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map7.jpg
Map 7
Everbloom Hollow-map8.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map8.jpg
Map 8
Everbloom Hollow-map9.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map9.jpg
Map 9
Everbloom Hollow-map10.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map10.jpg
Map 10
Everbloom Hollow-map11.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map11.jpg
Map 11
Everbloom Hollow-map12.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map12.jpg
Map 12
Everbloom Hollow-map13.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map13.jpg
Map 13
Everbloom Hollow-map14.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map14.jpg
Map 14
Everbloom Hollow-map15.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map15.jpg
Map 15
Everbloom Hollow-map16.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map16.jpg
Map 16
Everbloom Hollow-map17.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map17.jpg
Map 17
Everbloom Hollow-map18.jpgEverbloom Hollow-map18.jpg
Map 18

Mission Name Starting Zone Mission Type Expansion
Pit Spider I (S) Southern San d'Oria (S) Campaign Ops Wings of Altana

Notorious Monsters

Notorious Monsters
Lv. Name Genus Detects Drops Map
   Spawn: Question
This monster is passive.
   Spawn: Question
This monster is passive.
This monster is aggressive. Aggressive   This monster is passive. Passive   Sight Sight   Sound Sound   Scent Scent   HP HP   Links Links
True Sight True Sight   True Sound True Sound   Magic Magic   JA JA



Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
[[]] [[]]
[[]] [[]]
[[]] [[]]