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Nashmau Header.jpg
Japanese ナシュモ
Map Acquisition Riyadahf
Requires The Road to Aht Urhgan
Timeline Present
Continent Aradjiah
Region Arrapago Islands
Zone Type City
Activities None
Weather None
Nashmau Connected Zone Zones To
(H-5) Nashmau-map.jpg Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi (?-?) Ferry - Nashmau Al Zahbi -Map.jpg
(F-7) Nashmau-map.jpg Caedarva Mire (F-10) Caedarva Mire-map1.jpg
(H-6) Nashmau-map.jpg Caedarva Mire (H-9) Caedarva Mire-map1.jpg
(H-8) Nashmau-map.jpg Caedarva Mire (H-10) Caedarva Mire-map1.jpg
Quick Travel Options Arrives At
Home Point #1
Via Arrapago Islands
(G-8) Nashmau-map.jpgNashmau-map.jpg
Survival Guide
Via Arrapago Islands
(G-8) Nashmau-map.jpgNashmau-map.jpg
Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi[1]
Via Ferry NPC in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-5)
(H-10) Nashmau-map.jpgNashmau-map.jpg
Map 1

Zone Information

Catch Cap Body of Water
Denizanasi icon.png Denizanasi 5 All
Istakoz icon.png Istakoz 46
Istiridye icon.png Istiridye 53
Mercanbaligi icon.png Mercanbaligi 86
Ahtapot icon.png Ahtapot 90
Pterygotus icon.png Pterygotus 99
Rusty Subligar icon.png Rusty Subligar 0
Rusty Leggings icon.png Rusty Leggings 0


Name Map Pos. Notes
Abihaal 1 (H-9)
Awaheen 1 (G-9)
Belligerent Sheep 1 (H-9)
Bellowing Scout 1 (H-9)
Buburoon 1 (G-9)
Chuchuroon 1 (G-8)
Dnegan 1 (H-6)
Fhe Maksojha 1 (H-6)
Gehuha 1 (G-9)
Guhyun 1 (H-8)
Habadim 1 (H-9)
Jajaroon 1 (G-7)
Jijiroon 1 (H-8)
Jojoroon 1 (H-8)
Kilusha 1 (H-7) Einherjar
Kyokyoroon 1 (H-7)
Leleroon 1 (G-7)
Loloroon 1 (G-7)
Mamaroon 1 (H-7)
Memeroon 1 (G-8) Appraisal NPC
Mimiroon 1 (H-7)
Momoroon 1 (G-6) Auction House NPC
Mumuroon 1 (H-9)
Nabihwah 1 (H-6)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Nanaroon 1 (H-7)
Neneroon 1 (H-7)
Nomad Moogle 1 (H-7)
Nomad Moogle 1 (G-6)
Paparoon 1 (G-7) Quest NPC
Pipiroon 1 (H-6)
Poporoon 1 (G-7)
Pupuroon 1 (H-9) Auction House NPC
Pyopyoroon 1 (H-7) Mission NPC
Ququroon 1 (H-6)
Rararoon 1 (G-6) Attachment Merchant
Sajhra 1 (H-9)
Sisiroon 1 (G-6)
Tataroon 1 (G-8)
Totoroon 1 (G-8)
Tsetseroon 1 (G-6)
Tsotsoroon 1 (H-8)
Tsutsuroon 1 (G-7)
Viviroon 1 (G-9)
Wafeeyah 1 (G-7)
Wata Khamazom 1 (H-9)
Yohj Dukonlhy 1 (H-1)0
Yoyoroon 1 (G-6) Attachment Merchant
Yuyuroon 1 (G-6)
Zazaroon 1 (G-9)


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