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Location: Nashmau - (G-7)
Type: Artifact NPC
Description: Creates Corsair Artifact Armor.

Involved in Quests

Artifact Trace

After receiving the quest Against All Odds, you may commission Corsair Artifact Armor from Leleroon. You may chose the order in which you receive the armor and may commission a new piece one Vana'diel day (one Earth hour) after the last piece was completed.

Corsair Artifact Armor
Armor Ingredients Coin Cost
Corsair's Gants
Corsair's Gants icon.pngCorsair's Gants description.png
Imperial Mythril Piece x4
Corsair's Bottes
Corsair's Bottes icon.pngCorsair's Bottes description.png
Imperial Mythril Piece x4
Corsair's Frac
Corsair's Frac icon.pngCorsair's Frac description.png
Imperial Gold Piece


Once you are eligible, Leleroon will ask which piece of armor you want to wear. Choose the piece you want first, and he will give you the appropriate letter Key Item:

NOTE: You must wait one game day and change zones before you are given your finished piece of armor.